JOURNAL from 2000 & 1999

Journal from 2001

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Hi everyone... Update today on that sultry BBW Dorsheena. She is now 20 lbs higher Her new weight is 260 lbs and she is 5 ft 3.


Well there have been two updates to the site the last two days and another one is coming soon. I have a lot of new plans that I am working on for the site. We are also preparing for a new photo shoot. We are getting back to our shooting schedule. I am not well yet but we are setting up a studio that I can see from my room and still direct the action! YEAH we are going back up into full zoom ahead.


Well I just spent the last few weeks in and out of the hospital with cellulitus.It came on rather suddenly but hit like a ton of bricks.I am at home recuperating. I reached an agreement with Bountiful Productions and they will be doing order fulfillment on all our dvd and video sales for right now. They ship very fast and I am sure you will find it an easy way to order.



Well after a long period of time I am finally feeling a bit better. Today there is an update to the site. Photos of Buffy Buffet. What a very sexy lady!



Today was a lot of fun. We had some friends over that we had not seen in years, They are from chicago. Things got really moving along nicely and everyone seemed to be really jiving with each other. One thing led to another and I am sure you can guess what happened. ORGY Oh wait did I say that LOL

If you were watching the cam in our members are you got to see the whole thing live. OOOHLALALALALA


The last few days I spent making a lot of videos.I am going to be putting them up on the website for purchase. I am additionaly adding clips to the members area from these videos. There are a few BRAND NEW Granny videos coming. Dusty is back for more fun.YEAH


Here it is -- the New Year. We have seen many unusual changes and we can expect even more. These are unusual times we live in and predictions from times past are happening before our eyes. True, there have been many that were far out, but more have come to pass -- and more will come.

Give backing to every good thing and watch every word that it does not sink us, as individuals, in quick sand we did not know existed. This cannot be business as usual. It must be carefully handled and patiently studied if we are to reap our rich harvest.

Ignorance is like the man Emerson wrote about, "The civilized man has built a coach, but lost the use of his feet." We have to know we are daily building our lives and we need to be conscious of the blueprint we are following.

Check out the new MPEGs I added to the site today. I will be adding Pod casts very shortly as well.


Well the site is bakup and active again and it is going to be getting a new look over the next few weeks. I thanks all of you for hanging in there with me as I got over my illness that took me out for over a year. I am happy to say that I am feeling so much better and have taken NON surgical measures to heal. It is taking a bit longer but it is going to be successful.

Join me in the members area for today's update. The first of many to come. I have also added 5 Brand New Movies for sale on DVD in the store. I hope you enjoy them.


I know there has been a real lag since I have posted in this Journal. I have been extremely i'll.A lot has happened since last December when it first happened. My body blew up to over 700 lbs and I became mostly immobile. There are photos inside of my hospital stay and my whole ordeal. See me fatter then ever before.

Below is a copy of a post made by Fuchia of Bountiful productions on my behalf. The rest of the thread can be found on Dimensions.

Please note that this post is not for the faint of heart, so please don't read further if you'd rather not know about the possible perils of extreme obesity that have befallen a beloved member of our community. For those of you who've chosen to read on despite my admonition, the sad tale below was related to me by Lexi, with whom many of you are familiar. She started Fat Fantasy many years ago, and her efforts have brought pleasure to many over the years. This is a long post, so if you don't have time to read it now, please come back when you do, as you might have some answers for a special person who's desperate for help.

As I've reported here in the past, Lexi has fallen on some very hard times in the last couple of years, in part due to the devastation that was visited upon her home and office during several hurricanes. She's also been having severe medical problems, most of which we've kept under wraps until now. However, she's become so desperate, we thought it was time to seek help and advice from the helpful folks at this fine forum. The state of Florida has treated Lexi horribly, and, in particular, the Florida medical "professionals." The only doctor she was ever able to get to come to her home is now refusing her even the basest of medical care, and has even stopped prescribing meds that are required to keep Lexi alive.

Please understand that this is in no way meant to be a cautionary tale, although I suspect some may take it that way. Instead, we've decided to bring her problems to a venue in which she feels safe and where others may have had similar problems and possible solutions. We also know that some of you are in the medical profession, and might be able to offer helpful advice. Here, therefore, is Lexi's story. I've added some details at the end to clarify a few things.

Many of you know me from my website. Some of you who are members of it know about a few of my troubles. A thread on DIM discussed “Fear of Gaining,” and I am living proof as to to what the reality is at the end of that fear.

As many of you watched me grow larger and were extremely complimentary about my size, it was also my biggest nightmare. My size over the last fifteen years became my prison. I am serving a life sentence inside the walls of my bedroom. There is no outside light for me to enjoy. Even the most hardened prisoner is occasionally allowed even five minutes of exercise outside. My only exercise is my daily frightening walk to my shower.

You might ask why it scares me. Well, over the last six months I have fallen nine times. Each episode required the assistance of between seven to twelve paramedics and fire rescue people. Getting me up is a painful, stressful, and humiliating procedure. I usually hurt for a week afterwards from the bruises that result. I normally end up unable to use my arm for a week as well, since it is already so badly strained from falls and having to pull myself out of bed.

Why do I fall? Well, so far we have only discovered one bed that works for me. It's made by Sealy, and is called Reflexions. It’s a latex bed. I need a king size to function and turn my body when I get into bed, and I sit on it sideways, in order to support my girth. There are some bariatric mattresses out there, but so far all the ones we tried did not work well for me. I could not sit or lay comfortably on them. They also tended to cut off my circulation. Due to my weight, shape, height, and short legs, I have great difficulty getting in and out of the bed, especially in.

On December 24, I became really ill. I fell on the floor as my weight accelerated to over seven hundred pounds. I had gained fifty pounds in only three weeks, and they had no idea why, since I had not changed my eating habits or was eating unhealthy food. The doctors, of course, do not believe that. They prefer to think I was in denial and inhaling pizzas by the dozens.

Rescue workers came to my house to take me to the hospital. When they finally managed to get me to a sitting position on the bed, they tried to pull me up to stand, and I fell again on the floor. They lifted me back up, and it took four men to keep me standing. They wound up having to drag me across the floor on a tarp, after trying airbags and all sorts of fun tortures. It took over twelve hours to get me out of my house.

They tried to put me in eleven different ambulances. I was too big for all of them. I measured four feet by four feet around. I did not fit through any of the ambulance doors, so they decided to transport me in my own van. They threw a mattress in it, and helped me walk in on my lift. The paramedics rode with me. I have been on oxygen for fifteen years, so, of course, it came with us, too. We had called ahead to the hospital and explained the circumstances. They gave me permission to bring my own bed, so an ambulance carried it for me. We got a police escort to the hospital since my van has no siren.

When I arrived at Florida Hospital in Orlando, the trauma team head nurse came out as we had planned. She told me to walk out of the van and get on the big boy bed transport. I calmly explained to her that I was unable to walk. She told me it was all in my head, and I could. The rescue workers were now out of their assigned county, so they had to take their ambulance and leave. They told the nurse I needed oxygen and left. The nurse told me if I wanted my oxygen, I would have to walk to it and get it. I again calmy stated I could not walk, but that I must have my oxygen. I was outside in the heat and blazing sun, with no air conditioning or oxygen, so my condition was deteriorating. I knew my oxygen saturation level was rapidly dropping, as I was not feeling right, and knew the signs.

The charge nurse came out and told four male patient techs to go into my van, grab me, and pull me to my lift. My husband explained to the nurse quite patiently, without losing his temper (not an easy feat, under the circumstances), that my lift was not secured in place. It had to be locked into position, and had a weight max of 1,000 pounds. Since I weighed 700 pounds by myself, three big men joining me was unsafe. She did not care. They came in and dragged me by my arms; my feet were not even on the ground. They pulled this big boy bed up by the van, and when I got to the lift, I was quite unstable, as I still had no oxygen, and my legs were not carrying me well.

The nurse said I should jump up onto the bed. Now, for the average size person, that might work. However, the bed was about six inches higher than my butt, and was up past my breasts. Needless to say, I couldn’t jump up onto it, but they pushed me, and I started to fall. Suddenly there were ten guys and nurses trying to break my fall and get me on their transport. This was all done in front of their hospital, and without my oxygen. They sprained my arm, and I wound up with bruises all over my body, but they eventually landed me on the transport.

They finally admitted me to the hospital after forcing a doctor to take me as a patient. My (in my opinion) worthless quack of a doctor did not return calls from the hospital staff. In fact, it was not until the day I was being released that she finally got around to calling them. Because my weight gain had been so sudden and rapid, they realized I was retaining tremendous amounts of fluids, so the hospital put me on very strong diuretics and a catheter, as I was obviously unable to get in and out of the hospital bed for frequent trips to the bathroom. The photos of my hospital stay are in my members' area if anyone wants to see them.

They prescribed some medications, then tried to evict me a day later since I had no insurance and Medicaid refused to pay for my care. However, they had no choice but to keep me since they could not find a way to get me out. I do not fit in the ambulances, and they broke my lift to my van. They ended up having to fix it to get me home.

The doctor they assigned me did not want to take care of me. In fact, the whole time I was in there, he came closer than six feet of me only once. After I complained about him to the staff, he decided he should at least listen to my lungs. That was the extent of his examination.

I was sent home to my own doctor, who never came to see me again. She is the only home visiting doctor in my area. They did put me on home health. They also gave me a CNA to help me for two weeks since when they were loading me into my van, they dropped a big canister of oxygen on my foot and fractured it.

Since I've been home these past few months, things have gotten worse. I have no medical help. My doctor refuses to respond. Even when she finally does order a test for me, she refuses to give me the results. She also ordered the home health people to remove the catheter I've been on for months, knowing I am unable to get off the bed more than once or twice a day, yet I still have to continue to take diuretics twice a day. The only way I can manage is to sit on diapers, which have to be changed hourly, and my home health hours have been cut in half, necessitating family and friends to come to my rescue when they're available, or my sitting in my bodily fluids until someone has time to help, which sometimes takes hours.

I am in serious trouble, and have no clue what to do now. My husband is burned out trying to care for me twenty-four hours a day. He feels like he is watching me die, which he might very well be. In a last desperate humiliating attempt to seek help, I am reaching out to all of you to see if anyone knows of something I can do that I have not yet thought of or tried. If anyone knows of any resources, please post them here or e-mail me. I'm unable to write much because of the chronic excruciating pain in my arm and hand, but I can read what you write. We are drained physically, mentally, and financially trying to deal with all of this.

Lexi's family and I have exhausted everything we can think of to try to help her. We've tried to find doctors who will come to her home, or get somebody in authority to do the right thing for her. We thought perhaps she could go to a hospital outside Florida that accommodates obese patients, but even they are unable to take someone of her size. Despite the fact that she's lost weight due to the fluids being washed out of her system, she's still too big to fit through even their doorways, among other things, even if a way could be found to transport her.

After much research, we've discovered that the doctor who had been willing to (occasionally) come to her home over the past few years, has a terrible reputation, and has left many patients in the lurch. She often provides only palliative care, then removes even that, and refuses to provide medications that will prolong a patient's life, giving rise to thoughts of Kevorkian. The only reason Lexi hasn't gotten rid of her and reported her to the authorities is that, for some reason, she's still willing to prescribe home health care, which Lexi desperately needs and cannot get without a doctor's approval.

I was going to post a photo or two of Lexi's hospital experience for those who aren't members of her site, but decided that this post, in itself, is upsetting enough. While she was in the hospital, her family and I desperately tried to get help for her. I called the hospital administration and patient representative, all to no avail, and her abusive treatment continued. I searched the Internet for home care for her, but came up against one brick wall after another. I've wracked my brain for ways to help her every time she has yet another bad experience, but have run out of ideas.

Personally, I believe she has to get out of the state of Florida, but where can she go that will give her the appropriate care? Is there any place that can actually accommodate her? In Florida, if she didn't have family to help, they'd force her into a nursing home, and we all know what would undoubtedly happen there. This nearly happened to her several years ago, when she was living alone, but there was no nursing home that could facilitate someone of her size, so the authorities backed off. I know that in NYS, she'd have all kinds of professionals trying to get help for her, but in Florida, they just don't seem to care.~Sadly and frustratedly, Fuchsia



We now have quite a few offerrings on DVD.

BUFFY BUFFET (raw footage)



Here is the newest in our line of videos. It is a joint production of & Bountiful Productions.

If you would like our raw unedited version of Buffet Buffy you can buy it right here.


I have excellent news. All of our videos will be available on DVD within the next few weeks. Right now we have another video that has been put to DVD hot off the duplicator. Its called FATTEN UP! The video is a Gainers Paradise. Here is the link to see what its all about.


Today I have a huge update for you. Long awaited  I know.


Today I posted 8 great New Video Clips of Granny with her Chocolate Man. Very HOt and Sexy. Granny/Dusty at her newest weight.


Look for a Brand new update today.We did another Video with Buffy Buffet. This time it was a Hot XXX one of her & X Man. Check out the great photos and Video Clips.


I am really excited tonight we are shooting a video of our Newest Model Buffy Buffet. She is a True Gainer. She enjoys getting larger and we hope to be able to follow that sexy growth. Tonight we are shooting a video to  be jointly produced with Bountiful Productions Look for it real soon.


While reading some old journals of mine I came across something I wrote a long time ago.I thought it was worth repeating here. That way maybe I can remember it LOL

REAL POWER is often just knowing when to keep our mouths shut. We have so much we want to say and so many to say it to that it is almost impossible to stay silent. But silence teaches in a way that nothing else can. The mind makes deep adjustments in quiet time. True laughter bubbles up from humor too precious for words and brings with it a joy that dissolves disappointment. Real mind changing power is of
the spirit and can clear a path a mile wide thru pain. The human spirit fights valiantly and when it is blended with this power it comes out like a TIGER.


Join us on FD Cams tonight Buffy Buffet our Brand New Model FEEDEE/gainer is on for a 3 hours shoot  9 pm till at least midnight


Cam show tonight on FD CAMS 9 pm till 1 am Please come in and join us


Well today I am going to sit on the patio for a bit and watch Ciar do some construction work in  the back yard.We are gearing up to plant our crop for the season. Then I get to can the crop after it grows and dehydrate it. Then Ciar boxes it up and loads it into a truck to bring up to  the reservations to distribute to the people for next winter. I like to watch him work outside he looks so sexy and it puts me in the mood for hot sex afterwards.

Yesterday morning before our video shoot I watched as he carried cement blocks into our back yard to make a new outdoor  fireplace.  A lot of work; when he finished
he sat down and tried to figure out why he bothered to do it.  Ofcourse I knew the answer:  the Latin word for fireplace was “focus,” and he wanted a focus for the
yard. I am sure that when our Indian ancestors of old sat in their tipis – or wigwams, or lodges, or
wickiups –around a fire and told stories they knew the value of the “focus.”
But if they valued their fires I don’t know that they talked about them much.

What I do remember is that Sherlock Holmes sat at 221b Baker Street and thought through his cases as he stared into the fire.  I remember one time my Grandfather  once sat next to me and described the images from his youth that the dancing flames in his drew for him. I remember years ago visiting the rez and spending time with family and sitting in awe watching my people dance by the fire. I remember the images that came alive in the flames. I still love to watch the fires. I can see my ancestors in them.It brings them close to me. Fires are poetic – they
not only warm us, they create dancing red flames, showers of sparks when a log falls, mysterious red glows as they die down. I am golad we are buildinf a new fire pit. I loved the old one but this will build it a safer way.



Well today we filmed with a tv station from England. It was very interesting. We had a lot of fun with them. I am going to try to get some new photos of me tonight or tomorrow and post them this weekend.


Well things have been busy busy busy here. I have a few great new models lined up. Will be putting one up later today.


Hey everyone! We are looking for a chunky male to take part in one of our filmings. Its not a nuide part.Its a fully clothed one.If your in our area please email me ASAP.You would be appearing with me (Lexi) & my friend Shades and a New sexy friend of mine. Email me if you are interested.



So what song was popular the year you were born. I was at this cool link and discovered that in 1957 on July 13th my birthday "Teddy Bear" by Elvis Presley  was the TOP song of the day. I always did like that song. Check out yesterdays update with Lizabelle. Today we will have a video update of me  Lexi yours truly  the Super Goddess of the site :)


Today has been great. Brand new photos of Shades up. That sexy lady modeled for us today and I rushed them through processing so you could start to see that sexy lady with her Highest weight ever! Make sure you check out my new videos in the members area of my great spaghetti Feast


Checkout the New Photos of Dr Feelgood and Cocoa SSBBW in a Wild Sex Spreee


Well I have just uploaded the photos from the hospital. Read all about the great fiasco while viewing the photos.


Well Happy New Year! I spent my time from xmas eve until today in the hospital. I fell on christmas eve and became unstable in my condition and had to go. It was a nightmare experience. The staff dropped me on the floor 4 times. At the end when I was trying to leave they dropped a 50 lb oxygen can on my foot and broke my toe and foot. So I am now even more immobile :(



Well another year has just about ended. I look back on all the hopes I had for this year. Can't believe I hardly accomplished any of them. Seems to me its not worth making New Years resolution or new years plans as I never get to them LOL I had never planned to get over that 700 lb mark but yet here I am. I guess that's what I get for saying I would never get to 700 lbs.When I look at the photos from when I started the site in 1998 and then now I have to  go DANG        that cant be me but it is :) Big and Bad to the Bone. If anyone wants to send a cute fat chick a late christmas present feel free to send one.I am really wanting the following.


Hi everyone. Unfortunately while getting out of bed at 4 am the other morning my feet slid out in opposite directions and I landed on the floor. We had to get 8 paramedics to get me up. My knee was already weak from the shoot and now Im even in more pain. Of course I had to listen to a bunch of Paramedics complaining about how they had to get this fat lady up. Its always hard on me to have to call for help.I hope you enjoyed the photos I put up. Here is a photo from  them.


Sorry for the long delay in seeing the photos. My knee was injured more then I had thought.For about a week I could barely walk.My leg is still really swollen and it has created a major mobility problem. I really hope it feels better soon. Check out the photos I put up of me from my television  filming. Also of a sexy new model. Check It out!


Well it was a long shoot and the days wore this fatty out LOL I have finally recuperated a bit. Ended up hurting my knee from all the walking they had me do. The photos look great from it though.You will be seeing them in a few days in the members area.I did get quite a suprise.They had a long gang plank scale that I had to walk up.It was a far walk for meOf course for the sense of the show I walked it fully nud Flab was flying.I was Jiggling and wiggling my way to the top of the platform .I had to turn once I got up there which is a bit hard for me.I have a hard time turning. My belly was a bouncing LOL The numbers on the digital readout were climbing and climbing till at last they showed my new weight. Which you will see in the members area. I t was a lot different thhen I expected.


We will be shooting from 10 AM to 1 PM est live on Members webcam The Mud Masage of Lexi for Test Pilot of TV Show Make sure you catch it


Well its a 11.30 PM and the TV crew left for the day. No they are noy gone. They will be back bright and early tomorrow at 9am to continue the festivities and then again on thursday.Tomorrow is the big scale shot. You would not believe what they have set up just to get my wait.There is this contraption that starts in my room with a long ramp that I walk up to the platform where i rip off my dress and  leap onto the scale and say OKAY weigh this FATTY LOL My acting skills hopefully will kick in.Well keep your eyeballs on the cam in the members area and feast your eyes to see what I weigh now! Oh and then on thursday you will get to see  the human pillow. I will be laying on the tv reporter. and using her as my pillow.


Well its been a very busy day here.We are bolting down for the storm of tv people that are going to land here tomorrow. Its always stressful when they come. They always push for us to do more then we agreed to. Sometimes they tend to think I am a Ultrasized acrobat that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. haha.I can't even leap over a paperclip LOL Anyway make sure your eyes are on the Lexi Cam throughout the day to catch most of the action. We will be on FD Cams for some of it.


Its 10 A.M. on a Sunday Morning. My house is unusually quiet. I think most everyone stayed over at someone's house last night. I think its just Ciar and I at home. I have been sleeping a lot lately my body must still be trying to heal itself from the bronchitis. I am glad today for the quiet though. Tomorrow the contractor will be back to drilling and hammering. My bathroom is finally being remodeled after being torn apart from paramedics a few years ago when they had to recue me after a fall. We are now building me a Shower fit for the Queen I am. They are equipping it with a huge Bench that will hold up to 1000 lbs. and a special no slip floor tile .It is going to have special doors that will at a touch close and seal so that the water stays in the shower. I am really excited. I was tired of trying to squeeze into a little  tiny shower and the water getting everywhere. Thank you to my special friends who chipped in to have this built for me. I will be working on the next site update today. It will either go up later today or in the morning. Oh and this week we have a special promo taping of a new Show we are shooting with a big company. So expect a nice update of my photos this week :) They sent ahead a brand new scale that measures well over a thousand lbs. It has a huge walk up or wheelchair roll up ramp. So we will get my new weight this week.


It's 2 am was sitting here watching the movie good fellows and munching on Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream and Popcorn, Decided instead  of going to bed to do an update for the site. So check out the Hot photos of Aprils! What a butt!! .Here is a sample


Well today Tiger lilly and I are stuffing our faces with Leftovers. We actually woke up twice last night to feed lol. We are being big Piggies haha She attacked the Ham but I went after tythe sweet stuff and the stuffing. However theen the macaroni & cheese looked to good to skip over. Then Tina brough Flan home with cherries in brandy on top of it so we had to try that. I guess we are buck wild into a food frenzy haha.

In between eating I did find time to update the members area. So check out the Wild  Hardcore  photos of Dusty and Edwin! Shes a Wild Granny!


So how are all my friends doing today. I have been so ill lately it has been hard to even stay awake. However I still want to make sure and keep up with all of my site members and let you in on what has been going on in my life. It is hard to believe that another holiday season is here upon us. Seems like one just left us. Here we go again with a Big old Tom Turkey ready to go in the oven. I do mean big old one! A big fat ham sitting right next to it looking all suculent and delicious. I made my yearly NEW dish of the season. My family  has become accustomed to my yearly food experimentation. This year its Sweet Potato Balls. They are wrapped around a big Marshmallow and rolled in coconut flakes. I set them on a big pineapple ring and topped it with a big fat cherry. Tomorrow it gets popped in the oven to melt all around the  fluffy Marshmallow. YUMMMMMMMM!

What else is on the menu you say? Lets see there is Sweet potato Pie and sweet potato Balls, 5 lbs of Mashed Potatoes,3 Pumpkin Pies, 2 Mince Meat Pies, 2 Apple Pies, 2 Blueberry cobblers,1 huge Pineapple upside Down cake , Pattellas, Baked Macaroni and cheese. I have 3 different cheeses in it, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Homemade rolls 25 lb Turkey , 10 lb Ham, gravy and Apple Cider. I guess we all should be about ten lbs heavier after dinner.

We are going to have the web Cam on throughout the day so you can watch the activities. Lots of good eating.

Besides family we will be sharing our feast with a few of our model friends. Shades will be here, plus, Lizabelle and Indigo Rose and Granny. So join us and watch our feast. We will try to drag ourselves over to chat once in a while.

Hey if you are a site Member you will get to see the up close and personal photos of the meal :) And the Stuffing of our faces!


Well still sick but at least i'm up and working again. So look for a good update later tonight of one of my new MOdels.We will be having a special treat on thanksgiving you can join us while we stuff our faces. We have a lot of company coming.


Well tonight I am going to attempt to do a cam show.I think I feel well enough finally to do an hour long one


Well the last two weeks have been quite the nightmare. I became extremely ill and ended up in icu briefly.Getting me out of the house was a huge ordeal. Since my engine had gone out in my van there was no way to get me to the hospital. The paramedics had to invent a contraption to safely move me.It took almost 10 hours to do so.In the meantime I was barely breathing. I was requiring almost 8  liters of oxygen by the time we got there. NOrmally I am only at 2 liters. They started pumping me full of meds. I had severe bronchitis. I spent 48 hours in icu and a few days in a regular floor and got sent home. I am still quite ill. Never fear we are still doing updatesa. See the loyalty Im still bringing you content even  from icu lol.I guess doing an icu photo shoot would of been a bit to much even for me lol. Well I am home and  updating everything tonight.So look for some cool photos.


Well today we have lots of updates fpr you and a cam show tonight.Tune in and join us at 6 pm


Sorrt for the long wait between entries. I was taken to the emergency room the other night after having an accident. It was an extreme ordeal to get me there. Very emotional for me as well.I hate hospitals and they always put me into a state of panic.They finally got me there 6 hours later. When we arrived the ER doctor said he would come out to my van to check me out.They decided to do all the tests while i stayed in my van. The doctor came in and cleaned the wound out there as well. As fate would have it my Engine and transmission went out. So now I have no emergency transport vehicle. Life keeps getting harder as a fat person.If anyone out there wants to help raise money to fix my means of getting out in an emergency please let me know.I'm not asking for handouts but I would be willing to make deals to sell videos,phone sex or be creative. But yes a donation would also be greatfully accepted. Email to or instant message me at nosass123 on aim


I have some great photos and video clips of todays photo shoot. Here are some previews of it. The Models name is Jewel. She is the first Gainer I have shot in a while. She is hoping to get much larger.I think you will agree she is off to a good start. Photo 1 , Photo 2 , & Preview 3.

If you are not yet a member here it is a great investment. It is a huge website that you can literally spend weeks and months discovering.Over 400 Models with hugh numbers of photos. We can spend hours working on a the pages every dayand . This site is a huge giantic belly of fat. There's new things going on all the time! I encourage you to explore and poke around. One is certain to find something new every time.


It has been a crazy week. Not even sure where the time went.I had out of town company.People we had spoken to over the internet for years but never had personally met.We had a banging time.LOL I mean that in the true sense of the word.It was a non stop sex orgy as I am sure a lot of you witnessed on the webcam.If you missed it out friends will be back in November and you can catch it then! We are hoping they will be willing to do a video with us then.:)


Hope you enjoyed the cam show tonight and this weeks Large update of Natalya oneof our new models.She started a month ago and with this update there is 180 photos of her on the site!Plus great video clips.

Here is a picture of me Lexi taken in a funny moment during the shoot.


09/29 2005

If you are not yet a member, I can't wait to show you what I've got. Most of my models look like the girl next door but I'm happy to  discover that they are a bit of a freak when there's someone watching them. One said just yesterday "Who knew that exhibitionism could be so much fun".They are Naughty sometimes and Nice other days. Stick around and see what excitment will be in each set they do.  What can you expect? Anything from pinup posing to BDSM. Lingerie modeling that goes beyond the clothes. I expect that many of your fantasies will be fulfilled as these ladies please themself. I try to update 2 or 3 times a week. I'm filming girl/girl, boy/girl, masturbation with toys; and entire fetish sets (smoking, pantyhose, balloons and many other fetishes, name it we'll see what we can do for you.) We also do custom photos or videos  too. Just email me with your request. I'm looking forward to seeing you inside my members section… You won't be disappointed. My pleasure will be your pleasure!


Today was a pretty god day. Ciar and I  set aside a few hours to spend time together. yeah! We watched a great movie called "A man called horse". I loved it and cant wait to watch the sequel.

Check out this photo of Cisco.Today is update day stay tuned


We had a great night last night. Worked with a great New model last night. Her names Spryte. The night before the pleasure was hours shooting Mz Hot Cocco.


Great Shows today at 2 pm on CAMZ network! If you  can catch it  be there! It's a Brand New Model Her Names Grand RyanThen at 3.30 repeat performance on FD CAMS. That one will last 3 hours.Remember with a $9.95 membership to our site you get both FD CAMS & CAMZ access for FREE


Lots of great updates this week. Hope you have gotten to see them all. Very hot video clips of Natalya & Lexi (Sample of Natalyas0. New Photo Update of Buttercup Ultra sized Goddess (sample), New Photo set of Cleo sexy plumper(sample).


This week we will be having Tiger Lilly with us for webcam show on CAMZ network. Also we will be having two updates this week. One will be Tiger Lilly & Dr Feel good and here is a photo from the second update.


Good afternoon everyone. I am live on the Lexi cam if anyone wants to chat. I am also. I put up a terrific new photo set today of Carmella and Phellia. Its a sexy bi set of photos. I am taking new ones of me hopefully this weekend so stay tuned for the bigger and better me :)

Here are the lyrics to a  song I heard

Sung to the tune of - I WILL SURVIVE
At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
When you said you had 10 inches Lord I almost died,
But I'd spent oh so many yrs just waiting for a man that long, *
That grew strong, *And I knew that I could take you on. . .
But there you are,
Another lie,
I was ready for a big mac and you've bought me a French fry,
I should have known that it was bullsh*t,
Just a sad pathetic dream,
Should have known there was no anaconda lurking in those jeans.

Go on now go,
Walk out the door,
Don't you promise me 10 inches then turn up with only 4, *
Weren't you a prat to think I wouldn't catch you out,
Don't you know we' re only joking when we say size doesn't count.

I will survive, I will survive, *
Cos as long as I have batteries,
My sex life is gonna thrive,
I will always have good sex with a handful of latex,
I will survive, I will survive. .hey . hey

It took all my self control not to laugh out loud,
When I saw your little weiner standing tall and proud,
But to hell with all your ego's and to hell with all your needs,
Now I'm saving all my lovin for a cordless multispeed,

Go on now go,
Just make a dash,
Last time I saw a prick that small was watching Gladstone run nude hash,
Should have asked for confirmation,
Should have asked for referees,
Then I wouldn't have you waving that wee winky thing at me. *

Go on now go,
Just hit the track,
Don't you bring me home no tiddlers,
Cos I'll always throw them back,
The only thing that I could do with a prick as small as yours,
Is to stick it with a tooth pick,
Dip it in tomato sauce.
Go on now Go!



Today the sexy Tiger Lilly will be with us. She will be on Web Cam on and off during the day. She is shooting photos for a new big girl magazine that is coming out. She is one of our newest models Very sexy and fun


Brand new Model today. Natalya never before on the Internet.Over 20 Pages of photos  in the members area! Please also watch the CAMZ network today for our show and FDCAMS for a 3 hour show later today. An older model of ours returns to shoot again.Bonita can't wait to show off for you at her newest weight. We will weigh her on cam!


Today we will be taking in a brand new model .She is 335 lbs and 5 ft 3 inches.We will be doing her photo shoot this evening on FD Cams


Tonight around 8.30 - 9 pm  we will begin shooting a very erotic xxx video. This video will be starring our New Model Tiger Lilly. I am sure you are NOT going to want to miss any of this action. Her very special guest has been promising to make her cum till she scream that she just cnt stand any more. I guess we are in for a long night of fucking pleasure!

This will be broadcast over FD CAMS which comes free with your membership. If your not a member join now to see it all!


Well we having a show tomorrow sometime after 12 depending on what time we get started.

Should be a good one. Brand new model coming. Today we had a nice site update of SynSiren in her Purple Wig. She is the epitome of sexy. Here are a few samples. sample 1    sample 2


Here are some samples from last nights web cam and video. Crimson Rose our Newest SSBBW and Dom Fuego

sample one   sample 2   sample 3


Today has been a great day. We did 4 cam shows PHEW im tired I have quite a few new models we are shooting.I'm getting ready to post  their photos.New Update today on Ms Keepers.


Today I update the site with a lot of photos of Blond Mirage. We had a wonderful photo shoot with Shades today. For those of you that caught us on Curvy Cams. Over the weekend we shot  2 new Models. One is  named Bratty Girl. The other is named Tropical Delights.


Lots of photo Shoots today and tonight. We are doing them Live on FD Cams so join us for the fun. We usually get on around 11 or noon and then are on and off till around 11 pm at night EST

Today we have a huge new photo set of Mercury. We have a lot of new models we are shooting and as soon as I get a day off from shooting you will start seeing some of them. Should be saturday. Also Saturday Night at 9 PM I will be on CAMZ doing my show.


Lexi & Chocolatter on FD Cams from 2.30 - 5 Pm .Free in the members area of this site


Lexi & Lucky on FD Cams from 10 PM-12 pm


Today we will be shooting from 12 noon to 3 PM with Destiny on FD Cams and again from 8 PM -11 PM with Ms Unique



See our newest models on the CAms all day in a photo shoot 12 pm -4 pm then again at 8 pm till 11 pm

Luscious and Sweet Tropical Delights. BBW & SSBBW


Hi I am a new Model here and I'm not sure what name I will be under yet. I am 5 ft 5 and 380 lbs.Todays my first photo shoot. Lexi says it will be on the Lexi Cam and FD Cams. See you on there. I should be starting around 10.30 this morning



Tomorrow starting around 7-8 PM EST watch the Lucky
Photoshoot. Meet our newest Model the SSBBW beauty LUCKY
Its free in our members area on the Lexi Cam
Then from 8- 9 PM on FD CAms see Lexi & Lucky the dynamic duo
Also Free with membership.


New Model  Great Photos of Gabrielle


Great News as of this Saturday we will be piping our cam shoots with our models out on the Lexi Cam!

We will also be on Camz Network a Lot more and on FD Cams with a whole lot of models. Have some incredible SSBBWS coming up that are brand New never been shot before anywhere on the net. We will also be having our annual Ms Bigger And Better Bash soon. We will simultaneous broadcast it to the net  into the members area.


Tonight at 6 PM I have a great show in store for my menbers. On the CAMZ network which is free to all my members it will be Chocolatte and Lexi performing Live. Will be a whole Lotta fun!


I have a partner this evening for the CAMZ Show Yeah!!!!
Tonight's show will be featuring Lexi 650 lb BBW and my friend Shady 
Lady is coming over to spend the night. She is 500 Lbs of fun.
Lots of Showing off and Fun. If you do not Like Big Girls then you 
this shows not for you. Remember Camz Network and FD cams is free with your membership


Tonight at 9 PM on the CAMZ network Lexi will be appearing.Also again on the 23rd of July at 9 PM

Shades will be on the CAMZ network as well starting in August.


Tonight at 9 pm lexi will be appearing on CAMZ network. Come check out her show!


Please not that today we will be Live on the CAMZ network at 6 pm for an hour Long Show. Cum on in and Enjoy spending an hour with Lexi.
Thats today Sunday at 6 PM EST.

With your $9.95 membership to you get FREE accress to the CAMZ network shows and FD CAMS. We are also negotiating to add another Cam network soon.


Check out todays updates. Two New clips of Lexi Eating and cooking. One of the clips is over 5 minutes long.


Hi everyone. Hope your summer is going well.It has been really  rainy here. Oh boy hurrucane season has officially started and i'm not even  totally repaired from the last one.LOL Please checkout the New video clips I have been doing of me eating.I am going to try to get a few a week done so you can join me for mealtime.Well Join Ciar and me sinnce you will also hear him talking to me.Its like being invited to dinner at my house. You get to see me stuff my face LOL

I am adding another clip tonight too.


Hey everyone check out the CAMZ tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. I will be on doing a show!


Today's update is of a very sexy lady. Be sure and check it out.


Just updated photos on  a sexy Supersize Model Keiona. She went from 378 lbs at her last photo session to 415 lbs.

She is looking very HOT!



Been a busy few weeks around my house. Ciar is leaving to go to Japan soon to  get things ready for when they bring me over. Not only am I finally going to get out of the house but I am going to go in a big way.I will be appearing in a video there and making a movie. Should be interesting.They are having to make some major changes to get me over there.


Check out Camz Schedule tomorrow night at 7 PM Lexi will be on Camera. Doing a solo show. Come chat and Play


Happy Friday the 13th to you. Its always been a lucky day for me. I have been on camera all day in the members area. Catch me for an eating frenzy sometime later this evening.Not sure exactly what times my friends are coming. I just started cooking a bit ago.Ciar made some of his special Blue Hawaaiian drinks. Yummmmm

Check out the updates from today.


More updates today. Thanks to all of you that have been instant messaging me while im on cam.It gets lonely.I love to hear from you. Remember I am nosass123  on aol. For those of you gals that want to say hello to our #1 Male star chat to Ciar at muerto013  on aol instant message. We also run our 911 emergency line 24/7 for anyone that has a problem or is lonely and just needs to talk. It can also be reached at native 911 at muerto013  on aol.


Putting up a big update tonight. Finally am getting my ceilings in my house put up. YEAH. It was odd living without having ceilings these last 10 months. Now its going to seem odd having them. It made the rooms look larger when  you could see the roof from inside. All the rafters there and no wall boards. I am even getting walls too finally. No plastic where wall should of been. Yes definitely going to be nicer!


Take a look at the last update that I just put up. Lots of new photo of Lexi. Also check out Lexi on CAm


On may 3rd at Midnight check out Our Sexy SSBBW Destiny & Her Magic Stick in a hot XXX show on FD Cams.

Remember these show are free with your membership.Destiny is also available for one on one private shows and Phone Sex. Email me if you are interested in some up close and personal time with her.


well I have been on the members cam most of today and chatting with people on yahoo messenger.I 

Plan to be on most of the evening.I am expecting some company to join us this evening. We are playing Dominoes and Spades. Should be fun. You can watch on the cam. Our games end up with some wild hot fun usually LOL


I thought you might enjoy this.

Why is chocolate sometimes better then sex?
  1) You can GET chocolate.
  2) "If you love me, you'll swallow that" has real meaning with chocolate.
  3) Chocolate satisfies even when it has gone soft.
  4) Two People of the same sex can have chocolate without being called
       nasty names.
  5) You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to.
  6) You can have chocolate even in front of your mother.
  7) If you bite nuts too hard, the chocolate won't mind.
  8) You can safely havae chocolate while you are driving.
  9) The word "commitment" doesn't scare off chocolate.
10) You can have chocolate on top of your workbench/desk during
        working hours without upsetting your co-workers.
11) You can have chocolate any time of the month.
12) You don't SPONSORED BY THE "Brown Sugar HoneyPoney Ooooooooh So Good Tasty Chocolate Brothers and Co."get hairs in your mouth with chocolate.
13) When you have chocolate it does not keep the neighbors awake.
14) You can ask a stranger for chocolate without getting your face
15) You can as many kinds of chocolate as you can handle.
16) You are never too young or too old for chocolate.
17) With chocolate there's no need to fake it.
18) Chocolate doesn't make you pregnant.
19) Good chocolate is easy to find.
20) With chocolate, size doesn't matter.



Its been a long 9 days. We had to get a new computer system. Great Father sky sent lightening to smack our network.

We are back up and I am uploading updates to the site.Tonight I will be doing a  cam show too. Check it out at midnight.


Today we have some updates of Lizabelle. Shes trying to squeeze her growing hips into the tub. Great Photoset!She will be on the members webcam most of this weekend as she is visiting with us.Tonight we are cooking a huge turkey dinner and we will be eating it live on the members camHere is a photo from todays update photo set


Be sure and check out today Show on FD Cams with the sexy model Destiny. A supersize Goddess.Show starts at 12.30 am. A great April fools day start!


Check out my show this afternoon on the Camz network. I will also be available to do live one on ones all day today.

I look forward to talking to you.Check out todays updates too.


Hi Everyone be sure and catch my show tomorrow and 8 am on the Camz network.Its free in our members area.Remember you get FD Cams and the Camz Network free with your 9.95 membership. She the shows from our site and many many others. Wow now thats value!


Hi everyone. I am a grandma again!!! She had a beautiful girl at 8 am this morning. 8 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches. Her names Rachel May and her Hopi Name is Namid which means Star Dancer. Mom and baby are doing fine and Grandma is dancing a jig!


I want to thank all of you for so much support this morning doing my first Camz Show. It was great to meet all of you.

My regular time slot is 8 am friday mornings.I am hoping to add a second weekly time slot soon. Remember you get the Camz network shows of mine and all of the other Ladies from other sites on the network free with your 9.95 membership.You also get access to FD Cams network and all of the ladies from that one.We also now have Private Camz on the website as well.Dont forget theres also my own 24/7 cam in the members area.



Hey everyone.Updating the site today with some great new photos.


Good Morning everyone.. Just took a little walk out to my patio for those of you that found me missing on the members camera..Its 9 am now and ciar and I are avbout to have some nreakfast. I am going to cook some Eggs, bacon, home made hash browns and toast.For those of you that do not know me well I am not able to go to the kitchen because of my mobility.Therefore Ciar brings it to me on my bedside stove.I cook from here and you can all watch on my webcam.I have been working on the website a lot and now we will have 2 cam networks soon. FDD Cams & Camz Network.All for the low price of 9.95 a month. Now thats a bagain. Nowadays you cant even go out to a movie with popcorn and drink for 10 dollars.With us you get a Whole month of sensual delights. Plus you get me.My weights been going up lately.I think I am about to soon cross over to that 700 lb mark. At 5 ft tall thats some weight to carry. My native name is Little Rock.It was given to mr when I was young.I think they have to modify it to Big Rock haha

Well I am starving so I am going to cook now. Cum Watch me!


Good Morning everyone.Its' 5 am right now and i'm up early.Plam on updating the site today with some new photos.

Also some photos of me from the other nights dinner show I did on the webcam.Later this morning you will catch me havingbreakfast. Ciar and I are both hungry this morning for sex and food.So if you keep your eye on the members cam today you should catch some good sex and good eating LOL


Oh my what a morning I have had. Ciar bought me a chair so I can try to get my mobility back enough to walk out

to the front and sit down on a chair. I had the chair in my bedroom trying it out.When I did it went all the way down to the floor.

I broke the whole dang seat.Luckily he saw me going down and grabbed me before i got hurt.I am a nig fat butted chair crusher. LOL! Hey it was on the member cam did you see it ?

Also check out todays new model.


I am going to be cooking dinner tonight starting at 5.30 pm EST and then be eating on camera. Anyone want to join me for dinner?

I will be doimg it live on the members Cam.I may even have a few of my fat friends drop by and join me. I hear Sabrinas in the area and in the mood for a yummy steak dinner. So come join the fun!


Well we have been really busy with some hot updates. Added some new models.More coming soon. We had a lot of fun last night. We were setting up the set for a shoot today. My friend and I were paining some risers and having a pizza eating contest. We had ordered 2 Pizzas.One with Pepperoni,Pineaple and Peppers and the other Meaty Meats.Then we got a doule order of hot wings and a side of twist bread. By the end of the night it was all gone.:)My nig belly was very full :)

Fell free to send pizzas LOL


Today at 2 PM we have an Exciting Live Cam Show of Destiny SSBBW. Hot Wild Chat and Masturbation.You can ask her to do something special just for you.Its always a hot time. Also some great updates for you .


Last night Lexi & Ciar were on Live Camera and did a really hot show. We will be on again soon.

He also took some candid photos during the show. Therefore there are some great updates of me on the site today.


I am so excited I finally am going to be getting a roof on my house again.I have had a plastic tarp since last august.Yeah.

Put some great updates on the site today for you . Tomoorow look for a great update on Ms Keeps and Polly those sexy SSBBW.


Hi everyone check out the new updates today.


Remember Destiny will be on Live Cam for a very XXX show with her Magic stick on Friday morning at midnight. So if you are up late thursday night hang on till midnight and watch.


Check out the updates on Cassandra. Lots of hot photos!


I am putting in my journal today a message from Destiny one of our models. Here it is.

"Hiya Guys and Gals,

This is Destiny one of the supersized goddesses from I am wanting give you all a heads up of what's to
cum pun intended . Starting on Friday the 14 I will kick
off the new live cam shows to be shown at Thats right
you will get to see sexy fat girls live and in color right on your
own computer screen.

The only atch is you MUST have a membership to
just 9.95 you get a month of all the fat girls you can handle to look
at plus you get live cam shows from yours truely and some of the
other girls here at FATFANTASY.NET. I hope to see you all on Friday
at Midnight.
Make sure you have a bag of popcorn and a nice cold drink cause
the action is gonna be very hot and exciting and you won't want to
miss a thing.
See you on Friday

Fat Girl Kisses,
Destiny "


We are happy to announce that we now have a Cam Network Running again. You can see shows

from our site plus from many other sites. FDcams is now acctive in the members area and is free with your membership.


Join me at 5 today EST for a web cam appearance. If you have a yahoo account you can also chat to me.New Updates on Tabitha today :)


I hope everyone had a happy holiday. We had a very peaceful day.Mostly slept in.Ciar and I haven't gotten to sleep in for a long time.It has beeen raining here for 2 days.Usually I like rainy days but today I would have loved to sit outside for a bit and get some fresh air. I am working on the site today. I just added some great photos of Brenda. There are some hot smoking photos in there as well.


Check out the new updates. Lots of new things coming up. We are rebuilding our studio. The roof had fallen in during the hurricane.We have a lot of cute sexy Fat chicks waiting to model starting in January. More brand new content. New Supersize hotties!From now until then we have daily updates for you.New photos of me as well.


Announcing the next weigh in of Lexi. Scheduled online tomorrow night at 7 pm. Check it out on the webcam.Just took some photos today to show off her new sexy weight.The last few months since the hurricane have been very stressful on Lexi. She still cannot communicate online very often as there was so much damage andher insurance company is not paying.I am updating her site for her.She has gained quite a lot in the last few months as they have had to survive on fast foods since their electricity is not real good in the kitchen.Lucky for all us FA's cause it made her bigger then ever.I cant wait to see the NEW numbers on the scale.I have a Hunch they are going to be amazing!


Today watch Lexi Live being taped for the honeymoon of Lexi & Ciar live again on Japanese television from 11 Am EST till 2 pm


Tonight Lexi & Ciar got Married Live on Japanese Television.It was an incredible wedding.It was done Native American style.

A very passionate Wedding by a roaring Firepit.They were married by a Medicine Man of the Lakota Nation.Ciar just came back from South Dakota where he had brought a truckload of donated clothes and household items to South Dakota where the poorest resevations in the United states are located. Him and his son were up there for two weeks as they repaired homes and got them ready for the winter.The Medicine Man returned with them to officiate the wedding ceremony.

japanese television captured it live for a show that will air New Years in Japan.

During the Wedding another one of our models was discovered and they are going to bring Shades to Japan to appear Live on New Years as well.Lexi will also be heading to Japan later this year.They will be taking her by Stretcher to Japan.

This entry today was written by Lexis friend Rachel. As they are taking tonight for a honeymoon.


Well today we are making ready for a huge site update. Photos and video clips.Should be fully up by the 12th.

We will be on cam most of this week during the day & night. You never know what you will get to watch.


Happy Halloween! I am munching on a lot of candy. Watch me on web cam!


We have been very busy behind the scenes. We are rebuilding from the hurricane a new improved studio. As a grand opening of our new studio you will get to watch us being filmed on International TV . Ciars & my nude wedding. All the guests are nude too :)

Wanna come?We will be announcing soon in the members area how you can be part of the action.You can catch thehoneymoon action on the webcam later :)


I have been working dillegently on updates for the site. I decided to do a huge october update for you all since you have been so patient and kind. So starting Monday it will be going up online. A lot of older models finally updating. There are also some New model debuts. All in all loots of fun.I will also be available for One on One Phone chat.


Now that the Hurricanes seemed t have stopped I think we will finally get to stay running ! This has been extremely hard. We have sufferred a loss of most of our clothes,household goods,furniture,and a lot of our computers. Our ceilings have fallen in in major parts of the house. It has really been a LONG and draining experience. We finally got power back again. With me on oxygen we had to use a generator to survive. that means every two hours pouring a gallon of gas into it.Needless to say it made sleepiing difficult. Not to mention it was really hot with no airconditioning.

If anyone can see their way to helpin us. It would be much appreciated. We have been mostly turned down from FEMA. We received a big $1100 to reimburse the generator and chain Saw.Our Insurance has been refusing to pay and we have filed a omplaint with the Insurance commissioner. From what they tell us they are receiving huge amounts ofcomplaints every day. Our hopes ofgetting this resolved are dwindling.

Also we are adding a lot of new material in here this week to make up for the days we were down. Some Web cam shows to. We hope to have a New Live Cams network available shortly too. Check back often about that.


Well finally I can get back online again. Our site DNS ran out of West palm Beach florida an area that was severly taken out in the last hurricane. Therefore we were not able to do any updates tillhis power went back on.I apologize for our absence.Mother Nature took us out. I will be putting up this months updates all week. So you will still get the same amout of super fat /PHAT content!


Well another Hurricane came into my path. The news is not good about my house. Not much of it is left. Only one room does not have a serious leak. We have lost many ceilings. There was no plywood to be found anywhere and we did not have money to get anything more intricate so we took the fence panels that fell of during the last hurricane and he used screws to attach them to our roof and to protect the windows.The storm was thrashing all night long. It has lasted 24 hours and the lighhts are going on and off and the rains keep coming. Now a 3rd hurricanes on the way. If anyone wannts to donate to helping me out I really need help.My insurance company is going to have to get sued to get them to help. They denied my claim. FEMA also denied me .Well If anyone can help please email me at


Well, never say things can't get worse. Not even 17 days after the hurricane that hit us has come and gone. Now another one is due to hit our city sunday morning.Heck I still have the plastic tarp on my roof from the last one. I might as well give up ever having a roof.Now they say if we get hit from this hurricane insurance companies will be hitting us with an all new deductible. So in order to get a new roof it will be a 8000 dollar deductible on a roofff that costs 8500 dollars. Gee 8 grand out of my pocket and 500 out of the insurance company. Thats just for the roof!


Well a week later and my house still sits looking like a plane landed in it.My insurance company ho gets paid faithfully by my mortgage company, in its ultimate GOD Like manner has decided that my hole in my roof must be a "pre existing condition". Yes, I figure I sat here with a hole in my roof and my ceilings down in half my house and waited for years .I knew that a hurricane was going to come and I was going to get myself a new roof from insurance. Tell me HOW LUDICROUS is that? I guess in the midst of the hurricane i took my 650 lb body climbed up on the roof and started throwing bits and pieces of it all over the neighborhood. Lets not forget im on oxygen so i climbed up with my oxygen which since we had no power was attached to a generator. DANG im GOOD!!!!!

At any rate they decided not to cover me. I contacted the Insurance commission and im on a long list of others who also climbed on their roofs and did the same thing.Guess we can form a club! I have applied for FEMA but im not to hopeful there either.

At any rate.. Since having a huge hole in your roof and your ceilings on the floor leaves you not above begging. If anyone out there wants to help a poor fat lady get her roof back on and her ceiling back up on her ceilings please feel free to make a donation to that great cause. You can purchase any video this week that is from fatfantasy for 24.95. Any quantity of them 24.95 each plus actual shipping costs. Just email me and tell me the ones you want and i will set up a special button for you to press and you can order them on line through our billing company. Thank you so much.

Check out the updates today. Lots of new photos.


Well I am sorta back. I have been through a very bad Hurricane. My house got a lot of damage. Half of my roof flew out into a neighbors yard and the ceilings on one side of my house fell in. We have had no power till yesterday. That was 6 long days and nights. Thankfully we had bought a generator on a whim two days before. However it runs on gasoline and there was none to be gound within a 3 hour radius.Being on oxygen paid off the police allowed ciar to fill my handicapped van every day at their police fill up tanks since i would die without oxygen. I was lucky it also powered my room airconditioner and satelite tv so we could keep up with the hurricane. So now i sit in a pile of ruble and wonder what on earth im going to do to get my house put together again.

These insurance companies have quite a scam with their 2% hurricane deductibe.Instead of a 1000 dollar deductible as normal i get to pay 4 grand deductible. Like i keep that in my back pocket :( I guess Im going to have a whole in my roof and my ceilings going to be down a while.Any roofers out there want to come to my rescue? Any drwall contractors? Ceilinginstallers? Any help appreciated.I also need an Electrician my wiring got soaked.


Sorry about the delay in Posting.My hand got really bad and they had to get my to the hospital which was not an easy task.They almost tore my house apart inside doing it :( I have 3 Pinched nerves and bursitis and a hairline fracture. I have been in a lot of pain.Its been hard to type. Still is.I can type only a sentence or so every half hour or hour. Luckily I had a helper here typing while I dictate. (thank you ciar) Hes such a great guy.He guarded me from the meanies at the hospital the whole time. haha

I apologize for no updates but I am back and live on cam again.You can watch me blow away in the hurricane today.I am putting a Major update on the site to make up for my absence.Lots of New Models. Updates on SSBBW Marshmallow at her biggest weight Woo Hoo!!!


Plus on Monday I will have a few hundred more photos for you at least and new video clips. Including some tight squeeze ones :)


I know it has been a longtime since I wrote. My arm is still very bad. It is damaged from my shoulders to my fingers.Quite painful.I have been on pain killers round the clock. Lately I have stopped them during the day just so they dont become a habit.I put up a new photo set of me this week and quite a few others. Heres a hot photo I took of a model


Bet you though I left the bilding LOL MO Im here I apologize. Was in serious pain. Just getting to where i can type a few minutes at a time. I have serious case of tendonitis of the shoulder area all the way to my wrist. Been on so many meds even pain patches. They also think i have a hairline fracture but cant figur out how to xray it at home. Since Im so fat the mobile xrays are not clear. The Lift on my van died (perfect timing eh?) so they couldnt transprt me easily in their teeny tiny ambulances and they figured trying to push me into it would really damage me. But im back a lil doped up on pain meds but here.Im on cam in the members area. Working on some new ideas i came up with while doped up on pain meds hopefully once i come off them the ideas still sound good. I guess you can judge it when you see it.


Well I have had a great day today. I found out i'm going to be a grandma again. I am REALLY excited. Between Ciar & I that makes the third grandchild. We each have one now.His is 20 months old and mine is 16 months old. Both are boys. Nathan Jack is mine(yuma in Navajo) and Gichi Beshigo (which means Great One in Navajo is his.

New Models today to. Ginny & Danny & Amber Lynn. My birthday is in 12 days. Feel Free to send presents :)

Alexis Adams 923 Ardillita ct Winter Springs Fl 32708 (July 13th)


We had 2 great shows today. Also enjoyed chattinng with a few members that messaged me. They watched me on the webcam as we chatted.Check out the new updates. I am sure your going to enjoy them.Next week I will be posting some new photos of me too. Just shot them today.


Check out todays updates. Also tonight we will have a hot night of sex on the members webcam for you! Tomorrow morning we willl have a feeder show and then some photo shoots to watch


Well I must say yesterday was a really rough day for me. As most of you know I became a grandmother about 18 months ago . Ciar and I both each have a grandson they are a few months apart. His daughter ended up going through a abusive situation and has moved in with us for a while. She is working two jobs in order to get back on her feet fast and get her own place again.In the meantime Ciar & I are babysitting for her.As a woman my size it is extremely difficult taking care of a toddler.He is a lot faster then me.I think somehow the Great Spirit put this i my way so I would have to put greater effort into getting mobile. Now I have to try to walk more then I was. I discovered i can walk even longer periods of time then I realized. I also can bend down t the floor and pick him up which suprised him as much as me. Iguess it took him aggravating me to th point i stood up bent down and carried him off to his bed!Now i realize i can do that. So now everyone better watch out. I might show up anywhere haha


Check out our new contest Win a Date with La Tigressa.


Here are a few photos from me and my farm. I am growing herbs and veggies and fruits. Everything on my farm is fat even my plants and veggies. Take a look. Oh yeah ! 1 2 3 what do you think of them? Also check out the updates.


Heard this great joke today.Calories Burned With Sex It has been known for many years that sex was good exercise, but
until now nobody had made a scientific study of the caloric contentof different sexual activities. Now after years of "original and
proprietary" research, here are the results.

With her consent.................................12 Calories

Without her consent............................2187 Calories
With both hands.................................8 Calories
With one hand...................................12 Calories
With your teeth.................................485 Calories
With an erection..................................6 Calories
Without an erection............................3315 Calories

Missionary........................................12 Calories
69 lying down...................................78 Calories
69 standing up..................................812 Calories
Wheelbarrow....................................216 Calories
Doggy Style......................................326 Calories
Italian chandelier.............................2912 Calories
Real.......................................112 Calories
Fake............................................1315 Calories

Lying in bed hugging...........................18 Calories
Getting up immediately.........................36 Calories
Explaining why you got out of bed immediately.......816 Calories
20-29 years....................................36 Calories
30-39 years....................................80 Calories
40-49 years....................................124 Calories
50-59 years....................................1972 Calories

60-69 years....................................7916 Calories
70 and over....................................Results are still
Calmly..................................................32 Calories
In a hurry.....................................................98
With her father knocking at the door...........5218 Calories
With your wife knocking at the door............13,521 Calories

Results may vary.

Hope you are all enjoying watching me on the members camera.I am also available for phone chat today. Here's a photo I thought you'd like.It was sent to me by a friend.This is a second one.


If you want to get all the notices about special events join my yahoo group.We have quite a few updates.New Photos of Contagious and Miss Evie, New Model Katella, New Photos of Ms Keepers and The Beast, New Guest Models Pearl and her friends Lots of Stupendous Photos. Great video clips going up too. Don't forget to check my cam out Im on it on yahoo.My server im hoping will be fully up tomorrow. Then you can watch me all the time :)


I have my cam server back up most of the way. We arre checking it out now in the preview area.If you have a yahoo account I am lexissbbw on there and i have my cam on if i am on.Added some really great video clips too to the Members area.


Well look what models popped into the office to suprise us today.Theres an update of them going up later today. Sizzling is to light a word to describe these photos. What a wonderful batch of Lesbian shots these are!


More updates of the Great Goddess me :) I wonder how much of Ciars body can actually be seen under my body if I squash him. Shall we find out?


Well time for a Lexi update...YEAH. (applause applause applause) Here is a sample from it for all you member wannabes :)

Join Up Join Up theres more to see inside!


We will be down for 4 hours today for upgrading of our server. We are adding another 40 Gigs of space to expand the site even more. We plan on bringing you an ever increasing amount of content. So pardon us as we are down for a few hours. Once we come back up around 10 we may have a few things like our web board down for a day as we improve it.Lots more content coming your way.


Today we updated more of Sunny. Here is a preview picture.


We had a great turnout for chat again last night. Shades & I enjoyed the great opportunity to meet the site members. You asked us some fun questions and the conversation did get pretty spicy. I will set up a few more chats for this week.


Hope you caught last nights wild sex show 3 some on the members event cam. We will be holding regular cam shows. The schedule will beposted on the main page of the members area. Check out todays update of Dana. Tomorrow we have a NEW very sexy big supersize babe. Be sure and catch it.


It was great seeing so many of our members in the chat room last night. I look forward to seeing even more of you tonight. Please check out todays updates. Here is a sample from part of it. We have a guest model Delta who has graced us with some extremely XXX photos and also an update from that vivacious Big Babe Sunny. Oh and she sure is looking great at her new weight. Those extra lbs have made her Extra Sexy. If you look at the sample photo I am sure you will agree.Her stomach has a lot of added fluff to it now. Make her look really soft and cuddly. Also added a new erotic story called strong Legs and of course another addition to the new feature Lexi's Menu. Don't forget to join us in the chatroom tonight and then again on Saturday . On sunday join us for Midnight delight on the members Webcam with Lexi & Shades.Then again tonight for chat with shades and lexi


I really enjoy what I do :) Lors of hot fringe benefits. Heres a photo of one of the models that have just popped into today to show off her new sexy weight. She brought over this really tasty dessert called tira misu. We gabbed a bit while enjoying this tasty treat. Weighed her in and then took some photos.Her weight has added some great curves and a nice soft belly. She has really cute Plump fingers too.Nice sexy hands.


Today I am happy to say I had the opportunity to work with one of models from when the site first started. Debra is back to delight,tantalize and tease. Yes at a new bigger weight too.


Today I added a special friend to fatfantasy to the model list. Her name is Claudia.Check out the pictures she sent us to post here. You can find her and a lot of our other friends and models by looking through this site. Check it out and connect with them for romantic interludes and great friendships.


Hey everyone. Get ready for the best May ever here at I have added a few new features in the members area already. One of them should be of interest to the feeders out there. Its called Lexi's Menu.It will give you all the details of what I am eating to sustain this sexy body. I even include the recipes where I can. If you want to know my new weight I am doing my big weigh live on camera this week.The way we have been stufing ourselves here I am excited to see what the new figures will be. Today I added a New Model. Her names Dena. If you enjoy some erotic Fat chat call 1 - 866-468-2297.


Big Brain Big Sex Drive? Check Out this article. One of our models had a question that I thought might interest some of you. Its about Menage a Trois and videos.

Today starts the first day of our 3 day sale. You can get 50 Percent off some of our hot videos. Check these out!


Today we had a great photo shoot! We put up a new model named stevie today. Lots of photos of her with her Pal Dude(her vibrator). She is a Feedee


Hope you are having a good day. Its been crazy here. One of our Model transports got stuck on the highway today. Spent hours waiting for the tow truck but never fear the models got here.


Todays we have a New Model called BABS. She has a really nice smile. It draws you in. Babs has a really nice personality too. Here is a sample photo of Babs.


I was going through my photos to put out an update and realized I had missed putting out a who;e section on sabrina, Sabrina and china doll and sabrina & daytona Babe. So I thought I would tempt your taste buds with them :)I have to say sabrina looks extra srumptious in these photos. What a Goddess.


Today we woke up starving. I had this wierd craving to make Fudge. So I made this recipe friend had given me for Frozen Coffee Fudge Pie. I also heard a great quote today. "Dedicate yourself to continuous personal improvement - you
are your most precious resource". Check out this picture of
Cathy one of the Models recently added to the site. I think the way the stockings look on her legs and where the garters pinch in to her flesh and make the sexy fat on her legs spill over the garters looks pretty hot. Just thought I would share it with you. Well my pie is almost done and Shades is coming over today to help m eat it. We might even leave Ciar a piece if we have too haha


Check out our new Model today Julie Biggs. What a sexy Lady. I would consider her a light plumper but she has this really erotic voice and sexy shape to her. Shes 175 lbs and 5 ft 6 but I decided to include her anyway.In this shoot she place on this Purple air chair and looking very ready for some action.Also some nice smoking shots! There are 40 Photos in this shoot for you to enjoy.

By the way I am logged in to Keen to talk if anyone is around and wants to chat.


I added new features today. If you would like to have a nice erotic phone chat with me click here.Also check on whats New and also Whats coming in the feeder section!


If you get the chance check out these great videos on pay per view for BBW. They are really good.For those of you into Baloons and expansion here are some cool Pay per view balloon videos. Here are some other BBW videos with some hot Preview photos! Heres great Preview Video too!


One night, as a couple lay down for bed, the husband gently tapped his wife on the shoulder and started rubbing her arm. His wife turned over and said, "I`m sorry honey, I`ve got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh."
Her husband, rejected, turned over and tried to sleep. A few minutes later, he rolled back over and tapped his wife again.
This time he whispered in her ear, "Do you have a dentist appointment tomorrow too?"


It is a sad week. A son of a friend of mine & the Navajo Nation died while fighting for these Americas.He was stationed in Iraq was killed in a surprise attack on Monday night.

Sgt. Lee Duane Todacheene, 29, is a nephew of Navajo Nation Vice
President Frank Dayish Jr, who said he was "devastated" by the news.

Todacheene was serving as a medic in the Army's First Infantry
Division Task Force 1-77 AR LSA Anaconda Medic Unit. He is survived
by his wife and his two young sons. The family is currently in
Schweinfurt, Germany, where they have been stationed for the past two

Todacheene is believed to be the first Navajo in the military to die
in Iraq. Lori Piestewa, a member of the Hopi Tribe, died last March.
Sheldon Hawk Eagle, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, died
last November.


Check out this photo. I think you will enjoy it. Theres a lot more hot photos in the members area.Check out the newest model to the site Bijou Babe.The New improved Web Board is back up in the members area as well. We will be hopefully holding regular webcam shows throughout the day and evening shortly. This site is in a major upswing again after a brief vacation while we redid sets and such. Buckle your seat belts Full Speed ahead!


Today I spent the day working with some very sexy bbw. We did some really cute shots. This week Ciars son graduates from Marine Boot camp. So he will be travelling up to Paris Island for his graduation. On the way back he plans to stop and pick up this new model and bring her dow to the studio and do some shots for the site. We have been talking on the phone back and forth and she seems like a lot of fun. Should be fun to work with.It is much easierwhen models come to have fun as well as to make money for their photos. It really does come through in the photo. Their energy is just different. I dont like feeling i have forced anyone to do this. No one is happy then. Well off to do some updates on the site. Get ready to see some sexy photos.


I saw some interesting labels today.On A bottle of prescription sleeping pills it says, "Warning: May cause drowsiness." Check out the new updates that I put up over the weekend. More coming today. Some more photos of Ultra Sized goddess Sabrina coming this week. She is one very sexy lady. Her weight is close to 600 lbs now. Shes rapidly gaiing on that 600 mark.


I have spent today getting ready to put up a sexy new BBW named Jen. I hope you enjoy the photos of her.She is extremely hot!


Hey everyone. I had a member tell me a great joke today. Here it is.

A blond left her car out in a hail storm. When the storm was over she checked the car
and found out it was covered with small dents. She went to the local garage and
inquired how to fix the problem. The mechanic told her to blow on the tailpipe and
the dents would be removed. She took the car home parked it and proceeded to blow
on the pipe. Another blond came by and inquired what she was doing, she told her
she was blowing on the tailpipe to remove the dents. The other blonde responded,
"That's not going to work unless you roll up the windows!"


Well we took a few days break but we are back.We just built some new sets. The web boards back up in its new improved version.. Lots of updates these next few months. I have been a busy beaver. About to release about ten brand new videos as well. See I told you we have been busy.


Check out the updates today. Lots of new content! We have three new videos about to come out as well.VERY HOT


Check out the chat tonight for our members. Click the link marked TONIGHTS CHAT.If you want video cam access click that link too.You have to have a high speed modem or DSL to view it .


Well time for spring cleaning at fatfantasy studios. Mskeepers Takes a little rest break.She picks an interesting bed t lay on LOL! Have a Peek! Don't worry he survived and had a huge grin when he did!


I learned about an interesting sexual position today from one of my members. They wrote me and asked if I had ever heard of a sexual position called "20". I said no the only number sex position i had known was 69. They then told me no it is 20. It's the same idea, only the participants suck toes instead of genitals. Ten plus ten equals 20. Interesting :)

Check out our new erotic stories in the members area.


Was watching this really oldy goldie Movie today. It was actually pretty erotic . It was called "Belle de Jour" It entertains the fantasies of a straightlaced French housewife while examining the implications such fantasies carry. Severine, the lead character, who, unknown to her husband, satisfies her sexual curiosities by entering the employ of a discreet Paris brothel. There are no graphic sex scenes--the eroticism is carried by glimpses into Severine's mind as we discover her fetishes and try to guess at what it is that makes her tick. Severine acts contrary to her public role as a pristine, classy surgeon's wife and invites defilement of this implied perfection by satisfying the desires of her clients and, in so doing, satisfying her own desires. What we learn is that there isn't always a reason for what drives our more primal instincts; even intense self-examination can leave us without answers as to why we react to stimuli in certain ways. Very surrealistic Perscpective in this film! I enjoyed it. Check it out!


We just got the word that we have a 5 star review on the video "The Big Game" Wooo HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Check it out!


Sorry my journal has not been updated much lately.I am going through a very strange time in my life to tell you the truth. I've been stuck in my house now 12 years thats over a decade.Lately I have taken inventory of my life an have come to the realization that I have built my own world inside the walls of my house. People always tell me they find it incredible the variety of situations I can get into without ever leaving my bed. The 12 years has seen me in a marriage of 2 years, and 2 other serious relationship. One that lasted 7 years and the other is going into its third year. It has seen my 3 children grow up into outstanding adults, given me a terrific grandson, and brought 6 children of my fiances into my life. All who are just like my own to me. I have had 2 successful businesses and now a non profit corp called rain rez. I have been through very hard times, sad times,poor times,rich times. I do not have any regrets for any of the situations I have been in. Even my screwed up marriage to Tom. I learned a lesson from everything and everyone that has entered my life.

I think if these circumstances had not happened to me and i had not met the people I had then my life might have ended a long time ago. I would not have had the will to survive. Thre were so many times /i wanted to just lay down and die. I hated myself for this huge whale I had become. My friends and my life circumstances gave me the opportunity to be comfortable with who I was and what I looked like. Even when FA's like the man I had been married to tried to pull down my esteem by telling me I was not pretty enough to be wanted by him it did not make me quit,it did not make me stop living.It actually made me stronger and say "Who the hel do you thin you are to judge me by what I look like". Not everybody finds the same people attractive. Which is a good thing.

The fact that he used the fact of being an FA and telling me I was all that for him until he ran out of a use fr me is what i condemn him for. However, be that as it may I picked up walked over his shadow and kept on going. (Now this next part is going to date me) As a lady whose song I admire Helen reddy sang I am Woman and I am invincible. Yes I am fat and I am woman and YES I am invincible :) But I REFUSE to be INVISIBLE anymore. I will hide out in this Fat suit no longer. I will break out of this house and i will be the lady standing and walking through wall mart. I challenge every woman in my situation to do the same!


Wel its the first of March already. A really nice day outside for a change. Its even been cold here in florida. I was sitting here feeling the breeze. Had a busy day today did some cool photos of a new model.


Tori the Publisher of Big Butt contacted me today. This is an URGENT PLEA FROM HER.


BIG BUTT has recently moved to a format not all of us are keen on.
Just look at our cover model this month... BIG BUTT APRIL '04-

They are including mostly thinner models with SOME curves vs. the bigger girls that we are used to (EVEN PREGNANT CHICKS!!!) Gone are the days of featuring BBW's like us IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT I have talked to the 'powers that be 'until I was BLUE IN THE FACE but they just don't get the idea. When I took over as publisher we featured up to 8 girls per issue ranging from a CURVY size 10-12 to about a 28. NOW they want to drop that number to NEVER FEATURING ANYONE OVER ABOUT A SIZE 18-20!!! I think this is an OUTRAGE! If they have it their way, we will never see a big beautiful woman grace the cover of BIG BUTT again!!!!

I am flying into NY next week and I need as MUCH support from the community as possible I need to be INUNDATED with emails about how this NEW FORMAT is NOT WHAT BIG BUTT is ABOUT!!! PLEASE WRITE AND SEND IN YOUR SUPPORT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT BIG BUTTS not SMALL BUTTS! Write to us at or

and tell us WHY you LOVE the BBWs in BIG BUTT and NOT TO CHANGE THE FORMAT!! If you wanna get out the old pen and paper write to

462 Broadway Suite 4000
NYC, NY 10013


Any other questions PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!


Tori DeLuca
Big Butt Magazine
Big Black Butt Magazine


I apologize for the down time. My computer system network crashed and we had to reinstall all our software to get back on line and replace some routing equipment. I will be catching up with updates now.


We have been working on new projects for the site. Some weight gain ones to.


Just put up a new model today named Jean. Yesterday I put up one named Janice. Check them out.


So what do you think of the new updates and site changes. I would love to hear about any suggestions for new features.


I am looking forward to this long weekend. I am hoping to accomplish a lot of things.I also plan to be a bit lazy and sleep 4 hours instead of three a night...hahaha


It has been an eventful week. Lots of very hot photo shoots. I have some new ideas that i will be utilizing in the members area. It will creat a lot more updates for you of both photos and videos.


I hope you are enjoying all the new photos I have addedandam still adding to the site. New video clips to.We are adding more weight progression stories as well. We have asked our models for photos of them as they gained their weight. When we can get them we will scan them in and add them to the models pages so you can see the progression of their weight gain. I just found some photos of me at my lesser weight. I am going to scan them in for you all to see to.


Well I redesigned the front of the site. I would love some feedback on it and the preview section.


Today I have finished redoing the preview section. All new photos.


Well back to the grind. We are recuperated after a very long holiday season. I would like to say it had been a pleasant one but it was not. We had three deaths or as I like to say passings in our family. We held some native ceremonies for them and sent them off to the Great Spirit. I like to think they are back home with the one and at peace now. I know i have not been really with it here the last 2 -3 weeks but i have been watching 3 people slowly pass away. In the end I was forced to make some very hard decisions. I cant say it has not hurt because it has.However we cant look back in life except to learn from mistakes. The future is forward.


Check out tonights update of Alabama. Nice shoot with the addition of Big Balloons. I want to wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year. Ciar and I are spending the night with some champagne and a special Dinner for two out by the fire in the back yard.We have a huge firepit that we use for our native ceremonies. Tonight at midnight we will shoot off fireworks then make some of our own (wink)


We have been working on the redesign of the site. I plan to have it finished with in the next week.It should start looking different starting Jasnuary 1st when I begin uploading the new items. New photos, New Video Clips, New Erotic Stories,A Lot of new Feeder updates as well.New Magazine Issue included too.


Had a very nice christmas. Ciar bought me a beautiful ruby ring, Palomo Picasso Perfume,Native Flute,Lavender Lotions,3 lbs chocolate,4 Crystal Balls,Jade necklace,huge 4 foot stuffed bear,Cute stuffed duck and some gourmet coffee and cookies. All in all santa was good to me.


We are working hard on the new additions for the new year. This site is about to make its annual revival. Some pretty awesome new treats to see in 2004. The crew here is actively working on some fun and sexy updates for you. Lots of brand New content both Photos and videos. We also have many of our videos for sale out on DVD now too. So check them out.


Well I am caught up in the middle of the holiday craziness. While I love the holidays I also hate them. All this food and treats its not going to waste thats for sure.


Today was a day like any other day. We went through a lot of photos and put some great updates on the site. Check them out they are really hot! Some of them are of a model called Sexy Tease. A very sexy lady! More will be up of her soon.


Hope you are in time to see tonights hot sex capade episode.Check out my yahoo cam under Lexiassbbw.


We updated the site with lots of new models and 1000 brand new photos and videos. I have heard rave reviews so far on the new additions to the members area! Some nice new Supersize and Ultra Size ladies too!


Spent a very relaxing sunday laying in bed.Ciar treated me to a luxurious massage before brunch. He warmed up some oil and rubbed every part of my body. Of course what started out as a massage ended up as 3 hours of heated passionate sex. The bed was so wet he had to go exchange the matress with the studio one LOL Afterwards he made me some crepes for lunch and a Mimosa. Which is champagne with orange Juice. He can be soooo romantic!


That Extra Scrumptious Julliana is back and gracing the pages of the members area of This lady is looking to met a nice FA to cuddle with so guys feel free to apply. She says to tell you she will answer all reply's and she can't wait to find the man that will appreciate her sexy big hips and fluffy tummy. Jullianna is a taxi Driver in the Orlando area so next time your in town maybe she can take you for a ride :) Have a GREAT Holiday Feast. We have 4 HUGE Turkeys in our kitchen right now along with Hams and Roasts (we peeled 20 lbs of potatoes UGH) and all sorts of Pies and trimmings to go with it. Since we have so many models that actually had no family and in a few cases no where to live we decided to open our Table to them all. So we are going to shortly have some very full fat tummy's here :) Jullianna came to our rescue to provide transportation to those that had none. From Us to You... Happy Turkey Day... Gobble Gobble Gobble !!!!


We have some great new modeels this week for you to view. La Tigressa is a very hot SSBBW.J also want you to chck out Syllion!!!!


If you get the opportunity check out our feature video on sale this week. Its called Lillians Legal Laid. It is on VHS & DVD. It stars Lilliana and Dom Fuego.


New Hot update of Selma today. Check out her Recent Weight Gain Too. More curves in all the right places! What a sifully sexy lady. Always fun to work with her. After the photo shoot we ordered pizza. Selma ansswered my door in a towel and the Pizza guy just looked wide eyed at her.He was half way down the driveway before he remembered to get paid for the pizza.


All day today I will be available for phone calls through Keen. If you want to chat Call Me.1-800-275-5336 then pick option of personal extension:My extension is 054558. To dial via computer click below.


I have another new phone sex hotty today. Her name is Mimi. Quite a Fluffy lady with major Mounds. "E" Cups!!

There are some photos of her and a number to reach her at. Don't forget Maxine either our Asian BBW. She is available to call too.


I hope you get a chance to check out the new model I posted today. Her names is Madeline. She is in her 30's Divorced and a very Sexy SSBBW. We are happy to have her curves to grace our fatfantasy pages. Catch tonight special Performance on the Special event Camera at 9 PM - 12. SSBBW Jello Wrestling. We are going to try and have fun events each week on our members cam for you to see. These shows are exclusive to this site.


Remember to check out our Special Event AKA 24/7 Cam starting at 8.15 tonight for a hardcore xrated Ultra size

Goddess sex extravaganza.Shes a brand new 500 lb beauty. New to the site tonight. Welcome her :)


We now have released another DVD.Its called Phat Kat Needs Some FAs.. It is available for purchase by clicking here.That makes three DVDs available. Chocolate Desires,Lexi,Lexi,Lexi and Phat Kat.


The 24/7 Cam tonight an exclusive Live showing of our video taping of Santas Wife. This is the first of many 24/7 cam productions. Yes the 24/7 cam is coming back full time.All the action starts at 8 PM tonight!


First thing before I get to the erotic part of this entry tonight I have to share something REALLY funny that happened during the shoot last night. Ciar had his cell phone in his pocket since we were in 2 seperate spots that way I didn't have to yell if I wanted him to change the set or position of something. Anyway right in the middle of the shoot his pocket hit against something and dialed 911. Needless to say they got an earful.They were saying "okay get to more shots. That should finish her off good. Then we can move her body. Oh wait put another hat on her.I dont want to ruin this one when we put her in the water.Lift her leg up there make it look natural.Then ciar said "oh it will look ok once we put some hay over it. "We were referring to the bed LOL Needless to say they thought we had killed someone hahaah

We had a very busy day & night yesterday. As you can tell by the curvy cam schedule we did a lot of Photos yesterday.Last nights curvy cam session was very hardcore with Brenda & Drake. We had Brenda all wrapped up in plastic wrap really tightly. Nice tight squeeze photos.Im going to post a lot of todays photos starting tomorrow and going towards christmas since half of the shoot was christmas. Will put up the halloween photos for you to see though now. They are very hot indeed. Brenda & Drake had a lot of fun with the great pumpkin this year. I know charlie brown has been waiting in the wrong field all these years to see the great Pumpkin. We found the right patch or at least Brenda and Drake did! Here are a few Sample Photos for you without any pop ups. If you want to see more though you can click the others . The second group of samples do have pop ups.

This is the 2nd group of samples! free preview photos for you today. Please remember that clicking these previews will give you pop ups but the photos are very hot! You can also click Here for more and Here and Here oh and Here LOL

Also remember We now have Pay per view FAT Movies available on this site. These are FULL LENGTH VIDEOS NOT JUST CLIPS! This is available to both our members and non members. So much Fat and Plump Videos in one place.


Well the new video Phat Kat Needs FA is now shipping. Really nice finale too on it! Most any admirer of the Supersize BBW is going to feel great after watching this video! The hot tub scenes are incredible all that nice soft fat being shook up by the jets of the hot tub. What a site! Theres something for evertone in this video from walking to eating,bathing. How does that sexy SSBBW fit into that Tub. OOOH Nice shot! Here a mild preview :) You can purchase it on the video page. We will be up on curvy cams again today. We had a great show yesterday afternoon too. Today brand new models will be on. Today our order line is being answered by this sexy lady. So get your order in for Phat Kat early!

After a long day of working,sometimes our models needs a break. So if you watch our cams and catch someone looking like this it just means we wore them out on the set LOL Don't worry no matter what the hour I always am on the job ready to perk them up :)


By the way do you think my butt looks too BIG in this bikini?


The saga continues. At 1.17 AM this morning I received a call from the Legal Beagles at the radio station 95.3. Somehow they did not like my opinion in my journal.I stand by the fact that it is MY opinion and I am entitled to that right of Free speech my the good OLD America constitution. Mr KKKcarson seems to feel it better that anyone that does not agree with his beliefs should move away.


This week we are going to have some Really Hot shows on Cam for you. One Supersize Lady 350 lbs that is New to Modeling will be Live On Cam at 3 PM (est) on friday and Thursday night at 7 PM we have a New Sexy Model 275 lbs. Brand new to us here at

Once again we want to mention We now have Pay per view FAT Movies available on this site. These are FULL LENGTH VIDEOS NOT JUST CLIPS! This is available to both our members and non members. So much Fat and Plump Videos in one place. Also check out our New Model Cookie in the members area.

Today is Columbus Day and I wanted to share my views on it. I am actually offended by the fact that Columbus Day is still celebrated.Columbus did not discover America, because my people had lived here for thousands of years! The main legacy of Columbus is death and destruction. Columbus is routinely vilified as a symbol of slavery and genocide, and the celebration of his arrival likened to a celebration of Hitler and the Holocaust. Ciar called into a local radio talk show tonight on Orlando, FL: Party Radio 95.3. When Ciar told the gentleman his views on Columbus the DJ KKKarson abruptly and loudly told him if he didn't like good old america then he could leve. Ciar is Full Blood Taino a Native American.His people were here way before Columbus. Mr KKKarson felt it was okay to take the land away from the Idigenous people because they "claimed it as theirs when they arrived here. So I guess that means we can go and claim Mr KKKarsons House and say it is ours and it should be just cause we claim it. Mr KKKarson felt the need to go to commercial right after that.Feel free to comment to mr KKKarson on this topic.You can also reach him on AOL instant messenger at partycarson.


Well we have more new features on the site. We now have Pay per view FAT Movies available on this site. This is available to both our members and non members. So much Fat and Plump Videos in one place. Also check out our New Model Cookie in the members area. A lovely sexy 300 Plus lbs of bodacious beauty.


Well my system here at fafantasy was down for a day. We had to upgrade our elevtrical boxes to make way for some new equipment that is going to turn out a lot better videos and dvd's fo you all to watch.We are installing new lighting to that will increase the photo quality too. I have a few free preview photos for you today. Please remember that clocking these previews will give you pop ups but the photos are very hot!


I have to thank one of the members on here for the good laugh they gave me this morning. They emailed me this funny joke.I will share it with you here. I hope you get a laugh out of it too! Check out the update on our New Model Vixen Debbie. What a Hottie! If you want to view the previews of them click here. Clicking the previews will give you a few pop ups so we can get higher on our advertising lists.

Ma and Pa are sitting on the front porch swing, rocking. Pa says to Ma, "Screw you Ma."
A minute goes by, and Ma says to Pa, "Screw you Pa."
Again, a minute goes by, and Pa says to Ma, "Screw you Ma."
Another minute goes by, and Ma says to Pa, "Screw you Pa."
Yet another minute goes by, and Pa says to Ma, "Screw you Ma."
A minute later, Ma says to Pa, "Screw you Pa."

A couple of minutes go by, and Pa says to Ma, "I don't know about you Ma, but I just don't get too much out of this oral sex stuff!"


Tonights curvy cam was great as usual a few hours of non stop sex with Brenda and Drake. They got into a few positions I didnt even think were possible. Then he grabbed this huge 12 inch dildo that was 2 inches round and rammed it inside her pussy and fucked her till she screamed so loud and her juices soaked the entire bed. Then like a pancake he flipped her over and went into a REALLY wild anal scene. She was cumming over and over again.It ended in a really hot facial cum! We did get some video clips of it and some photos so I will put them up in the members area for you to see.If you want to view the previews of them click here. Clicking the previews will give you a few pop ups so we can get higher on our advertising lists. Small price to pay though for these very sexy photos.


Hope you caught tonights Curvy Cam show. It was really wild. Went 2.5 hours. Then we ordered 4 X Large Pizzas and Wings and fed the whole crew. We were training new camera people tonight and lighting & Sound techs so we had lots of people here.Towards the middle of the month you will get to see Ciars and my new video too. We are starting to film small parts of it. It will be a LONG video!


Just finished editing the latest video of Phat Kats. It is called Phat Kat needs FA. I must say Ciar REALLY outdid himself editing this video. Theres also a suprise at the end of the video too :) This month is starting out with a real bang.In the first week of october we are filming three new videos in curvy cams live for you to watch. First one was last night and it went four hours.It was quite an outstanding 4 hours of fun for curvy cam watchers. Then friday night we will be shooting Natasha and Admirer and saturday night Live with Breanda and her man! We have some great updates this monthe too and quite a few BRAND NEW models going up!


Just received our latest edition of Big Black Butt Magazine In. We had two video reviews in there. Check them out.One is Chocolate Desires and the other is Fuck My Fat!. Both of these are of course available to purchase in the video section.We will be releasing a new video tomorrow featuring Fat Phat Kat that Ultra Size Goddess.


Well this week has been chock full of suprises. Our air conditioning went out and for 3 days its been over 95 degrees. Had to get a temporary room air conditioner just to survive as being my size my body is Always HOT :) They fixed our air so I thought and 5 hours later it was out again :( This has gone on 3 times now. Needless t say I am tired of it and tired of being this type of HOT! Im sure you al enjoyed it though because none of us had any clothes on during the cam shows.So you got more then just the Nude Model you got everyone nude lol. We were only shooting at night because day time was just to hot.

Hope you are enjoyong our last update of the Ultra sized Goddess Buttercup. Have some real treats coming for you shortly. Lots of new models,Photo updates and video clips.


Well chocolate desires was supposed to be spending the week with us and doing some more videos. However the hurricane had its own agenda and blocked Ms. Desires path to us. However, never fear shes coming next week! We will be doing lots of shows on curvy cams next weeks almost 12 hours a day of shows.

Tonight my friend and i were surfing the web and found a link to retro candy. All the favorites we loved as kids.Feel free to send us some :) We will eat it for yo in photos or video clips


Just added 50 new pics to my (Lexi's) member's area! There are a few samples featured here and here and here! I am really excited about being able to fulfill so many requests in this shoot. Everyone has sent me requests for more feet photos on me.

I have done quite a few. Now these feet are big and chunky with fat toes. These photos were shot as close-up shots of my feet and my feet are the center of attention. Ciar and I had a good time shooting these photos. These pics are really hot because we decided to try out some new poses. Yes, I took off my oxygen for them and am standing and walking

in some of the video clips. I also tried out some new make-up, and ciar said my lips looked really hot and he proved it afterwards by laying on some really hot kisses on my lips! (All of them chuckle )

While I do not get to shoot as many photos of me as I used to. Way to busy taking photos of everyone else. As you all know my fame is my big butt it continues on even after I leave a room. One site member emailed me and said when he watched the mpeg seeing me bending over he lost it! He said the the way my hips shook and quivered sent him over the edge. Another member said "The way your large, massive calves hang down, and create a roll at the ankle. It is so sexy! You are one of the sexiest pear shaped BBW out there" To that I say "thank you"!

The models on this site are women of all shapes and sizes. Something for everyone to look at and get excited over.


Lots of brand new video clips are up on the site. See the sexy Choco Latte and Dr Feelgood. Also the sultry curvy Lilliana with Dom Fuego. New vhs videos are up on the site as well. Check them out.


Gettig ready to shoot my new photos. Filled with great new photos of ME :)I am hoping to have them up by this weekend. Get to see me at my newest weight!


Today started off great. Lots of good hot wet sex :) Ciar was in an extremely erotic mood this morning which i really enjoyed. He had been taking a shower and did not hear me come in the bathroom. I threw off my clothes and joined him in there.I have my shower bench in there so i soaped up really good and let him fuck my titties and then gave him a great blow job. Theb he joined me in the bed afriend will go at it starting arpofter drying off a bit I got wet all over has his tongue gave me lots to smile about! A great time was had by all.

Stay tune for tonights sexual encounter. Brand new model Cristen and her boy friend will go at it starting around 8 PM on curvy cams.


New photos going up today of brand new Models. Also this week Brand New Lexi photos.Plus a great 2 hour can Show Breakfast with Lexi. There will be a chat too


New Model Lorainne is up on the site. Very sexy lady. We have a great show on curvy cams for you wednesday evening. Hot sex between Black Satin & Jaybo Should be quite a night. Watch it on curvy cams!


Well lots of new photos up on the site. Some great new ones coming up this week to.Plus friday night we have a hot video taping live on curvy cams and photo shoots all day long! I have something special for you to see friday night on curvy cams!


Been a real crazy week here. My family came to town. My daughter with my grandson and my mother that i havent seen in many many years. At least 5 years.I cooked a huge dinner. It really turned out great. My grandson is 7 months old now and is so cute. Hes so advanced and has started to stand up already.It was so great getting to hold him in my arms again.I havent seen him in 5 months.I am so motivated to get out of this house after 10 years. I want to travel up to see him often. Hes growing so fast.It hurts not to be a part of that growth.He takes so long each time to get used to me again and by that time its time to go home.

I am posting a LOT of updates this week. Should see over a thousand new photos by sunday night.Plus lots of videos too! So it should be a fun weekend for everyone onhere lots to seee.Plus new video shows too!


Well today we had another photo session with a small plumper. Shes very cute & sexy! We showed her off on curvy cams today in a hot body paint session!


Today we had a great photo session with three models. We started at 1 pm and went clear through till ten pm. Half way through we ordered Pizzas and subs and Tira Misu and canollis. We had a food feast on camera. We got some great shots and video clips of that too. All in all it was a lot of fun. I should have them posted up on the board soon.


Our photo shoot with Shades was excellent. Here is a sample of some photos I am putting up!


Check out our live Curvy cam show today with shades.It will be a 7 hour web cam. Tomorrow a new SSBBW Sweet Tart will be on curvy cams for 3 hours. This weekend Chocolate desires will be on Friday for 12 hours on curvy cams and saturday for 4 hours!


Hey there everyone. Finally recovering from the party and reloading everything back into our offices.Whenever we have a party we have to toally undo our studios and sets and make it into a party place. So it always takes us down for about 5 days to regroup.The photos are up to so enjoy them. I still have another batch of photos to go and lots of video clips.They are up on the site. The naughty ones are on in the members area.


Well today is my birthday! We celebrated it with a HELL of a party last night! We had our party and Pageant. It went till 5 AM when the last person left. Every one of the ladies looked gorgeous and put on a heck of a performance.The first place in the Plumper category was the vivacious Daytona Babe Second Place was Mendi Teats and third Place was Luna. In the Supersize category first place for a second year in a row was Phat Kat aka Red Hot . Second place was Destiny and third Place was Shades.


It has been an incredibly busy frw weeks. We had very little notice from the TV network that they wanted to produce a show around our Yearly Pageant. With exactly 3 Weekls notice we had t plan the hottest pageant & Party ever produced by! I was not sure of how to top last years success but I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Years winners are Daytona Babe first Place winnner of $500.00 in the Plumper category & Red Hot for $500 in the SSBBW category. The second place was Mendi Teats for $200 in the Plumper category & Destiny in the SSBBW for $200. In third Place was Luna for BBW $100.00 and Shades for third Place and $100 in SSBBW.


Sunday afternoon we are having a double header model shoot. Will be broadcasted on curvy cams. Sunday we will also be bringing back the 24/7 cam.


Interesting ad in the paper:

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity
unimportant. I'm a very good looking girl who LOVES to play. I
love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting,
camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire.
Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. Rub me
the right way and watch me respond. I'll be at the front door when
you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Kiss
me and I'm yours. Call (404) 875-6420 and ask for Daisy.

Over 15,000 men found themselves talking to the Atlanta Humane
Society about an 8-week old black Labrador retriever.


Goof News the 24/7 Web Cam is coming back by popular demand. Even better you will get to see more then ever before because we have lots of new visitors scheduled.

My arms feeling a bit better so we can go back to our regular shooting schedule. Our ads are back in the papers and we already have models scheduled to shoot all through July!!!!!! Lots of new content coming daily. We even have a 2nd photographer helping us with the overload.

Brand new videos about to be released too. o the summer just got a lot HOTTER


We updated new photos of Flower and there is also a New model


We have been working hard on adding to the site. Lots of new photos will be going up shortly. Our new model search campaign starts in July. We will be travelling all over the US finding lots of new talent. Plus our pageant will be bringing in lots more models too.


I greatly apologize for the lack of writing lately. My arms fractured and they cannot put it in a cast due to complications with the weay I must move around so it is costantly reinhured. So the pains been kicking my butt lately. Seems to have subsided a bit so i am going to do a big update this weekend to comensate for my short disappearance. Here is a Pic of me.


Ms. BABE Universe Pageant

July 12th 2003
In Winter Springs (Orlando) Florida

This Pageant will be taped for viewing at a later date by a Network Television Station

There will be two categories to win under

There will be both CASH Prizes to the Winners plus a Prize Package
Further details are at
If you would like to find out about entering the Pageant please email me at


Brand New Clips up in the members section!

05/15 - 16 /2003

Today we put up some exciting photos of MsKeeps. VERY Sexy!!!!!!!!! 90 Photos of this Hot Lady!


Another brand New Model today. Dorene is a real BABY DOLL!


Thanks for all of your emails about Big Bubbles & Ms Keeps. Glad to hear everone loved them!


New Photos of Big Bubbles & Mskeeps. Very Kinky indeed :)


If you can go to the Dimensions site and help us get a great rating and rave reviews. Click here and rate us! Photos of New SSBBW Marcy is up today as well!


Brand new model Ms Rose is up today.Great breasts 40 DDD. She is an incredible & sexy lady. During the shoot she was getting so wet we had to change the sheets!

05/07 -05/09/2003

I have put lots of new models up for you every day.I hope your enjoying the new content.Tomorrow Merry & Merv photo set will be going up. 65 VERY hot photos from a video.


I have the impression you like the new magazine after receiving all the positive emails. I'm glad we had lots of long hours go into it. Heard a great joke today.

Guy goes in to see an optometrist. The doctor says, "You have to stop masturbating." The guy says, "Why? Am I going blind?" The doctor says, "No, you're upsetting the other patients in the waiting room."


Sorry for the disappearing act. I lost the use of my whole left side including my arm in the last fall. I finally found someone to do xrays at home. They are coming out tomorrow. Its been hard working on my super sleuth project for this site and i apologize for being a few days late.

FATFANTASY.NET IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR BRAND NEW ADDITION PLUS A FREE FULL LENGTH VHS VIDEO WITH MEMBERSHIP PLUS AN EXCITING EVENT! Just when you thought your money couldn’t stretch any further we found a way to make it happen! Now included in your membership is the full featured magazine at We have also updated this month with 1200 brand new photos, New Ultra Size BBW too! and 20 video clips.(belly jiggle & Ass Wiggle) In addition with every brand new membership this month you can receive a full length vhs video free of charge. The only cost to you is shipping. In the US it is $4.95 and overseas it will depend on the country email for quote of actual cost. You can select the video of your choice from our list at THEN Join us for the EVENT of the Year Ms. BABE Universe July 11th – 13th Which will be taped by a television station for broadcast at a later date! Details on this event will follow shortly



Very hot Curvy cams on the 29th. One of our newest Ultra Size Goddesses.Tomorrow there will be updates of Lizabelle.


Great new update today. Lots of photos of that sexy Dallas with Stormy.Very sensual,erotic and explicit photos.


Check out who is on our cameras today. Sexy Dallas & Stormy!


Check out the Newest updates today. They are really HOT.

Also as seen on the Weight board.

"Here are some gr've pontificated all over the Weight Board about Fellini, and would definately recommend his films.
Among my favs (though there are others I haven't seen) 8 1/2 (where a hefty Saraghina is the first sexual experience of the young boys and reappears in Guido's nightmare harem scene), Amarcord (Titta's first sexual encounter is with a very sexy BBW tobacconist), La Dolce Vita (with the curvaceous Anita Ekberg... btw, found a pic of her in "The Red Dwarf", I need to rent it but she looked pretty gnarly in the pic)...those three have pretty positive portrayals of guys digging fat chicks.
There's also an Adam Rifkin movie called "Denial" (aka "Something About Sex") with Rifkin playing an outspoken FA with several humorous scenes of his admiration of big women, plus a gorgeous looking Lisa Brounstein as Puddles, his BBW girlfriend. Although many look upon this film negatively, "Shallow Hal" does, ultimately, have a decent "Don't judge a book by its cover" message, which isn't exactly pro-fat, but its a start for mainstream, big screen Hollywood. Ricky Lake's/John Waters' films ("Cry-Baby", "Hairspray") are fun to watch in order to catch Lake at her heaviest. But "Baby Cakes" a hard-to-find made-for-TV movie deals with size issues, but its a little dull.
Speaking of John Waters... Divine is a HUGE (pun intended) part of many of his films, including "Mondo Trasho" (probably not worth your paper), "Pink Flamingos", "Hairspray" and others. I haven't seen "Desperate Living" (which features a 500-pound black woman, naked) in quite a while, but I remember it being very surreal with several plus-sized characters. Okay, getting back to "normal" films... Halloween H20 has the teenage girl who talks about how she wishes she was fat... in Pulp Fiction, the chick who plays opposite Bruce Willis ("Fabienne", Maria de Madeiros) talks about wanting a pot belly. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but this is at least a decent list. Two movies I haven't seen, but I've heard of as having scenes involved large women... the previously mentioned "The Red Dwarf", a french film about a midget who, at one point, has sex with the plump Anita Ekberg. Also, I seem to recall "America's Sweethearts" involving a plump Julia Roberts who loses weight. "

5 Hour shoot on curvy cams this morning. Cum and watch us shoot another New Ultra Size Goddess!


We are doing a live shoot on curvy cams again. Should be about 4 hours. Brand New Model today. Day 12


We are live on curvy cams today. See you on there :) Day 13 !


Here is day 14's Picture. Also saw this article in the paper. Whats your opinion of it?

Fat Man Sues McDonald's Over Non-Hire

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against McDonald's, filed by a New Haven man who claims he was not hired because he is overweight.

Joseph Connor had filed the lawsuit last year against the fast food chain, claiming that it discriminated against him, in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act.

Connor, who weighs 420 pounds, claims that McDonald's violated the laws when it regarded him as morbidly obese and refused to hire him based on that perception.

Further, he alleges that his obesity is a disability, and the restaurant chain violated the CFEPA by deliberately not hiring him.

U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill concluded that Connor must be given the opportunity to prove that he is protected under the law.

McDonald's had argued that obesity, except in special cases where the obesity is due to a physiological disorder, is not a "physical impairment" within the meaning of the ADA.

"The judge' decision is a very important one," Attorney Gary Phelan, who is representing Connor, said Wednesday. "This is the first time a Connecticut court is saying that obesity may be a disability under state discrimination law."

Attorney Lawrence Peikes, who is representing McDonald's Corp., said the judges decision was not on the merits of the case.

"It in no way indicates how the judge views the case factually," Peikes said. "McDonald's is confident there is no merit to the claims and looks forward to having the matter resolved."


We have been busy lil beavers here.Did 2 really hot shows thursday on curvy cams. Hope you caught them. Lots of new site updates lately. Some really good suprises coming too.We are on day 15 of our big countdown.In case you haven't found the countdown on the internet you can catch up here. 31 ,30 , 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15


Hi Guys I am back. Sorry for the 2 week disppearance act.It was not planned.Unfortunately I fell getting into the shower. I ended up on the floor for 12 hours while everyone tried to rescue me.I do mean everyone. My house had 4 Units of firemen and 2 units of Paramedics including the Battalion chief of the fire department.I felt like Humpty Dumpty they couldn't figure out how to get me back up on the wall LOL. They finally had to remodel my bathroom around me. they were chopping tile off my wall and pieces of my wall all around me. They were flying at me. I was picking slivers of tile off me for a few days after. They ended up busting out the other side of my shower into the next bedroom.What a night mare.

Anyway after being on the floor for so long i ended up with cellulitus on mythigh.It ended up getting really bad and going to the next leg too.On top of that i ended up getting walking pneumonia. So as you can see I have been really sick.I still have the cellulitus but it is feeling good enough to sit up a bit now and type. Ciar is a great guy and has been pitch hitting for me on the site and keeping thingsgoing. Along with the help of Rasberry and Chocolate & Wendy.

We are back to shooting again this week and back on curvy cams.


WEll I have to tell you I am now down to 310 lbs. ..... April fools :)


Look for the Thousand picture update this week! Lots of New photos and Video Clips!


Check out our 6 hour photo Shoot Live on curvy cams. Very hot Indeed!


Photos of MOI :) Yes me :) Going up today.


Great News heard from Daytona Babe today and it looks like shes going to come do a Brand New Shoot in the next 60 days. I am really excited. We have missed her.


Wild day today. Not sure which direction to point myself in first. I have so much new content to get online to you that I am going to be working a lot of hous to get ut to you.


Well the Ultra Sized Goddess Island is up now in the members area. Theres more of her coming soon.


New Photos of Marshmallow today. These are some very hot ones of her at her newest weight. Shes gained 20 lbs in all the right places. A lot of masturbation photos of her as well.


Have some great new photos of me too and some hot clips.I know you are going to love. Next week we have three 4 hour shows scheduled on curvy cams in the members area hereso join up and watch the shows!


We started on curvy cams at 11 am today and did not end for 12 hours. We did 3 very sexy ladies a Plumper a Supersize and an Ultra Size goddess. Here is a photo of the newest model Ultra Size Goddess Island.


Posted some new video clips today of Lexi. They are awesome!!! Tomorow we have a 6 hour curvy cam show!!!


Took some new photos of me today. Some new video clips as well! Tey should be up on the site by thursday!We did a shoot on Curvy cams today. Was 8 hours long Woo Hoo!!!!!


03/15/2003That was a great shoot last night. Dr Feelgood and his two women were a huge hit with the curvy cam watchers. They were on for 4 hours! My Pecan Delight is a huge hit already and its her first week with us! Her and Rasberry got along really well!!! Its going to make a great video. Got some awesome video clips as well!


On Sunday at 4 pm watch Ms Pecan Delights, Razberry & Dr Feelgood for a 4 Hour Fuck Fest Live on Curvy Cams. This is going to be quite a day of Sex cational fun!


Busy day today. We have an 8 hour shoot with a SSBBW model. Very sexy one named Ms Pecan Delights. We will be broadcasting it live in the members area all day.Also bi shots today too with SSBBW razberry



It has been a long few days. I have had bronchitis. I think I have started to feel a bit better. Even this bronchitis has not kept me from working on the site update.


I am working on a huge site update. New Moodels and New photos and New video clips too. Should be starting to go up on the 12th.


I have scheduled quite a few cam shows for the up coming weeks. We will be doing a 4 hour show on Sunday. A 8 hour show on Monday Another 8 hour one on Wednesday and again on friday. The one on sunday will be live sex show with Dr Feelgood and two sexy Super size BBW Razberry and her New friend not yet on thi site. Who is a 350 lb beauty!


This is going to be short & sweet, just like the 75 pic shoot that I'm adding tonight of carmella pear-shaped BBW. This one is short because it was taken during one of the curvy camshows performed, so there are plenty of pics showing off all of Carmellas large Assets. Her big round butt mmm mmm mmm. I know all you guys are going to love it
I'm catching up with some of the awesome work that Ciar & I had the pleasure of creating while working with this woman. There is a lot! She inspired some REALLY good shots!


As I mentioned yesterday we have gone to DVD for videos as well now.It will take a while till all titles will be available. At first there will be six. The first six are: Chocolaet Desires , Sabrinas fucking bat . Lexi Lexi Lexi ,grannys hard black fuck ,using miss evie , and Dr feelgood visits fatty .Right now only Chocolate Desires is shippable. It will be about 2 weeks for the others.


I have some exciting news. We no have a few videos available on DVD. The first one out is Chocolate Desires. Its available to be ordered now. It will start shipping March 10th.They will be $44.95


Just saw the reviews in Amateur video magazine for our video called "Granny's Big Black Fuck". I am so happy with it! They said"Granny has outdone herself on this one. She must be using the same batteries as the Energizers Bunny. She's has enough hot moves to satisfy a lot of men!"


We had a great time on the curvy cam show today. Short stack and Julia really enjoyed each other. From what the viewers were saying you al enjoyed what you saw!


Tonight everyone is going to the state fair and i have the house to myself. Wonder what trouble I can get into LOL. Check out our curvy cam show tomorrow. Its going to be very hot.


Ok, this will be a pretty huge update! I've added a new sections to the member's area. Plus new pics and new models.


I was able to do some incredible, amazing new shots of the super-sexy Miss Evie in the past week as well! I was really
excited to get to create such stimulating images. it had been over a year since I had the pleasure of photographing
her before this past weekend! The photo session allowed for two hot sexy shoots to take place! Both of them lasting a few hours. It had been a while since I had the chance to work with this sexy woman and she is so much fun!! I was glad I started my black & white photos there were a few shots in there that I really like and it really made the shoot !!!


Posted some great new videos and photos of Miss Evie. Check them out


I have posted some hot new pics of Contagious and Miss Evie. These two are actual lovers in real life so it makes it all that extra hot. They also star in the video Naughty Miss Evie and Using Miss Evie which is a gang bang video. It has gotten rave reviews in all the magazines.


The last few days here have been wild. We are getting ready to be taped this week for a late night talk show.We have also appeared on a few radio station talk shows.Hopefully those of you stuck in drive time traffic will catch the syndications of it :)


I am really happy that my newest video with Ciar called Scream Lexi Scream is doing so well. We used some interesting lighting effects in it and the consensus among the reviewers is that its a hit! Yeah. So if you haven't yet bought a copy of it you might want to check it out!


Well one more day till we shoot. We have gotten cleared to broadcast it over curvy cams so you can watch it all unfold or at least most of it. Also posted some new video clips of chocolate Desires and Dom Fuego. These are some pretty wild clips.


We are getting ready to be on TV tuesday and Wed. Our studio is being turned into a television stuidio starting 8 am tuesday when Japanese TV starts loading in their cameras. They are shooting a 2 day mini series on my life. It is very flattering to think my life is valuable enough to be shown to others. There is a lot I hope to be able to get accross.


Another late, late night at work. It was saturday, but now it's 4 am sunday. I have been working on the new
site changes.It's an awesome idea that both Ciar and i had at the same time one afternoon.

What has been going on during the daytime for the past few days has been
interesting. We got a call from someone claiming to be larger then me. However her story is not matching up with what her abilities mobility wise should be at that weight. So I will be very happily suprised if she actually walks though my door as planned tomorrow. However, I think its a rude joke someone is playing.


I had an incredible valentines day. Ciar suprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of roses and flowers. A huge box of candy and a huge box of cookies. Then in a very pretty heart designed basket my favorite candy Easter Peeps . with a special secret suprise in the basket. Then he gave me this gorgeous card with a dvd inside it with Bocellu music and a video that went to it. My best Valentines day ever. Then later that night he gave me this incredible body massage yummmmmmm


I hope you are enjoying the videos of chocolate desires. More are coming this week coming up.


Check out all the new video clips of Chocolate Desires and Dom Fuego. Very x rated and sizzling hot!


Well at long last the video of Ultra Size Goddess Chocolate Desires and Dom Fuego is ready to ship. There are some amazing scenes in there. I must say I did a darn good job filming this one.


Check out the new model Sashi. She is a light plumper.Part Asian and very sexy. Enjoyed the opportunity to work with her. She was born in Okinawa and her father was a marine. She said she became addicted to a food called yakasoba. She claims she can eat bowls of it at one time. Her favorite is Shrimp Yakasoba. She has promised to make it for us one day.


Check outour great curvy cam shows this week. We have 3 of them. It should be a lot of fun, Come chat with us b4 and after.


New photos of that sexy SSBBW Dusty. Here is a sample.


Muffin & Sindee came by today. We did a really good shower shoot. Muffin has gained 20 lbs since her last visit. Shes certainlly filling out nicely. Really nice butt!The new photos are now up.


Today I spent some time visiting with this new Ultra goddess in the area.Shes very very cute.575 lbs and 5 ft 3. Her name is Brooke. She is considering doing a photo shoot with us. Still not convinced she wants to do it but I am hoping she does.I know you will really really like her! New photos of Danielle today too :)


Well I spent the past few days with my daughter from wisconsin and my new grandson.I cried when I got to hold him.I have to admit that these are the times when it bothers me to be homebound and not just be able to go and see the baby being born.I have been recently saddened when i realize i have spent the last decade inside my house.I don't know what its like to drive down my own street. I do not know what its like to go inside a restaurant to eat.Its hard for me to even make a grocery list without a sale paper because I honestly have no idea what products stores sell. The things most people take for granted i have no idea about.I feel like I have been in a coma for ten years and am suddenlly waking up.This might not be exactly what you want to read in my journal cause its not about sex but I have always tried to make this about me and this is just that .This is me and how i feel today.


New Photos today of Phat Kat & Dr. Dom Fuego. There have been a lot of request to see photos of women using devices to aid the handicap. These photos of Phat Kat are of her using her wheelchair and walker. Of course she needed the extra wide wheelchair to handle her extra large butt. We will be doing more of these type photos as the situations arise. Enjoy the pictures :)


New photos of that sexy SSBBE D.J. and also of Shyla. BOth of these models enjoy showing off especially on curvy cams and plump cams during the shoot.. Keep your eyes peeled for DJ's next session soon.


Flower stopped by today for a visit. Ciar had his camera nearby and was taking some test shots. The next thing you know we are in the middle of a photo shoot. Thats usually the way it goes over here. So now theres lots of new pictures of that sexy fat flower :)


From the email I have been getting you all have enjoyed Elizas photos. I will be sure and tell her. Shes always worried if someone is going to find her sexy. Be sure and email her and tell her how much you like her photos.


Lots of new things to tell you today. First of all we have a great sale going on on videos. Its a 50$ off sale package that you wont want to miss! Also that sexy NEW model Eliza. What a Phat Plump vixen ! Check us out on curvy cams tonight and wednesday at 1 AM. Will be great shows!


Check out the show on the web cam tonight. You can see our photo shoot! Its going to be very hot.


I am having a crazy day. Spent a few hours trying to find a flight for my daughter and her husband and the new baby to come visit me. I am so excited. I can't wait to see my new grandson Nathan. My whole room is plastered with photos of him.


As scheduled Hennessey went up. She is a very sexy lady.Make sure you check out the new video of the Week. Its called scream Lexi Scream.Its on sale now!


I have been hard at work all day on this latest update.It should be up tomorrow. Her name is Hennessey!


Had an interesting day today. Met with a few old friends.Saw my old girlfriend and model for this site haley. She is looking really good and promises to come back and model soon.


Put the new pics of LuAnn up. She loved taking pics so much she wanted to do more right away.Of course we stepped up quickly to take advantage of that sexy mature Plumper. Our good friend Dusty aka granny sent her over. She was a karaoke friend of hers.


Had the opportunity to see LuAnn today and do some pictures. They will be up on the site tomorrow.


Took a mini vacation today. Needed to unwind will be back on the 17th


Its been a very busy day. We had 5 models come in for first time interviews.Should be having them in soon for their first photo shoots.Lots of new sexy ones.


Check out the New Ultra Size Goddess and Model Chocolate Kidd. Her name is Chocolate Kiss.She is extremely agile for her weight..


Its a Boy!!!!!!!!! 7 lbs 8 oz 21 and1/2 inches. Name is Nathan Jack Johnson. He is so cute. I can't put his picture up obviouslly due to the nature of this site but hes very very cute.I am an official Granny and I luv it LOL


I am so excited.My daughter went into labor tonight Yeah!!!!! I am going to be a grandma. Ciars daughter had a baby a few months ago and i have been excited ever since to see mine.


Check out todays update.Its a hot one. We will be on curvy cams monday night. Make sure you can cum and see it :)


I hope you watch our curvy cams tonight. Ciar & I will be on entertaining you.Its going to be agreat show! I have uploaded 58 more photos of th new sexy Plumper Amanda. From the emails we got about her I know you liked her.


Well once again I appeared on Japanese Nipon Television. In December their Television crew flew over and spent a whole day with Ciar & I. They interviewed and took video of both of us. Japanese television allows nudity and so once again we bared all for th cameras. The crew was very nice and had lots of fun.A photo journal of it is in the members area.

Today I added a Sexy New Supersize BBW to the website. Her name is Marshmallow. There are over 200 Photos of her. WooHOOOOOO!


I added more weight progression stories today. I have a sexy SSBBW 385 lbs to update this week. There should be around 200 photos of her.This past few weeks have been pretty hectic. I know you will enjoy seeing the more intimate details of the adventures that have taken place in the member's area.


I have added some new Weight Progression stories. I would love some feedback on this new site feature.If you have any comments please email me about it.


I have been a bit depressed lately. My mobility has started to be an issue again. For some reason periodically I seem to experience physical symptoms that rearrang e my body structure. It has caused me to suffer a lot of mobility loss once again. I am hoping this is temporary as I was just starting to enjoy my increased mobility.


I have been researching lately to find the best matress for an ultra sized BBW. I am having a lot of trouble finding one that will hold my weight.I have tried Sterns & foster,Sealy and within a week they give totally away to my weight. So if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.


Day two of the new year and we are off and running. This was the first year we didnt have a New Years party.At midnight all of us gathered and toasted the New Years by shooting off 3 hours worth of fireworks. My backyard looked like a war zone there was so much smoke. A good time was has by all. We fell asleep around 4 am and slept till almost 3 pm today. I guess we were tired. Its funny we didnt even drink anything this year. Usually thats the one time a year I actually drink a glass of wine or champagne. I never really got in to the drinking thing. I always like to be in control of my body so I never could trust myself to drink. Guess it kept me somewhat safe.


Well a brand new year.This is a year of a lot of new changes for this website. We have some new features I think you are going to like. The models are starting to write about their weight gain. How it happened. Over what period of time. What it felt like. What it feels like now.It will give you some insight on how it fels to be a BBW or a SSBBW and yes evenan Ultra goddess like me. This year you will also get the opportunity to purchase a copy of my new book. It will hopefully be up for sale shortly. We also have quite a few new models. Some that we have already shot and some who we are about to. You are going to see quite a bit of new videos to and new video clips. All in all this sites on the move up again. January will be bring you daily updates of new pictures,new Weight stories and much more!


Well here we are at the eve of the new year.This has without a doubt been one crazy year. If someone had tol me last New Years eve I would be living with Ciar and have this whole additionl family I would have said they were crazy.Last New Years I was holding a BABE party and thinking I would never find anyone to want me again. I was determined to only focus on getting through each day without stopping to smell the roses and without trying to feel any emotions. Ciar taught me the importance of friendship.

When I first met Ciar he was with someone else . He was in no way anyone I would ever pick as my Mr Right. He was a "safe" person to share thoughts with. He came into my life as the boyfriend of another model. He was at the house all the time because she worked a lot for me. He started helping with taking photos and such and doing odds and ends that needed doing as a favor.It was back in the days we were shooting a lot of group photos and group videos. After wards everyone would party. Ciar and i ended up talking a lot. He is so easy to chat to. Then one day his lady kicked him out of her life for a female. He had done nothing wrong it was just lifes crazy twists. I helped him out and let him stay in my guest room till he could decide what to do next.Over a few weeks of very long chats we realized we might be mo0re then just friends. Suddenly we really cared about each other and were with each other every spare moment. For the first time it wasn't about sex. We had not even kissed. What was even funnier was he was not an FA. He is what he calls a PA or an LL. A people Admirer and a Lexi Lover. He has taught me a lot this year. The biggest being how to have a real friend. Before he is anything else he is my friend.

Sometimes life really sucks and he taught me not to worry about those days. If the spirits place something uncomfortable in your path then take a look at it. There seems to be a lesson in everything. Even the worst things that can happen can teach you something important. Even if its just not doing something again.

Our family theme song is "Lose Yourself" the song by Eminem. I am not going to go into the details of "why" but it holds a very deep meaning for us now. Before I met Ciar I never would have listened to Rap.He taught me to understand it. Now there are a lot more songs that I truly enjoy. The Lyrics are awesome! See them below!

"Look, if you had one shot, and one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo …

His palms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out
He's chokin’ now everybody's jokin’ now
The clocks run out, time's up over – blough!
Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity
Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked
He's so mad, but he won't give up that easy, no
He won't have it, he knows his whole back's to these ropes
It don’t matter, he's dope
He knows that, but he's broke
He's so stacked that he knows
When he goes back to this mobile home, that’s when it's
Back to the lab again, yo, this whole rhapsody
He better go capture this moment and hope it don't pass him


You better …
Lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it
You better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

repeat chorus You better …

The soul’s escaping, through this hole that is gaping
This world is mine for the taking
Make me king, as we move toward a, new world order
A normal life is boring, but superstardom’s close to post-mortem
It only grows harder, only grows hotter
He blows, it’s all over, these hoes is all on him
Coast to coast shows, he's known as the globetrotter
Lonely roads, God only knows
He's grown farther from home, he's no father
He goes home and barely knows his own daughter
But hold your nose cuz here goes the cold water
His hoes don't want him no more, he's cold product
They moved on to the next schmoe who flows
He nose dove and sold nada
So the soap opera is told and unfolds
I suppose it's old partner, but the beat goes on
Da da dum da dum da da

---CHORUS ---

No more games, I'm a change what you call rage
Tear this mothafuckin’ roof off like 2 dogs caged
I was playin’ in the beginnin’, the mood all changed
I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage
But I kept rhymin’ and stepwritin’ the next cipher
Best believe somebody's payin’ the pied piper
All the pain inside amplified by the fact
That I can't get by with my 9 to 5
And I can't provide the right type of life for my family
Cuz man, these goddamn food stamps don't buy diapers
And it's no movie, there's no Mekhi Phifer, this is my life
And these times are so hard and it's getting even harder
Tryin’ to feed and water my seed, plus
Teeter-totter caught up between bein a father an’ a prima Donna
Baby mama drama screamin’ on and too much for me to wanna
Stay in one spot, another day of monotony
Has gotten to me to the point I'm like a snail
I've got to formulate a plot or end up in jail or shot
Success is my only mothafuckin’ option, failure's not
Mom, I love you, but this trail has got to go
I cannot grow old in Salem’s lot, so here I go it’s my shot
Feet fail me not cuz maybe the only opportunity that I got

---CHORUS ---

You can do anything you set your mind to, man"


Lately the days go by so fast. It seems I barely have time to breathe and its over. I have learned to become an octopus. I suddenlly went from being a family of 1 with three grown children living far away to a family of 15 and now all my children except 5 are near all the time.I have learned the art of Juggling,listening to rap,Playing phone phone who the heck has the phone and I am back to settling disagreements between teenagers. Just when you thought it was safe to shut your eyes they're back. LOL Its great though. I have missed hearing the noise and chatter and the sounds and feel of family.It took 4 hours to open presents christmas day because we have a one present 1 person at a time rule and we go around the room so every persons opening something soon. It was funny though by the end of the fourth hour they were actually saying oh know another present. First time I have heard people tired of opening presents.With that many people and everyone giving someone something plus santas presents that was 1 packed tree. We have finally made it through though. Everyone must of picked well cause no one had to return anything. The family gift from santa was an xbox. It was the greatest gift.Its some sort of miracle pill. You put one by your tv set just one time and you never see your kids again.You hear them but they never leave the tv room.They even fall asleep with the controllers intheir hands. They play games called Splinter Cell and Ghost recon.You know the fun stuff. My speed is more like Pac Man which seems to have changed over the years since I last played it. NOw you have to do all these crazy things in Pacman. I just used to like to eat the little dots.


Ever since we have gotten an xbox in this house I have not seen anyone in days in my room. They are all sitting in the center of my living room watching the games being played. They all seem to love Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon.I like the Pacman one. NO Laughing! Pac mans Kewl! Ciar wants the Comandos game so I guess thats next. Last night we had a huge bonfire in the backyard. We also shot fireworks off. It was a lot of fun. Ciar and I held a Native American ceremony.It was very relaxing. Ciar is a full blooded Taino Indian and I am part chippewa and Navajo.My friend White Cloud is a Medicine Man and he makes these really beautiful drums. We are hoping to have him come down and join us at a ceremony really soon.

New Updates on the system today. HOpe you enjoy this new model.Monday we will be shooting another new model Live on Curvy Cams


I think I am having day after blahs. We were up so late last night. We slept in today.


Wow what a great christmas. The first one in so many years that I truly enjoyed. Ciar and his oldest son cooked dinner.We had a typical Puerto Rican menu which for me was a first. We had Turkey and, stuffing,and corn bread and Fritters,and Patelles and some other stuff LOL We had 15 people to dinner and unlike any other year we did not unwrap gifts till after christmas day dinner so that everyone could be there. We have a tradition of one gift at a time gets unwrapped so it literally took us 4 hours to open gifts.I got some really great gifts this year from my family,friends, and fans. Thank you to all of you.I have some of my christmas photos inside the members area.To share with my site family.Only could put a few up since they could only be of me.I received this one stuffed animal that I really love. I call it Mr Beasley


We had an interesting christmas eve. We shot off fireworks. Most of our relatives would noy arrive till christmas day so there was just my son,one of ciars sons and him and I. I sat and continued to wrap gifts. We sang christmas songs.


Well I know I said I was back around 10 days ago but the seasonal illnesses just had something else in mind for me.I think I came out on top though. Still very worn out.I will try to get the shots up fast now.I know we are behind schedule for the month for updates. Please forgive me. I will make it up to y ou. I have some brand new models for you.


Well I tried fighting it but the flu got the upper hand and won. I am starting to be able to at least keep my eyes open for two hours straight now.


Ciar & I have been working hard trying to keep our head above water with all the hiliday stuff that goes on.On top of it I have been starting to come down with the flu but I am fighting it. I keep on going. I will have some new updates again soon. Iys going to be a big one when it goes up to make up for these few days of no updates.I ppromise its going to be worth the wait.


Ciar and I had a good time playing with the christmas decorations the other night. Today I finally got the pictures of me set up and posted. I hope you enjoy them!


Mostly working on site updates this week. Building holiday sets.


Ciar & I were up late tonight trimming the tree. Decided it would be more fun naked. We dressed ourselves up as human christmas trees. I will add the photo set tomorrow. Here is a sample.

I just heard the sad news that Susan Mason passed away.For those of you that did not know her she was a very important asset to the size acceptance movement.This was her website.I pray today for her family and those many many people that loved her. She will be missed. My heart goes out to all of you and I hope she has finally found peace.


Tomorrow I am putting up new photos of Tanpopo and also a bi photo set of Tanpopo with Jenny.Also Hot new photos of Mellow.


I am so glad you enjoyed the christmas photos of Muffin & Sindee. Lots more coming this month.


Thanksgiving was fun. We all got together and ate way to much and then fell asleep. When we woke up we did it again.


Well another Thanksgiving day is here. Seems like we just did this two weeks ago. Whoops we did. Our family had a very special reunion a few weeks ago reuniting people that had not seen each other in a very long time.There were a lot of very good tears for about 3 days. It was really great to see. You could feel the Love. Today we only had ten people. It was very nice and lots of food. We had a 22 lb turkey with mashed potatoes,sweet potao pie, cranberry sauce,ham,gravy,biscuits,apple pie,pumpkin pie,stuffing and it was All great. Oh My god Im so full. We are putting up a new model today too.Her name is Latin Teaser! Want to see her pic?Okay here it is.


I am adding a new feature to the site that should be interesting for a lot of you.There will be stories from the models detailing their weight gain.Hoo old they were when they first started gaining. What they felt during the process. How it made their body feel. The largest and smallest they have ever been. What measures they have taken to change it. Whether or not they like their weight now. Their family history if they are the only large person. All this and more.Its not possible to go back to the old models but as we put new ones up we will get the stories on the models willing to do it.The first one will be on our latest addition Latin Teaser.She will be going up by saturday. We did her photos on Monday on a curvy cam show it was a lot of fun.


Brand new Supersize model named Latecia went up today. There are 72 hot photos of her from this first photo session. We will be shooting her again soon.The nextt time should be even hotter! Shes very excited about doing these photos and is starting tocome up with some wild ideas. Can't wait to try some of them out!


Rita called me today. It looks like we will do a Bi photo shoot of her and rose butts again.Maybe a video too. Of course it will be live on eithyer curvy cms or plump cams.


Have had a lot of nice comments on thee pics of Danielle I have put up recently. Its always great to get feedback. That way I know what to shoot more of.Or what to change.I will have to shoot a lot more of her from the comments I have gotten.


Hope you enjoyed Ciars and my curvy cam show tonight. We had a great time doing it.I apent most of today playing an intense game of chess so tonight was a fun change of pace.


A lot of things have been going on here.We are changing our sets again for the holidays. Our tree is going up for christmas photos.I still remember back to our first anniversaty for this site. That christmas we did the video Sabrinas Fuckin Bat.It was an alltime great video.If you havent seen it you need to get a copy.


More content going up today and a new model. I have several New ones going up this week. Lots of New Pics going up too.New model Danielle went up yesterday. Everyone seemed to like her.


Today our friends that spent the week with us are going home. We will miss them.


Basically slept most of today. Got up finally around 2 PM by 3 Ciar already had a camera in my face. I had no make up on and had not even combed my hair yet eeeek. This day had better get better.Oh yeah it has I just got a call from this model I have been trying to book for a while now. She said yes to doing photos next week. Yeah!!!!!!


We had an awesome day yesterday. This whole weekends been great. I had some really special people here from out of town yesterday.How does a fat girl celebrate best? With food right!. We had so much food we did a early thanksgiving one of three we are doing this year.We had a 22 lb turkey with stuffing plus and extra pan of stuffing,Glazed sweet potatoes, Mango chutney,cranberry sauce, corn pudding,corn bread french bread with honey butter,mashed potatoes, 6 Pies and vegetables,plantains and sweet potato pie..OMG I am so full still!!!


We had a very nice visitor from way down yonder Australia.She stopped in to meet us and she was sorry shed missed the BABE party. However after talking and meeting she decided to go ahead and let us that out photos and such.Her name on the site is Sassy Lass. She now has photos in the members area.


Judging from my email box you all really liked the new model Wild Kitten that I put up yesterday.I have to agree with you she has a very sensual look to her. I am hoping she does some more photos for us soon.She is from Indiana but comes to town often to visit her sister. So hopefully on her next visit we will get more photos.


Brand new model for you today. Her name is Wild Kitten. OH Man you should hear this one purrrrrrrrrr. Lots of freckles on this cutie too :) Hopefully we will get her to do a web cam soon. I know you will understand why we called her Wild Kitten when you see the photos.


Hope you had the opportunity to watch the curvy cam show last night. We had a special treat when Chocolate Kiss stopped by unexpectadlly and joined in to add to the show. Its all good :) Or as a special friend says...its' all gravy swimming in Mashed potatoes :) Hmm I luv mashed potatoes!

Tonight I have a treat for you all. Remember that sexy black Model Peaches. With those huge Massive mellons? Well I have 48 super Hot photos of her that I added to the members area. Some really good Pussy and clit shots to MMMMM Outdid myself shooting this one!


Phew! what a weekend. Sorry I did not stop to write but seriouslly I barely had time to breathe! I have some incredible photos going up today for you to see. Plus tonight I have a tyreat for you A very sexy SSBBW named Razberrywill be here with Dr Feelgood live on the web cam. Its going to be a 2 hour video shoot so you are going to see some very hot action. Dr Feelgood is in for a very good time! It will be broadcasted over curvy cams.Make sure you are there to see it. Remember curvy cams and plump cams comes free with your membership on this site of 9.95 a month!


Today I am working hard on a new photo set thats going up tomorrow. I know you will like it. Yesterday I added a cute model named Nora. She reminds me of a certain actress but I can't think of her name!


Last night I did a Curvy Cam show with Ciar. As you all know there is no telling what wild things that man can come up with spur of the moment. Tonight was no exception. In the middle of kissing me al over my body and making me feel really good I saw him reach for what I thought was massage oil. WRONG! It was body paint. SPLAT...I was blue LOL.It felt so good being massaged all over in paint as he made designs all over my body.It was actually quite enjoyable.I was very wet and really wanted him to eat me or fuck me.In fact I was very much telling him that.I was begging for his big dick to fuck me hard.I wish you could have heard me moaning,purrring and begging! He is such a tease before hed let me have the dick I wanted so bad he grabbed the camera and took photos of me all blue! Which is lucky for you since you get to see them :) Here is a sample for you to see! The rest I just put up in the members area!


It started out to be a typical wednesday. We had a early photo session and then decided to have lunch before we did our plump cam show. Ciar had cooked today and had made baby back ribs and corn for lunch so we had fun eating it. While we were stuffing our faces a knock came on the doorr.Uh Oh the next appointments early. No he said there were 5 ladies at the door.One of them was Brown Sugar. She had lost my number and wanted her fri ends to meet me so they could model to. We did some test shotsd of them before our plump cam show and i talked brown sugar into doing the plump cam so that everyone could get the chance to see her again.That was a huge hit. The room was packed solid! Everyone wanted a chance to talk to her and make her wiggle and jiggle for them. Shes gained 30 lbs so she even fluffier now. Shes so cute but her cheeeks fluffed out even more! Her thighs have so much more dimension to them now. There are three folds now on her thighs.Your going to love the new her!Her friends are still deciding if they want to model but i have a feeling they willl soon.Two of them are big big SSBBW.


Ciar and I started out doing a Live sex Show last night on curvy cams. He was in a very erotic mood when we started which is always a good sign. He had his hands behind his back and I knew he was hiding something. He went to turn on the music while I chatted with members that had come into the room. I felt him coming up behind me. I thought he was just going to hug me and start kissing. The next thing I knew I was being finger painted with blue paint. It was a very erotic feeling to have his fingers gently painting swirly designs all over my body.Slowly branching out all over my body. Whispering to me how much he wanted me. Telling me I couldnt feel him inside me until he finished painting his canvas. By the time he got to my inner thighs I was begging him to put his dick inside me.It ended up being a 3 hour show because he was taking his time. I forgot we weree even on cam till the end. Sorry guys.I didnt mean to ignore you but it was feeling so good I just let loose. He had me screaming andcumming over and over.

At one point he stopped to kiss my lips and nibble myneck .That always sends shivers through me and gets me instantly wet. Though I doubt things could of been much wetter last night. By the time we finished we had to blow dry the mattress and change the sheets in order to go to sleep. It was all I could do to get in the shower and go to bed after wards.It figures that we had a photo shoot at ten am.

Ciar took some very hot photos of me too.I will post them in the morning.I look like a smurf all in blue paint LOL Want to see a pic? The rest are in the members area. Here is a sample pic.


I have posted some new photos today. I hope you enjoy the updates. Catch our curvy cam performance tomorow night. It should be very hot!


Last night Curvy Cam show was great. Phat Kat was really HOT! Tomorrow night Ciar and I will be on. Check out yesterdays photo update it was very hot!


Pow Wow was great. It was so exhilirating to see. Ciar took vides and pictures. I have been sitting here watching the videos. Watch later tonight on curvy cams for Phat Kat Live. Monday night Ciar & I will beon with a very hot live sex show!


TGIF it promises to be a pretty good weekend. I may try to go to the Native American pow wow with Ciar. I love the music and the excitment of watching the dancers. I always loved going to visit my friend on his reservation and participating in the ceremonies. He is a Chipewa Medicine Man now and I love hearing the stories.


Well we did get a few trick or treaters. But as I suspected not enough to get all the candy...Yeah its mine LOL

Glad we bought the good stuff. My models and I were happy to dig through the bowl today during the photo shoot. I tossed a sugar daddy at one of my models duringthe shoot to suck on during a break. It was a motivator as she was licking this big sugar daddy the conversation got very x rated. Thenext thing you know i was shooting blow job photos with my male volunteers that were there. Yeah. The hard part about taking these photos sometimes I get wet watching the action and I have to wait until the shoots done to jump ciars bones!


Well tomorrows halloween.If we dont get many trick or treaters the candy is mine LOL. Came across an old high school friend today on the net.Went to high school with her. Was so strange to talk withh er again. The good part is shes a BBW to and wants to model :)


Well I am glad it is no longer monday. It seemed to go on forever. Ever have one of those days that it sems will never end? Everytime I looked at the clock only 5 minutes had passed.Every time I get moving on a project I get side tracked.Just heard from Rock Shots again. They bought another Picture of me for their cards.Been on them for a few years now. People I havent seen in years have discovered my card and called meLOL


I have to say that I am so please to see so many of you enjoying the video Fat Flabulous 4 some. The females in it are Deshay & Flower.Those 4 are all over each other in this video.I enjoyed shooting it. I put up new pictures today. Way over 120 of this sexy lady.The photos that have been added are so hot ! I can't wait to get to work with this women again! She is so much fun. Loves to plaaay and tease the camera.


A new feature on here is our weekly newsletter update. If youd like to be added to the list email me saying subscribe.. Hope you caught the large update on brenda. She also answers the phone at fatfantasy a lot. VEry nice lady.Also single. Looking to meet mr right. Party went great last night. Have some kewl photos. Will put them up soon.


New Photos of Amber Drake today. She is such a sexy lady.These particular photos were taken on her ranch in california.A very sexy shape and beautiful long thick hair. Shes still single guys. Any offers ? REmember the party tonight. Watch us on curvycams.


Well its been a long day. I have spent a lot of it catching up on my homework.Ciar and I are going for our Masters & Doctorate in Metaphysical psychology. So I was typing part of my theseis today. Fun Fun Fun! Took a break to do some webcam!


Wow I have a special treat for all of you this weekend. I have lots of new content being uploaded to the site.New Models,Some really sizzling Male female action,New videos, New Pics of me too :) Don't forget to turn into our members cam and the curvy cams for the party action this weekend.


I was speaking to that sexy SSBBW Bonita this morning. She will be appearing in Plumpers Magazine in an upcoming issue. This is the third magazine she has now appeared in. She has developed quite a group of fans. She will also be at our halloween party saturday night. I hear she has a great costume. Maybe she is coming as Lady Godiva (wink). I think one of my favorite shots of her were the ones ofher in the bath tub. I think they came out very sensual.

Remember we are broadcasting the party over curvy cams so you can see & hear all the action!


Todays cam show was quite interesting. I am sure you all loved the sound effects LOL


I got a surprise call from Karrie, and ended up doing a whole photo shoot! It was awesome, and I've finally been able to show her the site.She didn't have a computer so she had been taking photos and not knowing how they turned out. She loved them and now want to do more plus a video!


I finally got the chance to process some of the pics that I have had the pleasure of taking over the last month. I'm taking this week to once again, put all the pics from these shoots that are nice and put them all up in the members area! I'm
going to be editing a new video deal this week with Tempest & Dom Fuego. Tempest really does want to produce a solo video that would fulfill the requests of some of the fans she has out there already!


As I was going through my content yesterday I realized that I had not finished putting up the gang bang photos. So I added them yesterday. I know you will find them very hot. They feature Miss Evie & contagious with 5 guys and a woman.

We had an interesting time on the cam show last night. Not sure if anyone noticed what had happened but I sure did :) It started out with Ryan & that sexy SSBBW Anne. She was in a doggy style position and he was ramming her really hard with his dick. She was screaming in pleasure and cumming. We had a few people over and she kept screaming at him to fuck all her holes. The next thing I knew Jimmy jumped in and ws fucking her mouth and rubbing his hands all over her big tits. Ryan kept punding her Pussy from behind. He said seeing her sexy hips from behind as she pushed back to cause her pussy to show between her thighs made him so fucking excited. The camera was positioned on the bed, Ray was up behind her in a way that he could enter her all the way and still give a close-up view of penetration seen by the cam. Jimmy ended up losing it just watching her hips & Tummy jiggle, and he came all over her face. Ryan went on fucking her like that for 10 or more minutes!

After that we moved the cam as they started to fuck her in a different angle so you all could catch the action from a
a different way and see more of Anne's fat sensual body with him on top of her. Ryan lifted up her sexy thighs and slid in and out of her, all within good view of the cam, her incredible, sexy stomach and breasts flapping as they moved up and down with
every stroke. If that wasn't stimulating enough hearing her voice Scream out certainlly added to it.


I uploaded a new photo set of Leona. I know you are going to LUV these photos.I am working on a lot of new photos going up tomorrow.


Today I have uploaded a new photoset of Raven & Stormy. There are 48 New photos of them. Stormy is Pregnant in this photo shoot so she is extra Plump. Her long flowing blond hair lies so sensually over her nice Plump round ass. Hope you caught Dusty/Granny on the Cam Show today. Wow was that ever a wild show. Dusty was deep throating Rod and his dick was ramming down her throat.He tied her hands behind her head and bound her breasts . He sucked her nipples till they were big and swollen.Man she was moaning and squirming.Ciar & I got the chance to watch the show which ended up making us all hot and horny. Basically the cam audience got to see 2 Shows. Dusty & Rod & Ciar & I.The shows ended up lasting three hours.


Added some hot new bi content yesterday. Jenny & Tanpopo. Our newest video of me is out.Its called S cream Lexi S cream. It is the first one of me with my Lover Ciar. It is very intense. Tomorrow we will be adding some more very hot photos of Raven & Stormy in a wildly passionate bi session. They even get into body painting each other. These two ladies are VERY hot togethe. Some people just REALLY click and these two definetly do.


I've had a full day for sure!

We had an interesting couple try out to do videos for us today. This guy Ray brought his girl friend Nicky over.We grabbed our cameras and had them on the 24/7 cams to do a show. Nicky was really getting into it. She really seemed to enjoy having a tongue firmly applied to her clit. Ray seemed to really be licking it good with a good bit of pressure and and even
stroke. We were doing our best to catch it on cam.After a while of that she was starting to climax, and there was evidence of it in the rush of fluid that poured out of her as she started to writhe with pleasure. Man she was really screaming and scratching him! She started saying that she had to feel him inside of her,actually begging him. He started stroking his Dick upward sliding himself up and down over her slit. I know he was about to feel her wetness surround his dick and the muscles inside of her clamp down on his hard member. I got so excited watching I almost forgot to keep filming it. He seems to have great stamina he held out for quite a while. This was really getting intense! He was still going strong when he switched from missionary to doggy-style. He was fucking her hard & fast. He was bent over her,his arms wrapped around the sides of her stomach, almost pressing them into her sides. he held his fingers into her folds keeping a firm grip on her.This was so hot I was about to start touching myself and forget filming it LOL She was screaming out and yelling Oh My God Im cumming. I knew that I better watch carefully or Id miss the cum shot :) I looked over at Ciar to see if he was catching all this with his camera too. Then I realized he was quite aroused as well. I did catch the cum shot as he shot all over her ASS. Then not even a minute later Ciar was grabbing my hair and pulling me to him. Taking my dress and shoving it out of his way almost ripping it off. It wasnt long until his tongue was inside me and I was cumming all over his tongue. Woah just telling you all this is getting me hot all over again. Guess I better stop and turn on curvy cams and let you all view the rest of this story :) Oh yeah by the way we did hire Nicky & Ray!


Took the day off yesterday to celebrate a very special day with family. We had a very interesting ceremony. Ciar and I are both honororary members of a Chipewa and Navajo Tribe and we had a great day at a tribal pow wow celebrating the birthdays of 5 very special people. It was one of the most relaxing times I have had in years. It was a privledge to spend time with everyone.


This started out to be a normal boring saturday but did not stay that way for long. My house never seems to stay empty for to long. Usually by 7 am the phones have started ringing and the doorbell ringing. Eve though every shoot here is by appointment only we have processed well over 400 models and someone always seems to be in the area.This always keeps life interesting.


I have started to put up photos of the sexy Chocolate Desires and Marisol. You are going to love this weekends update. We also have some great Plump Cams & Curvy cam shows this weekend aand next week. A few new SSBBW as well.


I am glad to hear from so many of you about the model tabitha that I added to the site. I agree she is very sexy . We will have her back to model again. Also don't worry Marsha is coming back to do more too.


This weekend Phat Kat will be on curvy cams & Plump Cams a few times. Enjoy the show. Sunday night be sure to catch Lexi & Ciar in a Live Sex Show!


Added a new model to the site. Enjoy this sexy SSBBW a true Hottie. Nice and fluffy :)


Wow I am still ehausted from yesterday but I am trying to get motivated today. Another busy day around here. Will be processing lots of photos to put up. This weekend we will add another 500 pictures to the site.


Today the sexy Ultra Size Goddess joined us. We started shooting her photos at 2 pm in the afternoon. The shoot ended at 5 am the next morning. We ended up with so many very hot photos. I hope to have them up by the weekend.We also shot 3 videos that wil be for sale shortly.That lady has the nicest ASs. Big & fluffy with lots of jiggleosity!


Well PhatKat did two Cam shows tonight. Both were awesome. They love her big round butt and her huge belly apron. Tomorrow for 12 hours we will be on webca, filming chocolate desires. We will be also shooting 3 videos with her and other big Ultra size females and also Dom Fuego. Don't miss out on all the fun!


You better beware.Im making it clear. You better not Pout get ready to cheer.Phat Kats is coming to town.

You know shes gonna be naughty. Shes always looking nice. You better turn on to Plump cams cause your gonna find her there.

So join this site. Hurry now. Cause Phat Kat is coming to town.

Dont be late I tell you ! Cause you will miss the fun. If you look to late you'll miss her but you can catch her on curvy cam. So dont you wait.Better Prepare. Get your fingers typing now ..Prepare! Cause that phat Kat has cum to town!



Well I hope you caught our performance on curvy cam last night. We were on from 9 pm till 1 am .Tempest was a big hit.It was her first time on webcam. Wow she sure is a sexy SSBBW. We did a great Halloween photo shoot with her. Then she ventured off to find a hot lay to have wild sex for the webcam. Click here to find a preview of what happened. The rest is in the members area.


Another wild Day at Fat Central. Tonights show was That sexy SSBBW Temptress ... Tempest! Live on Curvy cams we shot our first Halloween Show and video. We also were able to take a series of very hot black & White photos. These came out very good! Here is a tame sample. The rest are inside. Theres about 200 pics in this set which I have started to put up. More should be up by friday.

Was very pleasantlly suprised by tonights cam show turnout! Tempest obvioussly has a huge following.Its no wonder with those sexy thick thighs and that incrediblly sexy stomach. When she lifts those legs up those thighs are so sexy.As she spreads them her wet pussy is there glistening invitingly. You could almost hear the moans from the men on curvy cams :)


Pretty busy day here today. Started off october with a bang LOL.Had a photo shoot and did it on Web cam for everyone to get a good look at! Cherry Spyce starting out in a tight black and red dress wuth fishnet stockings,6 inch heels, a lacy pink bra, and a black thong featured in the pics on the site. First the shoes & stockings went, then the dress, bra, and then the thong, all the while Cherry Spyce was chatting with the guys checking out the camshow. Once the clothing was out of there, Cherry Spyce grabbed a long-wedding Veil and was dancing teasingly around. Then she picked up the big & long vibrating massager and started this erotic massage first on her nipples then on her already wet slit. Paying lots of attention to her clit! I could tell she was feeling the intense vibrations right on her clit as the juices were pouring from her. She was screaming with pleasure her body writhing and her hips gyrating as this device continued to vibrate hard against her clit, she grabbed onto Ciars leg as he was taking pictures of this close up and pulled him close to her and started unzipping his Jeans and pulling his dick out to perform oral on him. The web camera was positioned where it was practically on the bed with her ,The guys watchhing on cam cheered her on! She continued with the blow job for a while not letting Ciar cum yet. She was ready for a lot more action! Check the members area out to see all the hot action! Catch our next Curvy cam & Plump cam shows too!


Thanks for ll the emails on the newest Supersize Goddess Andrea. She is very very sexy. I can't wait till next time she models. A lot of fun to work with. You will be seeing a lot of her on Plump & Curvy Cams! This weekend Chocolate desire will be visiting us and shooting photos and videos. Should bbe a lot of fun!


Well sexy vixen andnew model Marisol isour featured model of the month. Doesen't she look hot in that tuxedo jacket. Just like a fat lil playboy bunny LOL


Well the curvy cams shoot went all day long. We were on till 9 pm. PHEW! Here it was the day from hell. If anything could go wrong it did that day. First our computers usb port blew out so I had to put a new one in quickly. Then we had an electrical storm and we had a brief power outtage. Then when we plugged back in we blew a circuit breaker fuse. It also took out two of our lights. So in the mioddle of the shoot we had to go buy new lights. By the time all that got straightened out we lost our light hours for the hoot outside so we had to pull it all inside and fix up another set. We finally got everythong going and got our shots. Look for us tomorrow on Plump Cams for day two of the shoot with Cherry Spyce. This is her debut on Plump Cams. What a sexy senorita! She has modeled with us a while and this is a new inceased weight for her. See it in the members area.


We will be on the webcam all day saturday on curvy cams doing a photo shoot. So if we arent on the screen one moment keep looking we will be.The updates have begun. Start your engines looking LOL


Curvy Cam Show went even better then expected. We had more people then ever before. Must be the midnight hour making everyone horny.We had the sound on to so everyone got to hear Ciasr maske me scream. I was really on a roll to so I ended up hoarse the next morning. We are both screamers so Ithink we ended up waking a few neighbors.LOL



Well I have been working hard all day to give you another very large update. We have had some nice large ones almost everyday this week but this one will bring September out with a bang :) I have a brand New Ultra Goddess for you.There will be at least 100 photo of this soft fleshy sexy lady.Plus some of Rita another Ultra sized Goddess. Also have quite few of some of our older models that are resurfacing. We Welcome them back. :) Im hoping this update will be between 500-800 photos. So getting your fingers ready to explore.They will start uploading tomorrow so keep checking the members area for new stuff all weekend. Make sure you catch ciar and my curvy cam show Thursday at midnight till 1 am friday


Todays update was New Models Mina & Tim. 118 Hardcore photos of the sexy couple. She is a very hot BBW.We are doing some very hot webcam shows this week. The very sexy Shades will be on cam. Also Marisol will be doing a photoshoot on cam for you.We are also expecting Rita to cum by and do a video for us with her sexy new partner.Rita may also do a bi video right on cam with Marisol.


Great news Patty is going to be in Orlando from 11/11/2002 until 11/15 2002. She will be staying with us. You can see her on the curvy cams and on Plump Cams as well as we do the photo shoots and videos.This is Happy Patty the sexy Ultra Goddess Dominatrix that Loves the opportunity to crush her male and female slaves. She also says if anyone wants to meet her in person they can email her and discuss getting that opportunity.You can reach her thru email please put meet patty in orlando in the subject line of your email. We also need some slave volunteers for photos and videos. If you want to do this please email me ASAP !


Last night we had a great show on Plump Cams. For those of you that caugh it I hope you liked that awesome cum shot. Talk about cum bath geez I was drenched in Ciars cum. We had the sound up pretty high to so I know you could hear the screams. From the comments on the chat side I could tell that when he shot so did you guys :) I know I came quite a bit. The bed was soaked as usual. He calls me his supersize supersoaker :) Gee just what I wanted to be a water gun.

Check out todays great update of Cassie & Ken 55 photos of Hardcore sex, as well as yesterdays update of D.J. & Jenny & Tanpopo.


Sorry folks for cancelling all the cam shows yesterday after the morning one. We had a lot of excitment here yesterday. One of my very best friends daughter gave birth yesterday morning to a baby boy. He was 5 lbs 12 oz ,19 inches and quite a bit early.Guess he was ready to see the world.It is their first grandchild. I had to rush to the phone and call my daughter. She is due in January. I told her I wanted to buy a crib cam and computer for the room so that I could watch the baby anytime I wanted to. (They live 2000 miles away) She laughed & told me I was crazy. I said then you can sleep late and i can babysit long distance and talk to the baby.She claims im obsessed with getting to be a grandmother. LOL I can't wait!!!!! Hey world this granny does video hehehe!!!! Anyway back to the cam shows today and we have a great one for you tonight. Nice updates for you today to. OH and I have my newest video out.Its called Scream Lexi Scream! It is very Hot and steamy sex with Ciar & I .

If you have not yet purchase one of the videos I am in your in for a treat with this one. Not only is the new editing we use in it superb but so is the content.Its Loud,Wet and Wild. Bring a towel your going to need one. Heck I need to blow dry my bed for over an hour after this video!


I hope you were able to catch our last minute Plump Cam show tonight.I must say it was totally incredible!!!We were doing a photo update with Rasberry since we got side tracked with shooting a video last night. We just received our new camera which we simply had to try out on someone.Its definetly going to improve the quality of our photos so that they are even better then they were.Its going to allow us to do some things we could not do before.So now we can give you more video clips from photo shoots and let you hear the voices of our models to.Another suggestion that was made on the survey that we are acting on!

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked. Right in the middle of our photo shoot there was a knock on the door. It was another of our models Brown Sugar. She looked over at Rasberry and started up a conversation.Brown sugar did not feel up to jumping into a photo shoot but she did agree to be on a brief webcam show so up we went for a bit.

First Brown Sugar got on and teased in front of the camera. Flashing those nice big tits. Then Rasberry got on and flashed her even Bigger Tits. She has huge Double FF Titties! The guys of course were right in there egging them on to take off more. So rasberry reached from behind Brown sugar and flipped up her tits by the nipples making Brown Sugar instantly moan and wet! She turned to rasberry and french kissed her. Rasberry started playing with her breasts and then kissing all over her breasts.Not being able to stand the feeling any longer begged Rasberry to eat her wet pussy. Which she happily obliged! All in all it was a great show. I think everyone came a few times lol


I woke up at 5 am today to work on our new color catalog.It is now 40 pages long and i am still not done adding our new videos.I have totally redone it and its filled with pictures from the videos. Our new releases of our videos have been edited on our new equipment. From the reviews we have gotten lately from video magazine,Plumpers and Big butt everyone loves the new features and look and feel. Just shot Rasberry & Dom Fuego in a video tonight. Started out with a photoshoot of her first. She has gained weight and had a baby since her last time here. Even got lactation :)We did the shoot and video live on curvy cams.

Earlier today we had a 4 hour photo shoot with our new model Marisol. WE did her first photo shoot with us live on curvy cams. She really got off on knowing everyone was watching WooHooooo!WHat a hot sexy Plumper she is too!


I am glad to see you are all utilizing the survey in the members area.It has been interesting to read the comments and see the results. I was suprised at some of the findings. I have started making some of the suggested changes. One of them is to add the links on the whats new pages so that you can click right to the update. Another suggestion was to have email notification available for the curvy cam and plump cam shows so that you are informed when we do spontaneous shows. So in the members area will be a place tyo send us an email to get added to the list.



Well just about all of the update is there now. I hope you enjoy it. We have been on curvy all afternoon taping a new video & doing a photo shoot. Hope you are all catching these curvy cam shows. Remember curvcams comes free along with Plump cams inside this site.


Well the last few days have been extremely hectic. Been working on this big update for you.

60 New Photos of LaHuerita very erotic photos. This is one sexy senorita. LaHuerita & Ciar 68 Photos New Addition to couple section Oh these are very erotic. It is a very sexy striptease that starts off as erotic spanish dancing., New Model Sarah 32 Masturbation Photos. She definetly likes her dildo, Rita Ultra Goddess 60 New Photos, Rita & New Model Rose Butt 60 Photos, Lexi 12 New Photos of me with Ciar ,Rita & Dom Fuego Hot Savage Sex 82 Photos, New Pic of the Week, New Models Master Steve & Dania 59 Photos ,New Model Rose Butt 60 Photos,Tanpopo 28 New Photos, LadyBear 23 Photos

We spent all evening making a video on curvcams tonight. It was of Ciar & myself.It was very very erotic & dramatic. After he came all over my tits and we were relaxing I was munching on some Lays potato chips. I had grabed a bunch and rested them on my chest and munched a few at a time. After eating a few I looked up at ciar and Kat and said dammn these new Lays chips have a nice flavor! Then all of a sudden it hit me. I was tasting the flavor of his cum on my tits. So I guess Lays chips cum with a ne cum flavor LOL


Ok Guys the long awaited 500 Photo update is here.Im starting to uploasd it now so you will see it under whats new when I am done. Its hot. Some of who I updated is a New Model Sexy Rose Butt, Rita the Sexy Ultra Size Goddess back and gained 25 lbs.,Phat Kat using her Mobility accessories.Tanpopo and more , Plus theres a great XXX couple shot oh and yes some of me.


Well What a DAY!!!!! We have a very sexy new model her name is Rosebutt She is so very sexy. We were on curvy cams today from Noon until 7 pm. Seven hours of straight shooting plus video making. We shot Rita a Ultra Size BBW who gained 5 lbs since her last shoot with us. She brought her sexy friend Rose butt and we had an amazing time. Not to mention shot some incredible footage, with Ciar. One hell of a video. We even had some mysterios fog in one of our scenes.


I find it hard to believe that it has been a year since these events have taken place. I feel such a sadness heart is heavy for those that lost their lives in this senseless hatred act.

I am sitting here listening to the names being read at ground zero of the WTC. In Memoriam for the vast amount of women,children & Men that lost their lives or were injured due to the vicious attack on September 11th. For the Brave Rescuers,Clean Up crew and the Families that lost their loved ones due to this senseless act of terrorism. We will never forget you. We hold you in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our prayers.We will never forget the braveness of all those who sacrificed their lives so that other tragedies did not happen.Our condolonces and prayers are with you.

For those of you out there on the battle fronts we thank you for stepping up and fighting for the rights of those that lost their lives for the stupidity of others.The Will of Americans is Strong and will stay that way."United we stand. Divided we fall"


Sorry about no updates today. I have been in a photo shoot all day but you will see the results of that in a few days when I process it. Will be over 500 Picture update. Plus video clips.Lots of SSBBW & Ultra Size too.


What a day already. Started off at 8 am with Phat Kat on curvy cams. Tonight Bluebelle is on Curvy cams with Phat Kat & Me. We are Playing Strip Trivia. Winner of the trivia gets a prize :) It was a great suprize for Kat to have so many in the room bright n earl at 8 am. They all had a great time.

Yesterday, we had fun


The winner from yesterday morning game show Pyramid on Curvy Cams was RJ.He won a fatfantasy video of his choice. The runner up was Jason who won a 8 x 12 Custom Autographed Photo. Last night on Plump Cams we were Playing trivia with Phat Kat & Me. Big Mike was the Winner of the video & Andy was second Place.Mike won a video and Andy won a Picture. Join us next week again for sexual Pyramid and Trivia. Plus you get to see us naked...oooh what a bonus :)

Lots of shows from us this week. We have a sexy Black Lady on curvy cams this wednesday and Phat Kat doing a morning & evening Sex Show. Also Rita that sexy Ultra Size lady will be in town and on the cams. She will be available this week for one on one Phone sex as well. Ciar & I will also be doing a sex show on thursday night.Because of 9/11 we have moved our regular lbreakfast chat. We felt uncomfortable having a pleasurable show at a time of day that brought such distraught last year.

Spent a productive sunday morning here with Ciar,Phat Kat & FA Dawg. After the show we had some fun of our own. I think I finally went to bed around 4 AM. I was up again tooday around 8.30 ready to go again.I have been having my visual dreams again. I know that the psychic energy is very high all around the world right now. A lot of spirits are hovering now that we are very close to 9/11. I have been listening to a lot of Native American and Peruvian music lately. If you listen really closely you can hear messages in the music & Words. I find it very interesting and relaxing. Great meditation music.

Check out the pictures in the update today of Shades & Shades & Dom Fuego.


I am pleased to say that Shades first show went extremely well! The room stayed very packed and although she was very nervous she seemed to be keeping everyones attention :) Here is a pic from the show yesterday.She has gotten quite a bit bigger since we had seen her last about 4 months ago so you know I had to get some pictures and some measurments. Her thighs are massive! In fact in some spots almost bigger then mine. I was suprised. Mine are fleshy but hers are very solid thick fat.I didconvince her to try her hand at crushing and got her to mount Dom Fuego. Shes a trooper and he enjoyed her Massive "64 FF tits in her face. Personally I know she is bigger then that because her bra really did not fit it was way to small. Yes paying attention to detail pays off :) She brought a BBW friend with her to watch yesterday. I spent some time trying to recruit her.


Remember today at 3 pm on curvy cams is Shades Debut cam show! She is doing a live sex show with Dom Fuego!


Thanks for the great time today in breakfast chat. I am realy getting to enjoy sharing that time with you. You actually got to witness my new lil mobility way I can show off now. I have figured out a way to lift my belly up a bit. Havent done that in over ten years. Every one in the room enjoyed the shot though LOL. Actually Ciar is enjoying it too makes a few sex positions easier too LOL. Though lately our favorite has been 69.

I was telling Ciar just last night how when I first started this site with my ex husbands assistance we had devoted 24/7 to making a go of it. The pace was really quite grueling. It is amazing how many people call wanting to become a model,make an appointment and not show up. For some it is too overwhelming to consider taking their clothes off for strangers and a camera,for others I guess its just a game to make appointments and not come. Its also funny when eople call and they are 500 lbs yet only have 48 inch hips. I guess they are testing us to see how serious we are about our search for large women. Usually if they actually talk to me for a bit and they hear my size it calms them enough to show up at least. I think this is the part that frustrated my ex Tom a lot. The fact that we had to prepare over and over for bogus appointments. Most people don't understand the amount of time that goes into getting ready to photograph someone.It is not something we can wait to see if someone shows up till we set up. Back in the days when Tom was here yes. These days we do a lot of professional Prep work before hand.From the light set ups,Props,Putting up the sets we need according to the size of the woman or couple we are shooting. For instance if we are shooting a Ultra Size woman we have to make sure we have the height of the bed correct to ease her ability to get up & down. A lot of thought and care goes into making sure the model is comfortable. From having

her favorite drinks,snacks & music available to using her favorite colors on the set. All of that affects her ability to feel sensuous for us. Once they are here we just don't break outthe cameras. lot of time is spent getting to know the model,chatting and maybe having a lunch or coffee and snack together.It can sometimes take a whole day to shoot a series of pictures that you see. We take breaks. We let the model get creative. We are very open to their posing suggestions. This is all a part of their creative expression. I guess that the part I used to try to explain to Tom that he never understood.He was always wanting it to be about "him" and his concept of what to shoot. What angles and such. While that was good and i have to say he was good at getting certain shots once pointed in the right direction. However what hurt it in the long run was that a lot of photos from back then lacked the spirit of the woman in the picture.I have been told over & over by all of you in emails and most recently in the survey in the members area how much more you have been enjoying this new photographic style. I firmly believe that is because the model interacts a lot more and shows off her & actually flirts weel with the camera.

What is funn both men are total 180 degrees from each other in personality yetthey both have the gift of gab. Its kind of like putting a cd in a player and pushing start because once you do neither one of them actually noticesif anyone else is in the conversation.Once they start the topic they originate will not be the one they end up with. I love it though because Ciar is highly intelligent and has some very inspiring things to say. Tom had a lot of interesting things to say to but was in my humble opinion extremely paranoid which made it hard for him to stayfocused on our goals. Geez talk about wordy. I just looked up and realized I have been babbling on myself. I guess I will end this retrospection here.


Had a great time today. I never get tired of sex with Ciar.It is always HOT! By the time I get done taking a shower afterwards and get back to bed though hes ready to go again so I have been doing like two showers every night before bed.I am really happy now that I am mobile enough to take a real shower. I know to a lot of you my being large and not very mobile is a turn on but I have to tell you the loss of mobility is very sad and frustrating.Even the nicest partner in the world gets frustrated having to help you all the time. The imobile one is double frustrated by the fact that they have needs that need to be met yet do not want to impose on their mate.So there ends up being resentment by at least one of the parties.Anyway for those of you that enjoy the Ultra Goddess size women please take the time to understand the realities of being with someone my size.I know my ex Tom was rather shocked when he discovered just how much care went into being with me. As much as he had fantasized about being with someone my size when it became a reality he really could not cope with it. Now thats not his fault and I am not saying it was a bad thing that he couldnt it was just the reality of the situation. I think even he would agree that after being with an Ultra goddess my size he would not choose to be with anyone in a relationship that was my size again. It really limits the FA's life a Lot more then they realize.

Ciar has discovered the same thing.


Well today I was able to finish a lot of work for the site. Adding some new features. Please take time and do the survey in the members area. I really want to get all of your opinions so that I can make changes to the site to give you even greater enjoyment.

The show went really well today on curvy cams. The room was full and they really enjoyed the show. I soaked the bed I came so much LOL


Even though I took a break for a few hours yesterday, never fear there was a great update. A sexy new black model named Joanne. I actually first did her photographs a while ago however she became kind of scared afterwards about what she had done so I promised not to put them up till she felt she was ready. Well since that time she moved and I had no way to reach her so I figured Id never get to use these photos. Just yesterday who should appear on my doorstep but Joanne saying hey there I'm ready and my friend wants to do it too.So here come her pictures. I hope you like them and so does she. Her girlfriends coming this weekend for us to shoot. If you are an early riser catch Ciar and I at 9 am this morning in a early sex show! A great way to start your morning. Well I know it will be for me anyway!

Phat Kat and I had a great weekend. We were playing with FA Dawg. She was making him her slave and made him cook us up a lot of great food which we decided to play naughtilly with and tease Ciar & FA Dawg with. After they left on sunday Ciar suprised me. Just as I stood up to stretch a bit he came up behind me grabbed my hair and my wrists and bit my neck wgich made me weak and willing :) He pushed me down on the bed and had his way with me. I was screaming with pleasure.I was having multiple orgasms. Damn hes so good. The best Lover I have ever had. He has some incrediblly awesome ways to use his dick that gets me so wet. We actually have to use special sheets now on the bed for sex because I get so wet and I end up squirting and soaking the bed. I wore a few blow dryers out this year trying to dry my bed after sex LOL


Well today has been a really wild and crazy day.Its good to see that so many of you are participating in the survey.I am learning a lot of interesting things about what my members like. I will be doing my best to incorporate as many of the ideas as possible.

I have noticed quite a few mentioning that they never see me in certain types of shots. I just wanted to explain why. My mobility is still extremely limited. I have not been able to get on my knees in over 7 years. Therefore doggy style is animpossibility for me. I am very happy to see that there are so many really nice guys like you out there that truly admire my size range. Thank You for your kind comments. I'm sorry that i cannot fulfill that type of request but I will do my best to figure out showing off as many ways as is possible. We were brainstorming on that this afternoon.

I like to feel that at my size the softness and jigglosity goes a long way in showing off for the cam too. Its not all about the money shot :)I think later this week you might find quite a few new style shots of me in the members area. We are practicing on some manuevers today. Actually I was pretty excited earlier today.I was walking back to the bed and got in a wierd way.I discovered my body was now able to do something it couldnt do before. I was able to bend my knee and pull it towards me.



Spent some of yesterday putting in a new option in the members area. It is important to me that we satisfy the needs of our customers. This new option is a survey that will make sure we know what you want to see on this site. While It is hard to satisfy everyones needs we do try to cover as much as possible.

We have also started a new type of photo section. Right now the photos are still listed under the models that we shot for it but it will shortly be its one section titled imobility devices pictures. Here we will have photos of Women using assistance devices like wheelchairs, canes,scooters and such. I have held off on doing photos like this because I was not sure how it would be perceived. However, it has been requested so much lately that I have included it.Being so imobile myself , I had difficulty with this photo concept. I am hoping as well as being a sexual turn on for some it might also serve to let people understand the special needs of us Ultra Sized goddesses.

Watch Phat Kat & Lexi on Curvy Cams at 11 AM. today. Then on Plump Cams tonight we will be playing Sexual Trivia. Win a fatfantasy Video. Cum Join us! (WE HAD TO RESCHEDULE TRIVIA ILL 5 PM TOMORROW.THE PLUMPCAM SERVER IS DOWN)


I am so happy! Today is friday. Its going to be an awesome weekend. Phat Kat and FA Dawg will arrive tonight. Lots of good stuff will be on the webcam, curvy cams & Plump Cams. We are expecting some out of town new models too. So Im ready to expect the unexpected.Though I hear I have been challenged to a wrestling match by one of the visitors. She is almost as big as me but much much taller. So if she shows it will be on curvy or plump cams. Be sure and catch Sexual trivia with the 4 of us on Plump Cams Saturday night!

Hope you enjoyed the huge update on Sindee & Muffin. Those Pics were hot!!!!! We all had fun doing that shoot! Lets just say we all got creamy :)


Sorry about no journal or update yesterday. I ended up taking myself out with a bottle of perfume for a while. I'm allergic to musk and did not realize this new perfume I had bought contained it and was trying to do something romantic and sprayed the sheets with it before my can show. I ended up with a really bad asthma attack and out for the count for the day. But never fear I am as good as new and back. I declare today double update day :) Be sure and catch our curvy cam show today at 11 AM and Phat Kat tonight at 8 PM. It is her debut performance on Curvy Cams. She has quite a few suprises in store for you. On saturday night cum join Phat Kat, Lexi, Ciar & FA DAWG for sexual Trivia on Plump Cams. Winner gets to choose a free fatfantasy video.Theres over a hundred to choose from so Bone up on your sex knowledge and cum on down!

About 3 AM this morning before going to bed for the night I took a nice hot shower with Ciar. He soaped me all up and started rubbing all over me. I luv my shower playmate :) When I got back in the bedroom I asked him to help dry me off so I layed down on the bed. The next thing i knew instead of a towel between my legs was his big dick. I think he misheard me LOL He decided to dry me OUT instead of up. It worked for me. Takes a long time to dry me out so we were at it a LONG time. Hope you caught it on the 24/7 cam.


Don't miss Phat Kats Debut tonight on Plump Cams. Remember as a member of this site you get both Plump Cams & Curvy Cams access free. Here is this weeks schedule on curvy cams.Plump cams schedule is right here. Today we have great updates for you! First we have 11 great clips of our newest video Fatten Up! I know you all want to see it so here is just a lil sample. More in the members area. In addition there are 50 Hot Photos of the newest Model Angela. Thats the 4th New model we have had for you in the last 7 days.All of them have been SSBBW too :) You are going to love this latest one. Here is a preview of her.


Another Monday. Today I have a huge to do list. It startedearly this morning when I put todays update on. Its great new pics of Black satin & hopefully later I will have some new video clips for you too. I feel very fortunate to be a part of both curvy cams and plump cams. There are so many very hot ladies that show off there. I have been d oing some nude cooking and eating shows there and they have been received really well. So cum & join me today at noon on curvy cams. Join Phat Kat tomorrow night at 8 pm on Plump Cams.


If you were not watching our curvy cam performance all I can say is oh my god you missed an experience. We actually had to consider sleeping in one of our studios because the bed was so wet we couldnt even get it to dry after an hour of blow drying it. Ciar out did himself and he himself came multiple times last night too. I screamed so much last night with pleasure I woke up with hardly any voice. That man sure knows how to fuck! I really hope my voice heals fast cause I have to be on Plump Cams at noon. Phat Kat will be on Plump Cams Tuesday at 8 PM. She will also be on Curvy Cams this week to.

Last night out of the blue when I least expected it I had a lifelong dream come true. If someone would have told me last december that Ciar was the man that would change my life and make everything seem right I would have just laughed. I hope this makes sense because I am writing this from my heart. Out of the shadows came a man that holds great wisdom. Not only in book smarts or street smarts but in a spiritual sense. He took my life and made me feel again. After that fiasco with Tom when I felt I could not trust anyone again he showed me in so many ways over and over that what he says is what it is.He is honest,above board,sensitive ,caring and loving yet he is strong and unmoving as well. He is the one person I never would want to go up against as an oponent. He stands up for what he believes in and does not back down even if his position on something does not please the ones around him. He will defend to the end those that he cares for and are his. I have never in my life felt more loved and secure. I hope all of you out there can find someone that can give you the feeling that he gives me not only physically but where it counts emotionally & spiritually.


Didn't get to bed till 5 AM this morning. Ciar suprised me at midnight with a special Midnight sexual event. I have to say event since it went on and off till 5 AM. In fact we had to shower and change the sheet at half time LOL Ciar & I were on a roll. We were playing Gorean chants & New Age music going and lights were dimmed. His kiss is electric. It always gets me so wet. When his tongue hits mine i just get crazy. Especially when he grabs my hair and pulls me towards him. It was an awesome night. I slept till noon today. When I woke up I cooked french toast and Kielbasa on the webcam for ciar & I . Tonight at 5 pm we will be on Plumpcams cooking and eating show & chat. At midnight tonight we will be on curvy with a special sex show. We are trying a new Audio & lighting setup. So cum join us!


Well I really had a good time doing our midnight show on curvy cams with Dom Fuego. It was a lot of fun. We had a great crowd in there. This weekend I should have the new video Fatten Up finished. We have had the opportunity to work with so many sexy models recently and have gotten a LOT of great video material. I am sure you have noticed the large amount of new video clips going up on the site. With our new editing equipment the quality of our video production is awesome. This new video Fatten Up is the newest in our feeder series. It is starring Mystique,Bubbles and MsLuv. Includes funnel feeding and human sundaes. Lots of masturbation scenes too. A whole lot of everything . Watch these Lovely ladies as they Fatten Up!

It actually started out as a photo shoot. My sexy cousin Mystique was showing off. We were sitting around laughing and she said why don't we try and make a food video. Actually I think she was just hungry. We fat chicks don't need to much of an excuse to eat. Well at least I don't. :) It was a lot of fun turning bubbles and Msluv into human sundaes. I think Siren and Phoebe had a little too much funn squirting the whipped cream. They got a lil carried away and ended up squirting me with it too. I did my best to lick it off lol yummm.

By the way I wanted to mention now that i have my new lil cart with electric cooking stuff I have been cooking a lot more. So you can watching during meal hours and watch my cooking show :) Then I can make you hungry eating it too :) Tonights dinner is beef stroganoff. If you were watching around 10 AM you saw me cooking pancakes for ciar and I after some hot sex. Yes there are benefits to working here.


I know you are going to love this new video we have done. Its with Dusty/Granny & Black Ice. Our first Interracial Granny video. Its hot to. Yes I even have a preview clip for the non members to see. There are of course some better ones in the members area. They are included in todays site updates.

Granny & Black Ice met at a BABE party. There was a flirtatious chemistry between them all night. I could tell by the way he was looking at her he was definetlly an FA.Granny has got quite an imagination, and sometimes she wants to do the things that I can't legally photograph :( So I have to encourage her into doing hot things that I can :) Granny is a really kinky woman and there are times when her openess & sensuallity can really blow your mind. The night she met Black Ice was no exception. She leaned over to me and said "I have to have that man. Can we do a video?" So never one to miss a good photo or video opportunity I sprung into action. OK OK I didnt spring I waddled :) The date was set and it came out awesome! He was all over that hot wet Pussy. That was some wet spot they created during that video. At the begining he was even stuffing that fat pussy with toys! She was screaming and moaning for more! Well its All edited and its called Grannys Hard Black Fuck. Its available now for purchase . This is a must have video!


Added 11 great Video clips today for you. They are of the very sexy lady chocolate cherry. Do you know why she picked that name? Its because of something she enjoys very much chocolcolate covered cherries. She licks off the chocolate then rubs the cherry on her clit and lets her man go down to eat it. Wooo Hooooo! Anyone want a cherry :)

I have to tell you about a present I received today that is one of the best vibrators I have ever had.One of my members suprised me by sending this to me. Thanks Andre'. Your so Kewl! Its called the "Eroscillator ® ". It is the first device designed exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia. Because it is the best device ever made for stimulation of the labia and clitoris, it offers women exciting, immensely satisfying orgasms with little or no effort. Great for SSBBW & Ultra Sized like me that can't reach.I checked around on the web and found this link to it cause I swear ladies you have to try this.


I am really excited about these photos I am adding today. This is a new model to the site. Her name is Lawanda. She is from Jacksonville Florida.Here is a photo of her. This photo shows off her really awesome skin and coloring. There are some really kewl shots inside of her awesome thighs. Very thick and meaty with just the right amount of ripples.This is without a doubt a very hot, sexy woman! She has a bold look with a personality to match! We met her at our BABE party which she enjoyed so much she stayed till the next day :) We were all sitting aroubd doing Jello Shots and singing karaoke ! What an incredible lady sexy hot body and an awesome voice. She is so excited about becoming a model. She wants to also do webcam so I am sure you will be seeing her on curvy or Plump cams soon.

On thursday night check out curvy cams. Don Fuego & I will be on with a very hot sex show for you. I can't wait to find out what Dom Fuego has in store for me. Last night you all had a bonus show. I was really stressed out and Ciar decided to treat me to an erotic suprise. I was half asleep it was 2 am and had barely hit the pillow and closed my eyes when i felt a tongue on my thigh. A moan escaped my lips as I felt him going futher and futher up my thighs. I parted them for him and his tongue was teasing me. In a weak moment both hands grabbed his hair and pulled his whole face between my massive thighs locking him in my pussy. His tongue strted playing with my clit and he becan licking it and sucking on it and biting it. I was screaming in pleasure and cumming all over his face. I began begging for his dick. He more then willingly obliged. He was so huge and hard I almost came when he just stuck it in me. He fucked the hell out of me!. I orgasmed over and over!


Just wanted to say what a really awesome weekend I had getting the opportunity to just "relax" and spend time with our new friends Phat Kat and FA Dog" We had quite a few interesting sexual discussions going on. Ciar was telling us the story about a very hot time he had a few tears back when he had stopped to help this chick on the side of the road who was stuck. When he knocked on the window to see if he could help in anyway he realized that this really sexy woman was half naked inside getting herself off. Apparent;;y she thought shed be stuck there till morning and was relaxing and just dealing with it. He said she was about 270 lbs and 5 ft 4. He offerred to gelp get the car started. After fixing it for her this lady was so thankful she pulled him close to her and started unbuckling his jeans. Ciar the pleaser that he is definetly rose to the occassion. He said before he knew it he was in the back seat with this very sexy lady riding him. He said the best part were her huge 42 DDD tits slamming into his face. He enjoed sucking her nipples and biting on them. Everytime he bit into them she screamed and came all over his dick. He had a great time!!! Actually so did we just hearing it. I know kat and I were both very wet and Ciar and FA dog got lucky! :)


We did a very hot photo session today. Phat Kat & I were wrestling over a candy bar.It started ut being just a funny thing but ended up with hair pulling & biting for a hot photo shoot LOL Here are some teaser shots. The rest are up in the members area.


Well Phat Kat and her friend Chef Dog drove up from Ft Myers last night. They arrived around midnight. It was time to party. We got to bed around 3 am and had plans for the next morning so we would not be getting muc sleep. We woke up at 9 am and Chef Dog made us a nice breakfast. Phat Kat and I ate it on Curvy Cams and did a hot session of showing off and playing. Queen Raqui was due to visit later and we would hit curvy cams again.


Oh what a day! One of my best friends from when I was a kid was hit by a young teenage drunk driver last night. She is in icu fighting for her life.


Keep your eye on our webcam this weekend. We are spending the weekend with Phat Kat and your sure to catch some Winner Moments on the Cam. We also have some other New faces stopping by this weekend and I guarantee you don't want to miss these sexy ladies.This is a true Ultra Goddess weekend! All of us are Ultra Size BBW


Brand New videos have been released. The latest in the Dr Feelgood series called "Ohhh So Good!" with a Plumper not yet seen on this site. Don't worry I am processing her Photos now for you to see! Here is a direct link to see some photos from the video If you would like to see a video clip from it here is the link to it.


Some really good updates today. I have spent a lot of today processing photos for you all to see. I hope you causght both webcam shows on our 24/7 cam. Breakfast with Lexi and then this evening sex show with ciar & I.


We have another brand new video out. Its called Miss Keepers Slave School. Starring Mistress Keepers,The Beast,Angel,Shy & Cisco. Its an awesome video. Over an hour in length! Here is the direct link to view some pics from it. If you would like to see a clip from it here is one to watch.There are more clips in the members area.


Well as saturdays go this one was pretty quiet. Was able to get a lot of work done. Ciar and I are editing a new video. It is called Mistress Keepers Slave School. Starring Mistress Keepers,Cisco,Shy,The Beast & Angel.A VERY hot video. Should be on sale next week.


Going through some of our video Masters last night for a project I was working on I ended up watching our video 2 for Tommy. I started thinking back to the day we made the video. Got a minute? Sit back and let me tell you all a story about the making of that video.

It started with my girlfriend and model Haley coming over for our weekly playtime. Haley , Tommy & I always did a 3way swing thing each week. This week Haley & I decided we wanted to make a video.We went into the main front room. Haley and I danced around for a while. People had been requesting a video where I move around and walks a bit. Tom said"this going to be great because it shows you, almost six hundred pounds,prancing and dancing around like there was no tomorrow. I know he was turned on just watching. About ten minutes of us dancing & spinning around the front room in front of the bed,
we shifted the scene a little. I sat on the small bed with the cam,and Haley drags Tom from the hallway to join her in the bed.
They start rolling around, & he plays with her tits. I shouted out that I wanted to see him plunge into her. Harla agrees that this is something she wants, and proceeds to tell Tom to make it so.

This shoot had a really comfortable feel, because we really know Haley intimately. It is so easy to "work" with her because we are all really having a good time together. Tom was able to experiment a little, and while he was behind her in the "doggy style" position he was able to spank her a bit too. Turning her ass a bright shade of red, because it is not used to being tapped on like that even by hand. She really enjoyed the feeling of having a "butt plug" inserted, along with him being inside of her too, and then having him spank her while all of that goes on.

The excitement and the passion really show through in this tape. There is heavy duty real life pleasure
going on at the same time! Most of the video shootsare people we don't know that well.
Tom was definetly testing Haleys endurance today! He really was getting carried away with Haley, and as a result we could
only do three positions before she was eally ready to grab the cam and watch Tom and I.

Once Haley & I traded places, we had some fun with Haley trying to capture a phenomenon
we call "squirting". I seems to have the ability to ejaculate upon vaginal climax. (blush)
This does not seem to happen when a climax is caused from clittoral stimulation, but
only from the "back side" of the clit on the g-spot within. Lots of women have this ability but have not had help finding it yet!,
Some women I have met who could do this have all done it from an "external" climax produced by rubbing the clit.

Tom held my legs as high as I could stand. Haley put the camara just about at Toms chest trying to get close in on the action. Haley wanted to keep the cam focused so well that she would just slowly move in and get closer to us while getting those
shots. The shots she got were fantastic. I started to "explode" with internal climaxes soon after Tom first entered me. I was primed! When Tom would talk about how wet I was and how my juices were coming out with such force that they were
hitting me in my pelvic area I REALLY started to cum hard. Haley told us that she was able to see it all right
in the cam. I came so hard it splashed her & the camera lens...whoops!
This is one of our best movies . It's almost 90 minutes, it's got two women, and it has the shooting
of all three of us again to give it such a unique accent as the movie progresses. By the time we
were shooting the scene with Tom and I, we could already tell how hot
this one was going to look. Both of us were in rare form. Tom
was holding my Massive Legs up and fucking the Hell out of me!

We spent hours doing that video, and had a lot of fun doing it. It was great watching the video again. We still sell it and if you can get a copy. You will be glad you did.


Check out the clips from the newest sunshine Video. Nine new clips to get your blood flowing! New Model going up tomorrow too. She definetly was a fun photo shoot!


Remember with access to this site you get full access to curvy cams & Plump Cams. Join & Enjoy the daily shows. Brand new model Leona was added today. Very Cute Lady. A smaller sized Plumper.


Well watch the webcam today for a great show all day long. Ciar and I are cooking a feast and then eating it. Of course all this will be naked so it will be extra fun :) Added some pics of Mellow today. Shes so much fun to photograph.


Great New Model was added today. Her name is Brenda. She is quite the sexy lady.


New updates of Marsha today. Shes that very sexy Ultra Sized Goddess!


Sorry for being incommunicado but my house took a major hit by lightening.Could have been worse but it scared me quite a bit. I happened to be there alone at the time when we went down and being mostly imobile i was not able to get to the emergency back up oxygen i needed or the generator.Plus my phone being one of those hand heldfs that needed electricity I couldnt even call for help.Thankfully Ciar keeps very close contact wen hes running errands and realized the problem when i didnt answer for a while and rescued this Fat chick :) We had to replace a lot of equipment so we were down about 5 days but we are back. Sorry folks Ill make it up to you this month :)


Well today was loads of fun ARG! Lightening took out our power for 5 hours. But never fear I still was able to post up a Pretty new Model. Her name is Ambar Drake.


That very sexy model Mellow was back for photos. Check out this new update on her.


I know from the amount of request I have had lately for DJ that you are going to Luv todays update. Hmm I bet you havent guessed that its DJ :)


The photos that I put up today were shot at 4 am in the morning. One of the strangest photoshoots I have ever set up LOL. Shyla had an I need to get naked and be photographed in the middle of the night and crazy wacky me is always up for fun LOL


Another hot sexy BABE for you to see today. She always popular at every BABE event.


Today I have some very hot photos of that Ultra Sized Goddess Lady bear for you. Hope you are enjoying this daily updating. All of this exciting new content for you.


Photo shoots can be so much fun. The set I am posting today was one of the more memorable occassions. It was Sindee, Muffin, & of course me. We were shooting and they were being silly and we all became hungry. Sindee has a passion for Birthday cakes so we got her one from the store and she sat down and started to devour the whole thing. Muffin and I in the mean time were putting goodold George Foreman to use. We must of cooked a lb of bacon and ate it between us. I love bacon yummm. Anyway todays update are very hot photos of Sindee & Muffin.


Ciar & I are painting the house. I think he got side tracked tonight though because as I was laying down he snuck behind me and it ended in great sex.


Your going to love todays photo update. Some Really hot 3 way action between Syndee Darla & Tommy. They even are using a big strapon!


Brand New Model Sylvia for you today. Very sexy lady ; I know you will like her.Check out the new VHS videos for sale too.


Revamped the Daytona Babe page that lady stays so sexy dont you think? She was in a few videos as well.In fact they stay best sellers. Daytona Babe Rides, Big bi 3 way part 1 & part 2.


For some reason I was really tired today. I couldn't believe it was almost noon when I woke up today. Its a good thing the phone rang to wake me up. Have a sexy new model up for you to see today.


Well I am on a roll another new model for you ! Her name is Grace! Actually did her shoot at christmas .I thought I had postd her but realized yesterday I had not so you all get a NEW model to see. :)


Great Party! Here are a few Pics from the party! I have to say my best present was from Ciar. Yes he did get me one :) He bought me a beautiful ring and made me very happy! Check out todays update. Its that new 575 lb Ultra Goddess Lady bear!


Well I have aged. Yep im 29 and holding LOL Tonights the party should be fun. I guess we over coordinated. We ended up with 2 Huge Sheet Cakes for the party. The fat chicks are going to get fatter easting all this cake! If your in Orlando come party with me.Its a Barbeque!


Well check out todays new update. Your gonna love it. I have a New Ultra goddess for you to see next week. Her names Lady Bear. Will try to get it up by monday.


Starting to get excited about saturday night. I am like a lil kid when it comes to opening presents. I am dying to know what Ciar has bought me. He keeps acting like hes not getting me anything.


Check out the New photo updates today. Remember July is daily update month. Something New Everyday!


Everyone is asking what I want for my birthday. So I opened a wish list on Amazon .com and if you want to get me sumthing for my birthday feel free to get me something from there LOL.Just go to wish list search and use my email address


Check Out the New Photos of Miss Evie & Siren in the bi section


More photos of LadyBug & Bele those SSBBW Beauties.


We are remodeling the studios this week. Even my room got a facelift. So when you are watching curvy cams now you will see us in our new updated look.Here is a mini preview from the begining of the remodel.


Getting ready for the party on the 13th.Its going to be really great.New Pics of Jasmyn going up in the morning.The fireworks were awesome last night. Ciar put on a GREAT show!


Happy 4th of July. We are having a huge family party today. Cooked up a storm. There are Ribs,hot dogs,hamburgers,corn,potatoes,watermelon,cookies,cakes and apple pie. OMG I am so full. In a few hours its fireworks time.


Today I processed quite a few pictures. Have 2 very sexy SSBBW going up this week. Here is a preview of them. Tomorrow there is going to be a huge update!


Well its been an interesting day here. Getting ready to have a great time on the 4th. Ciar is addicted to fireworks so he literally bought out the store a few weeks ago. I think he could put on a 10 hour show and not run out LOL.


Well my birthday is coming soon. July 13th. I am hoping this birthday is better then the last ten. Im feeling jinxed. Every year my birthday comes and something screws it up. Hopefully there will be clear sailing this year.Everyone is asking what I want for my birthday. So I opened a wish list on Amazon .com and if you want to get me sumthing for my birthday feel free to get me something from there LOL.Just go to wish list search and use my email address

On July 11th my daughter finds out if shes having a girl or boy. I am really excited about beiing a granny :) Hmm although I dont have a lap.LOL


Well Lots of New stuff today. All types of Hot Video Clips and Pictures! Check out this New SSBBW sticks. Shes a hottie!


Very Big Update Tomorrow.Be sure and check it all out. Lots of New stuff!


Well check out the new Rock Shots calendar. We have two great models in it.Of course the sexy Ultra Goddess Lexi :) and Shades :) I haven't seen it myself but my friend Fuschia from Bountiful Productions says its hot! Should check out bountiful productions too. They have a lot of really good vidos and Pictures. Also hard to find back issues of magazines like Plumpers.You can reach bountiful at


I have started a new personals section in the members area for those of you interested in meeting someone for a relationship or even just a sexual encounter. So be sure and check them out!


Glad to see the great response on Marsha. Remember she is single and wants to meet an FA.You will see more of her in a few days. Alo hsve two more sexy SSBBW for you. Should have them ip in a few days. Things are really moving along! We are starting to get lot of SSBBW & Ultra Goddesses.


Ok Great news :) The eagle has landed LOL The hot Ultra Goddess is now up in the Members area! Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! She is a hottie. If your not a member yet... here is a preview. Your going to want to see more of this one. She is 5 ft 5 and 550 lbs yummy!


New Video Clips are up today. Hope you enjoy them. Our newest movie "The Big Game" is now up for sale too. It is REALLY hot! Stars Ms Keepers & Dom Fuego. Incredible Wrestling action!


Well keep your seatbelts fastened your going to like me this week. I have a brand new Super Sized Beauty for you. Also should soon have a very sexy Ultra Goddess for you to see. Your going to Love her. Im hoping to have some of it up by friday if not sooner.


Been working hard all day today to bring you back one of everyones favorite model. Dusty is here with a part time lover Willie. We have some great interaccial content. The photos will be up late tonight. Also an Incredible solo photo shoot of hers is going up. Enjoy :)


Check tomorrow to see Brand New Photos of La Tecia that Lovely SSBBW with JJJ TiTs!


Ciar was at it again. He made me a new shower charge so I could take showers again finally.Much easier then him helping me from the bed. Well I was enjoying a nice shower then the curtain flies open and Ciar snaps a few photos. Again Lucky you :) Now this is me REALLY caught off guard so this is a rasw no makeup photo LOL. He's making me post it.


Uh Oh I have been caught having a midnight snack. Ciar and I were up late after a GREAT night of sex on the webcam. We were hungry and I suggested we cook up some burgers.So he brought me in the stuff and I cooked them up straight from the bed.Me and George Forman get along great LOLWhat I didn't notice was that Ciar had his camera. So lucky for you and you get a photo.


Tomorrow check the members area for a hot new photoset of Lilianna. She just had a baby so shes softer and fluffier now :) Your going to Love these pics.


Catch us tonight on Curvy Cams we are doing the Wild Thang :) Check out the incredible updates in the members area today!


Hope you caught our web cam show last night. Lizabelle,Sunshine & Me with that lucky Dom Fuego :)


Been playing around doing some fun stuff. Today Ciar was planting in the garden. In fact he planted everything in site. Uh Oh look what else got planted.


Working hard on some new updates. Mondays going to be a great day!


Hmm whats going on in fatfantasy land. UH OH Its the Case of the Cooky Caper. Catch Dom Fuego and Lilianna on Web Cam Live tonight. Tomorrow its Lexi & Ciar Live on Curvy Cams at 2 AM.


I have been getting lots of emails from friends and fans out there ever since announcing my birthday party on July 13th. Everyone is asking what I want for my birthday. So I opened a wish list on Amazon .com and if you want to get me sumthing for my birthday feel free to get me something from there LOL.Just go to wish list search and use my email address Oh by the way I am going to be a GRANNY Woo Hoo! My Oldest daughter has informed me of this happy event and I am ecstatic. So I guess I can soon do Granny videos too LOL


Check out our show on curvy cams today.Your going to be very glad you did :) Lots of new updates. Check them out!


See the Party pics for our back to the 80's Party. Hope you can make the next one on July 13th.July 13th is my Birthday to. We are also celebrating Mskeeps and Phat Kat and Daytona Babe's Birthday.if you are into hardcore stuff filled with graphic descriptions you have to check out this site. Only after you join mine of course :)


New Supersize BBW Model Annie is now up in the Members Area. Shes 345 lbs and very hot!


Sunny is now up with her photos!!


Been working on Sunny's pics all day. They should be up later tonight or in the morning. I think you are going to like them. Video clips of bluebelles new movie should be up soon too. Tomorrow night catch Mskeeps and her slave on Curvy cams doing a hot sex scene. Tonight catch Ciar and I on curvy cams.


Did a photo shoot with Sunny. She has gained 15 lbs since last time. Nice Beefy supersize BBW. Will post her Pics in a few days.


Lots of new content last 2 Days. Plus the newest video Bluebelles New Voyage is now out! Its hot.New content of Phoebe is now up too. Here is a preview!

05/29/2002 -06/02/2002

Took a few days off to have fun. Yes even this Fat chick takes a few dys off every year :) Bet ya wondered what I did. Well I laid around and did nothing LOL. Well actually here is one thing we did.Still working on it in this pic.Yup BABE has a new look when you visit us now. Reorganized things a bit too. Also put together a new catalog of our videos. Edited soome videos and watched movies. NON erotic ones LOL. We watched Stigmata, Bedazzled,Prophecy,Tombstone and Cats & Dogs. I am now back hard at work! New updates today. Also New videos going up for sale. The newest is BlueBelles Last Hurrah. Will be up for sale later this week. With some new video clips to.


My sexy friend and Model Ultra Goddess Cherry Vanilla is now up in the members area with HOT NEW photos for you to view. Some new additions to the Feeder section this week to.


Posted a friend of mine Ultra Goddess Patty 550 lbs of SEXY :) Lots more going up today too. So hang on to your seat :) Here is a sample of the pic.


Ok I finally crawled out of bed and opened my eyes a bit. I not only smelled the coffee but actually drank some. We had a great time. Lots of new people too. Always nice to meet new friends. Actually 2 potential new models too. Both Supersize too.:)


Well tonights the Party. Catch us on Curvy Cams!!!!


Tomorrows the Back to the 80's Party. We are broadcasting it over the curvy cams network.Check out the new Pics Im putting up tomorrow on that Sexy SSBBW Keoina. Shes 20 lbs bigger and better.Just about reaching Ultra Goddess Size Woo HOooo. Here is a sample.


Check out this Photo Story I did on MsKeepers.


Check out the members area. New Pics of Stormy & Sparky are heading in there tonight! She is at her largest weight ever! These are VERY HOT Pics! Don't forget we are on curvy Cams Tomorrow at lunch time :) MsKeeps is doing something Freaky on there LOL


19 Hot new Mpeg videos of SSBBW in the members section.If your not a member yet you should Join Now! New content regularly posted.


Check out all the new videos that are for sale Woo HOOOO


We had out of town company today Took their Pics too. You will get to see them soon.


Going to make another attempt at video watching tonight. We set off some fireworks tonight in the backyard. Ciar and I are both Pyro's LOL! Working on getting some new Sexy BBW for the site. Keep your fingers crossed LOL


Well it was a great quiet evening. I am hoping that Ciar and I can watch the movie Stigmata. I hear is very good! I rarely get time to watch a REAL movie. Too busy filming erotic ones :)


Hope you liked todays show on Curvy cams of MsKeepers & her sub face. Boy did she crush him. She was bouncing all over his face and body!!! Damn he sure took a lot. Hope you were able to catch that performance.Tomorrow I am putting up a bunch of New video clips of a ultra goddess named Shades that models on our site.


New Model went up today. A sexy Plumper named Miss Evie. We have been showing her as coming soon for a while. Well shes finally here!!! Very Hot. Here is a preview!


Check out curvy vams for lunch tomorrow it Lunch with Lexi & Ms Keepers


Just thought you would like to see the graphic I did of saturday nights collaring. Today I am sending up some great new photos of Brown Sugar.Here is a preview! She is a bit meatier too LOL. This time we are in the kitchen with Brown Sugar. Oh she does have some different ideas about what tables are for LOL!


Last night was incredible.We started the ceremony on the back patio. Ciar had the backyard done in a hugh tube circle with red lights inside the tube so the circle was all lit up. There were tiki torches all around the circle and lining the path to the circle.Then a row of charcoal surrounded the circle and he lit the charcoal on fire in a few areas around the circle . He put on Peruvian Music called Ancient Voices. He had me ring a bell 3 times to welcome the spirits. Then we intorduced ourselves and who we were to our invited guests and declared to each other our intentions in front of our friends. MsKeeps handed me first a white rose and Ciar a red rose. The white rose symbolizing my pure submission To my Master. The red rose symbolizing his boldness and readiness to Dominate me and guide me and protect me even with his blood.Then we exchanged roses to show the intertwining of our lives.

After that I spoke about my feelings on submission and what I felt in doing so.He spoke to me as well of his ideas. Our collar was put through a fire torch symbolizing its being rid of any impurities. and then it was placed around my neck. He walked the 50 feet into the circle and called to me. Speaking about my imobility at present and how he gives me oneyear to become mobile and meet him inside the circle next year.It was very romantic. After the ceremony he changed out of his Tux/Tails and went inside and came out to present me and our guests with an awesome light and fireworks show. Extremely Romantic evening. No one has ever done that for me before. I was speechless. Very Cool Cake too!


Anxiouslly awaiting tomorrow. Check out the 8 new video clips I posted.


I was thumbing through a webpage today and I found a sex product I really Like. I used this years ago and it did wonders for our sex life. If anyone wants to treat me to one feel free to buy it for me :)


Well today was a longday. Was out with Ciar doing last minute party stuff. OK OK I admit it Im a last minute person and was doing ALL the party stuff.Got home and crashed hard. I was wiped out. Got up and in my dreams decided to throw a spur of the minute sale for a few days. So if you want a chance to buy one of our videos here goes. Its only $9.95 a great deal! If you'd like to see the rest of our videos check them out!


Hope you enjoy the updates of Tempest that went up the other day. Just wanted you to see get to know her a bit more if you hadn't. Click on her name above. 8 New video clips are going up today as well.They are from a recent video we did called 3 Fat Goddesses.It will also be available for sale starting today as well :) Your going to really Like this one! I hired a brand new video Editor and OMG he has done some incredible new things to make the new ones even better. Just when you thought it couldnt get any better it did. You have to see this one it great. Here is a small video clip from it. You can purchase it by clicking here.


New Marshmallow Pics are up in the members area.Heres a preview of Lexi's Great Marshmallow Caper. If you would like to join us for My collaring please click for info.


Preparations for the collaring is underway. I am quite nervous. Ciar seems to have this special show planned and won't disclose the details. This always worries me with Ciar he can come up with some REALLY wild things at times. We have had some really exciting memories together to sexually as well. We have this new bubble machine as some of you have seen in the pics and one night we decided to make love with it going. Wow its hot to feel these bubbles landing on you while you make luv. Nice and slippery to mmmm Sexy & romantic as well.


If any of you are interested in attending My collaring to Ciar on Saturday Night May 11th Please email me for info. Would love to have you share this special day with us.


Added 16 great new Video Clips last night to the members area. Plus there is now a Brand New video for sale on VHS. I have to tell you the Sexy SSBBW Ravaging Mzconceptions is All that and more in this video with Dom Fuego. In fact we had to film the endingtwice on this one cause I um lost it the first time. I got so caught up in what I was watching I forgot to hit record LOL. Poor guy had to recoup for a bit and do it again.OK now is where you all grab for your lil violins and say awwwww poor Dom Fuego had to Fuck that sexy SSBBW again LOL :) There is a preview video clip of the movie at this link.


Hope you all checked out the party Pics from last weeks BABE party. Also up are the new Pictures from the model Tempest. The last time she modeled the Scales came in at 372 lbs. Thats up from 357 from 6 months prior. She is looking pretty sexy don't you think? :) At the last BABE party she was chatting to all the guys on curvy cams which comes free with membership on this site. Just thought you'd like to see a picture. Its just a sample of whats waiting in the members area.


Working on a huge update for later today. I am adding a brand New Sexy Model. Her name is Karrie. She is Plump but well on her way to supersize. I have some great pictures of her in there.Lots of them too. Plus quite a few of her frolic through the swingers club with Ciar dragging behind her snapping Pics of her with the club owners permission of course. Bob the man she was with was a great sport about letting us use his pics too.Of course the fact that he was getting some great Pussy made him forget Ciar was snapping away with the cam LOL. Hmm I bet you want a sneak peek LOL.Ok Here is some of what you will see inside the members area.


Its hump day again. This should make for an exciting night tonight. Time to put onmy favorite perfume and let ciar go at me tonight. We are doing a web cam show tonnight at 11 pm on curvy cams!


Well days are begining to get VERY busy here lately. Everytime I turn around another month is ending. Ever since ciar has come into my life things have gone so incrediblly well. Have recently been reading 3001 : The Final Odyssey by Arthur C Clarke. I must say after all the hype about this book I was incredibly disappointed by its content. I expected a lot more from this author. Anyone else read this? I'd be interested in hearing their thoughts on this. One book I have really liked though was Shadow of the Hegemonby Orson Scott Card. I have not been disappointed yet with any in his series. They just seem to keep getting better.


I shot two videos last night. The first one was a Day in the life of the Sexy Ultra Sized Ms 2002 BABE Phat KAT. What a sexy lady.Here is a sample.Im putting up more of her this week. Don't miss out on this update. Everyone loved her on the web cam last night. The second video included such lovely sexy Supersized ladies as Ms Keepers,Phat Kat the Ultra Sized Goddess and of Course ME :)


Well it was a great party. Here are some picttures from the party. Im posting the rest on Bigger And Better Site as well as in the members area. The NAUGHTY ones are in the members area or will be tomorrow :) Here is another sample


Things have been hectic today.Its party night so much to do. We are putting on Rocky Horror tonight. Should be a lot of fun. Im taking lots of pictures this time so you will have lots to see.


Heres a special offer for my friends and site members


Hope you caught me on curvy cams with my wake up show! Brand new Pics of me. OMG they are awesome.There are a few butt pics that even made the photographer drop his jaw and he had raken the pics LOL


Make sure you catch the Rocky Horror Party this week on curvy Cams we will be broadcasting Live! I added a New model today. Her name is Susan. Your going to Luv this one. She is definetly vey close to hitting Supersize. Tomorrow I am taking new pics of me. Im hoping to get them up same day for you.


Hey there :) I want to tell you about this lil test I took that I fond on the net. It tells you how much of as sex fiend you are. Want to try your hand at it? Go to this place. I scored a 70. Which they say it means the following: "Very shagadelic baby, yeah! You've got one mongo of a mojo, if you know what I mean. For you, sex is a playground of fun and you've come up with all kind of wild tricks to enhance the experience. Sexuality seems to be an omnipresent force in your life, one that often guides your actions. You tend to be adventurous and steer clear of passion-killing routine. This doesn't mean that you need to change partners to enjoy your sexuality, just that you like to mix up your bedroom tactics. You're open to new ideas, and even plan ways to enhance your romps in the sack (a little body snack or the right tunes, for example). Overall, it's pretty safe to say that a good time is had by all when you're in the bedroom! " Not to bad huh LOL


Hey guys check out todays update in the memberss area. I think you will agree its very hot!!! Plus LADIES LookCiars Pics have been purchased for a Womans calendar. This means that we have not only the sexiest femal models but now our males models are voted Hot too ladies :) Hey ladies if you want to see the latest photos of Ciar they are in ourr members area. Heres a sample of some I took of him last night.


Make sure you catch us on Curvy Cams Today. We are doing two seperate shows!


Hope you are catching all these curvy cams & Plump Cams shows. Not only are we on there regularly but you can see all the great shows of the other sites with your membership here as well.


It was a nice sunny day here, a bit humid, but beautiful.

Ciar and I went out to get a nice Italian lunch. We
went to Fazolis yes its fast food but its (GREAT). I luv their breadsticks.Then headed
down toDunkin Donuts to pick up some goodies for dessert later after some Hot Sex.
I got a couple of those big Jelly Donuts & Cream Ones that is half dipped in
chocolate. OOOooo, I can't wait to try that one :)

Ciar got some tasty ones to and some Donut holes for Coffee in the Morning.
It was mobbed. It was just too crowded to have this huge BABE in there
(although I'm sure it was quite a site... :).

WEll home again home again jiggedy Jig


Went on a mini trip yesterday. We went Power Shoppng. Bought out all the discount places for new props and set stuff. So you will be seeing some VERY interesting Pics coming up. Always nice to see some new and fresh ideas right?Check out Ciar & My showtonight on curvy cams. Next weekends the rocky horror party. If you can't make it to the party in person Cum watch it on curvy cams. Wewill be broadcasting it Live.


Hope you caught our live performance last night of Shades & Dr Feelgood on the Webcam. Soon to be released on video. Remember to check out Using Miss Evie which was just released.


I am hoping to get bluebelle up this week to before her surgery date. Again I ask that you pray for her quick recovery. Her surgery date is April 22nd.Her email address is


Had a great time in Tama at the party. Posting the pics up soon.Here is a preview of it


Great new Pics of Tommy & Sabrina going up this week. Also of Sabrina by herself


Well had fun on my trip to Tampa. Got to meet some great peeps :) Pictures will be up soon.


Well we are off to the Bar Meet. See you in Tampa tnight.


Drove with Ciar to Tampa today to check out where the Bar meet is tomorrow.Should be lots of fun.Curvy Cam Girls Bar Meet in Tampa.Will be Lots of Fun! Its at the Olympian Lounge on Busch Blvd. To make reservations to stay at the hotel. Just uploaded new SSBBW to the site to . Check out her Pics.


Pretty eventful day. Shot more photos of MzConception & video as well.


Did a photo session with Bluebelle. This will be the last photos anyone has pf her at this top weight. Due to some serious health issues she has decided to have WLS. We wish her the best with her surgery and are praying for her. Yes, she is ok with me mentioning it and welcomes hearing from anyone that cares to write to her. Here are some samples from the shoot.

his friday night see us in person at the Curvy Cam Girls Bar Meet in Tampa.Will be Lots of Fun! Its at the Olympian Lounge on Busch Blvd. To make reservations to stay at the hotel.


WoW all of these NEW SSBBW in one month. This has been so kewl.There's even new Pics of me too :)


Hey guys we are getting lucky this month. I found another Sexy SSBBW. Heres a preview from the Pics I did yesterday.


Took a few hours to come up with someone I think you will really Like. A sexy SSBBW named MzConception. Here is a preview.


PS: Check out Lexi's Adventures in the island


Meet one of our newest Models & Photographers Jorge.While we are at the Curvy cams Barmeet in Tampa he will be hard at work at the office shooting some new content!


This friday night see us in person at the Curvy Cam Girls Bar Meet in Tampa.Will be Lots of Fun! Its at the Olympian Lounge on Busch Blvd. To make reservations to stay at the hotel.



Ciar and I were home alone yesterday. Hmm what did we do. Well we got out all our props and built a jungle. Welcome to our jungle. Pics are up in the members area. Heres a few previews one of me one of him.


Had a great weekend. Heres a pictorial essay on it.Just felt like being different.


Ended up doing a new video with Shades. Looked HOT!!!! We are getting rave reviews on the one we just released Using Miss Evie. Check it out !!!! Don't forget I want to meet you if you live in Alabama, Louisiana, or Texas.I will be in your area in the upcoming month. I have few availabilities left to book you to be a model or just to meet for fun times. A few models are traveling withme. I need female & male models so email me or MsKeeps :) Or for you ladies that want to do a video with Ciar email him at ciar.


Fatfantasy is headed to Texas in May. Want to meet?We are going through Florida,Alabama,Georgia,Louisianna,& Texas through to SanAntonio.


Shades was over last night. That sexy 489 lb Goddess. Well actually last night she weighed in at 502 lbs.Have some great Shots of Shades and me together. Check them out im putting them up later today. The shoot went from 9 pm last night to 7 am this morning so you canimagine what content we got. Woo Hooo


New Model Pamela went up today in the members area. Shes quite sexy at 310 lbs and 5 ft 3 :)


Did you notice anything peculiar on my Members webcam last night? No I wasn't being captured by Pirates it was my Dom Ciar dressed up like one. Ahoy Matey! I was a bit tied up after the capture! As you prolly noticed. Im still smiling :)


Hope you liked the supersize update for today. The lovely Rayanna at her newest weight.If you a happy camper. I had the sound on and from the emails I have gotten people were in shock as to how loud we both scream during sex...blush! Well we both just really get into each other and enjoy it. He makes me cum so hard.Im wet just thinkong about it right now!


Hi there put up a Brand New Sexy SSBBW borderline Ultra Size BBW in the members are! Plus our next party is the Rocky Horror party. Please go here for more info. Be sure and read our party rules. Just a few simple ones for everyone to follow to make the parties enjoyable for everyone.


Well as you may have seen on curvy cams network last night from our members area our party was a huge success. It was not as large as usual As you will see in some pictures we had funLOL. Oh and Heres a preview of one of our next ultra size models we are shooting in the very near future.


We are preparing to party!! Chec k out all the fun! We also have Shades the sexy Ultra Sized Goddess appearing on curvy cams in a sex show tomorrow night!!! Curvy Cams & Plump Cams come free with your membership to this site.


Tomorrow is our party. It will be going out over curvy cams network if you want to watch it!

Should be lots of fun! It will start broadcasting at 9 pm. It gets geared up much later though.


Check Out todays Update I know you will like it :)

Hope your day is doing good. Mines been pretty crazy. My grandmother is in icu and so my family is all swarming in from out of town. Its been crazy coordinating everything. They put her on a respirator lasdt night so its been an emotional evening.Has definetly forced me int more mobility then I thought i was ready for. Went out 2 times yesterday trying to make preperations for relatives.Just wanted to let you know Im still here just not on cam today. But im leaving other hot fat chicks inmy place LOL So you dont miss out on anything :)


WoW today I had a photo shoot with a very pretty Ultra Size Goddess. 459 lbs of Beauty.Check her out here. Shes up in the members area now.


Woke up early today and Ciar and I went for a morning ride. Feels strange picking up and just leaving the house. Its getting easier every time I try. I feel like an infant trying to relearn everything most people take for granted on a normal day. Each lil chievment means so much to me. Yesterday I actually got in my shower for the first time in years. It was great not having to have assistance bathing. Just to get in there and feel water pouring all over me and know I had the power to do that now when ever I wanted to. Still only able to do small stuff in there like wash my hair because I cant stand long yet and theres not much time once im in there. Shower chairs dont seem to work for me either. Last one collapsed under my weight. Rather not land on the floor again.

Also got to cook for Ciar last night. Wasnt anything much but it was the fact that I could do it .We did take picstures of this morning trip. We were going to drive to the beach but we woke up too late. Maybe tomorrow!


I know this may sound silly but I just have to tll someone about this.So what better place then to you my friends! It may sound petty to you but today I Vacuumed my bedroom. I know your laughing right now but to me thats a major hurdle. For 7 years I have not been able to do it due to my imobility. Well thanks to my friends David &Ciar who have both taught me in their own ways to remove can't from my vocabulary. I was only imobile as I allowed myself to be. My physical conditioned has limited me for years and still does but Im learning so many ways to push my limits instead of simply giving up.

For all of you FA's out there if you truly want to give the SSBBW of your dreams a gift help her to realize that she is only limited by herself. At my size I was actually scaring myself into thinking there were things I could not do.Right now I feel like I can do anything and I love it!


Check out our show on curvy cams today. We are taping my newest Video!


Check out the new Model Bubbles. This hot Supersized Beauty is now a model for us. Check it out!


Thank God its Friday. Lots of New Supersize BBW photos going up on the site today and over the next two days. New Supersize models as well.Two models at their largest weight ever too!


Check Out the New SSBBW Model I posted today. This sexy Lady is over 350 lbs and has a very nice tummy!


New Weight on Ultra Goddess Buttercup. Shes quickly closing in on my weight :) She says shes very happy with her tummy now :) Check out these Pics I just posted.


New Model went up yesterday.Sissy. Very sexy. Third new model in a week. We are on a roll!!!!


I am so tired up at 7 am cause Ciar called into work sick. We had of course to get up early for him to call in. Since we were up I had to tease him and get him hard for me.Didnt take much LOL :) So we spent a few hours Making Love and then went back to bed hehe.For all you that are members you got an extra show on the fantasy webcam with that .


Well it was a very long shoot. Started at Noon. We broadcasted most of it to curvy cams. So if you are a site member you get curvy cams free and got to watch it film. Miss Merry our newest model took on 6 Men and 1 Female. All of them came all over her. Fucked her really hard!!! Shoot was over just before Midnight. Im headed to bed now.Its 2 am.


Well I took the night off last night and relaxed with Ciar. We sat and talked till 1 am then fell asleep listening to andre Bocelli on the stereo. Woke up today feeling renewed. First night i really took off in 3 years. I needed that!!!! Gee i feel good and we didnt even have sex. Amazing lol.Today we have lots in store for you on the Cams. Tomorrow we shoot our second gang bang. We stil need 3 more men. Any takers call my office.


Well this afternoon I will be eating sushi naked on the webcam with chopsticks. Wonder what else i can do with chopsticks. Thanks for all the email asking me about my leg. It is feeling much better but still a ways before it is healed.


Remember to catch our curvy cam & Plump Cam shows this weekend. We have some great stuff in store for you. You can watch us film a few videos! New Model and shes doing a gang bang!!!

I have another great quote today too for you :)"We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors.... but
they all have to learn to live in the same box." :)


Today was very busy. Hope you are enjoying all the new video clips I put up!! Remember to purchase a copy of Using Miss Evie on VHS and Naughty Miss Evie! They are both VERY hot videos. Check out the clips.Heres 1 sample from the video Using miss Evie a Great Gang Bang Video. See her take on 6 People. Lots of Dicks Lots of Cum and a Chick with a Strap On too! If you like it Please click here to Purchase it.


Well I just heard that we have a bunch of videos that were reviewed in Big Butt Magazines May Issue. From what my customer told me the reviews were excellent and the pictures they used were Hot. So check out the May issue of Big Butt Magazine! Hope you guys & Gals caught todays webcam with Rush tonight. The cam room was certainlly packed full and it was a great chat too. Remember on curvy cams we now have full audio!!!!!! On Sunday Ciar and I were on Cam four times. When he cums the whole neighborhood hears it lol. I thought I was loud but OMG he takes the cake. It actually freaked out some viewers when he came it was so intense they thought he had a heart attack. I assure you hes alive and um still "dicking" hehehe


I heard a quote I really like today."What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly."- Carl Rogers . So many people feel so uncomfortable with who they are and what they like that they feel the need to hide it from others. A man that I really like spending time with cause he is a great conversationalist. We have wonderful chats when he visits. However when he dates


Well there are 2 Brand new videos Just released by us. One is called Naughty Miss Evie and the other is Using Miss Evie. Both are really Hot. Using Miss Evie is a Gang Bang Video! Please check them out on the videos for sale list.All purchases are through our New Secure Server Shopping Cart. HOpe you enjoyed Ciar & I yesterday on Curvy cams And Plump Cams. We did 4 seperate shows yesterday on there! Ms Keeps did one too!


Lots of wild web cam shows today. Enjoy them :)


Well its the weekend again.Keeps has a special suprise for Ciar cooking. I wonder what it is. Ah its cheese cake yummmmmmm. Smotheredi n cherries is my fav.


Hope you enjoy the new pics of me in the members area. Lots of new Lexi photos :)


Check out new photos of contagious . Hot webcam show tonight to :)


Well have you seen the Rock Shots Greeting Cards that are out with me on them? They are all around town here. I have been told they are in most Spencers,Adult Stores Etc. They are really nice.Im glad I had the opportunity to appear on some.


Hope you enjoyed yesterdays photo update. Todays is even better. I am starting to feel a lil bit better. As you have been able to tell I have not let pneumonia or cellulitus take me down.I am still doing the web cam shows,The Curvy Cam Shows & Plump Cams all of which are in our members area. There are so many shows everyday for you to watch. Lots to keep you busy.


Last nights party was awesome. We had 87 guests. The contest Pageant contestants were Bluebelle,Cat,Rush,Bubbles,MsKeeps,LaHuerita. The Wet Tshirt contestants were Olivia,Daytona Babe,Bluebelle,Rush,Bubbles,MsKeeps,La Huerita,. I think that Ciar had the most fun since he got to wet them all down. Which kind of back fired on him cause after they were all wet they grabbed him & wet him down :) The great sport he is loved every minute of it and bumped and grinded with them.

The Beast did a great job as the escort for all these beautiful women throughout the pageant.All the women wanted to tame him but Mistress Savage holds his reigns. My Dom ...Dom Fuego put on a lovely exposition at the show. An erotic art dance.The first subject was Daytona Babe but i think it got to Macabre for her and she bolted. She was replaced in the hot seat by La Huerita. We needed to mop the floor under her afterwards she got so wet!!! Of course it was all broadcast outover curvy cams and we all chatted from Party headquarters.


Tonights the party. Watch us on the webcam from the members area. You won't want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope you enjoyed seeing sexy La Huerita on the cam tonight. She did a sexy show with one of our sexy FA's. She will be in the pageant tomorrow. We updated her pictures in the members area on her yesterday.


Party is in two days. Don't forget we are broadcasting it in our members area over curvy cam network.All night long watch the wrestling competitions,the wet tshirt sexy buns,Ms BABE 2002


Wel as it happens when my dr came out to see me we discovered I also have pneumonia. I am on so many meds it s not even funny. Today I was like the chick out of a horror movie to live with I was so wired for asthma meds. Three different ones. No one could say anything right around me. They threatened to mke me stand in the corner for my mean mouth. They are actually laughing cause no one has ever seen me even be mildly mean and i turned into wild woman. Would of been a great day to make a squashing video.Some poor victim would been a major pancake.


Normally I dont crowd my journal enteries from a group of days but these last have all blended together.Saturday night during a photo shoot I suddenly started shivering uncontrollably,shaking and was incredibly thirsty. Needless to say we cancelled the rest of the shoot (sorry guys but i cant take pics with a shaking camera)Meanwhile Ciar & Ms Keepers stayed up with me since i could no longer even stand up,I was dizzy & shaking.I tried to wait it out and i figured it would pass but around 6 hours later called paramedics.Turns out I had forced my body into a diabetic shock because of this juice & fruit thing a friend of mine had told me about that would give me much better health. (HAHAHA) Anyway after a day im back to normal sugar wise. But somehow I developed cellulitus.Trying to fight going to the hospital cause i absolutely hate them.I have probablly driven Ciar crazy by now. He took 2 days of work just to take care of me. Hes such a sweetie.But dont let that tame side fool you hes an animal in bed. Whoops did i say that lol


Cant wait till the party on the 23rd.Its going to be a blast.


Well another valentines day passed. These keep getting better every year :)


Catch fatfantasy at the Club Amore swing club in Daytona tonight. We are trying to set it up so that you can see the BBW night over there on our cam. So hang on for the ride. We are having fun in the members section.


Tonight Ciar & I are doing a Cam show. A few hints it will involve strawberries and cream.MMMMMMMMMMMm. Hope you are catching Mskeeps and I on our noon time show for Lunch and chat. Live video & chat. We alternate on Plump Cams & Curvy Cams Network Mon - fridays. Also join us Live for Bath time. Learn how to bathe a SSBBW & then watch Ms Keeps in a tub of bubbles. Again a regular featured show in our members area on the curvy cams & Plump Cams network. Both which come free with your membership.


Well in a few days it wil be valentines day. Still don't know what I am going to be doing. Most likely will be doing a curvy cam show. Exciting huh LOL Well I am hoping for some things to happen but then I try not to focus on it or it probablly won't. Though I have dropped enough hints hehe.Maybe I need to be less subtle and more direct and just tell people what I want. I just prefer people come to the idea themselves but then thery usually never do.Ok I m going to stop rambling here.Im sure you are ll at a loss as to what im talking about.

02/10/2002Check out the curvy cams tonight. Live sex show with Rush & Ciar.


Tonight is the party for the Xman. It going to be an awesome event.We are broadcasting it live on curvy cams


We have a few shows on plump cams tonight and tomorrow. Brand new model that we are introducing on there.


Those of you that have come to this site for a while know about my mobility problems. Well I have been working out with my trainer and I am starting to regain a bit of my mobility.Which means this trip I have been wanting to take is closer to reality then ever imagined.


Been editing the new gang bang video of Miss evie all day today. My arm is so hard to lift. Ciar plays REALLY rough and my arm is all bruised from play fighting with him.


Well Im glad its tuesday.Monday was one of those never ending days.I am working on some new ideas for the site.Always like to bring you new things. New movie clips this next week to.


If you get a chance check out the new pic of the week.Its awesome. Had a good time on that photo shoot. Tonight you will see some very hot action on the cams. Ciar and two very sexy bbw.


Working on web cam shows today. Did quite a few. New content up in the members area to.


Well another saturday night is here. Bubbles is joining us for the weekend,Ciar,Miss Evie,Contagious,MsKeepers,Rush,Mistress Savage,The Beast,Dallas & Renegade. Hope you caught tonights romp on the 24/7 webcam. I think Ciar & I outdid ourselves. Discovered a few new positions too.That man can definetly Fuck!!!


Ever been curious abvout what type of care goes into being with a supersize BBW. Join me for a frank chat on Curvy cams next week. Also will be having bath time with Lexi on Plump Cams.


On Sunday night at Midnight I will be on Live on Curvy Cams in a sexual rendezvous with my new Dom Ciar. Watch him as he takes me to new boundaries


Check out the gang bang pics that are going up. Also the new Gang bang video!


Okay i think i gained 5 lbs this weekend. Ms Keeps outdid herself with the weekend menu. Saturday night she made a Poppyseed cake.I had 2 pieces. Yes I am privledged :)


I know for a fact that when i woke up this morning that at least 3 people were in a different bed then when i went to sleep. I think we have been playing musical partners again. WAH WAH they left me out!!! Oh boy as I am typing this Ms Keeps brought me in a stack of yummy pancakes dripping with fresh blueberries. OMG they are orgasmic.


Well another crazy wild weekend of sex,drink & fun. Looks like its going to be Rush & Zero,Mistress Savage & the Beast.Ciarmiss evie,contagious,& sasha. and the sexecutioner


Thank god the week is over.It must be a full moon out there everyone is being wacky.We have had some incredible webcam shows lately through curvy cams & Plump cams. Curvy cams is about to unveil their new server so if you are a member of this site you will get to see these hot shows that will now have audio available to.So hurry and join this site your missing all the action.


Liz did some great shots. Shes our newest model. Thanks for the great email on her. Oh and for those that asked in emails yes that was a wine bottle :)


Hope you enjoyed the shots of the new model Kendall. Nice smooth skin on that one. She is definetly finger licking good....well um so im told LOL


Hope you enjoyed yesterdays show on Plump Cams. MsKeeps Toy show outdid herself on that one last night. Her morning show on curvy cams was hot too! Tomorrow at 5.30EST remember to catch Contagious & Miss Evie's Live Lez sex show.


Well its been an exhusting weekend. I am on sexual overload if there is such a thing. I don't think there was even an hour this weekend where someone was not having sex somewhere in this house. Naked bodies everywhere.I think if you even walk down my street its going to smell of sex LOL.


Don't worry we are having fun but have not forgottten to take pictures for you to see. Check the members area on tuesday.


Hope you have been catching out Cam shows. Everyone in the room seemed to have lots of fun.Its been great chatting with you while we perform. Remember everyone sunday morning now you can have breakfast with me and my friends on either Plump Camsd or Curvy Cams we alternate weeks.


I have really high hopes for this weekend.It should be pretty good. Its been a rough week. Time to party! Lots of people are coming over and staying all weekend. I know for sure it will be MsKeeps,Miss Evie,Mr C,The Beast,Angel,Sasha,Bubbles,Contagious and Janelle. We are doing quite a few Plump Cams and Curvy Cam shows this weekend. Most will be group sex shows.


The picture of Mocha are now up and this model is a real BABE!


Today is open call for models.Hoping to find some sexy new women for the site.We are filming our gang bang video starting this weekend. Thesexy miss evie is the victim. Should be lots of fun!


Just posted pics of the newest model we have the erotic Janelle.If you are a member click here to see her pics.Lots of new content going up this week. Thursday we have another sexy lady going up.


Posted the sexy new model Tatiana today. OMG shes a hottie!!!


Uh Oh Miss Evie was loose in the house with a camera. She caught Contagious and I in a big bi scene. Some of the outake pics are now on the site.


Four brand New models up today. Lots of new smoking pics and some video clips. I hope you enjoy it all. Do you like the new site design?


Not trying to tease all of you but I am sitting here eating the best brownie I have ever tasted. Made by our kinky chef Ms Keeps. This woman can REALLY cook. I think shes a feeder cause we are all getting so much fatter.


Well we did great in Vegas. Siren got to even meet Ron Jeremy and had her picture taken with him.


Well all models are by size category now. I think you will all find that easier to use. I hope you like all the new sexy models.


Well I hope you all like the new look and feel of the site.It wil be fully basck up in swing friday. Im loading a ton of new content and video files. too. Lot easier to navigate now to.


Well a friend of mine came into town and we spent a nice evening together. I have been working on the redesign of the site all day.It was nice to relax a bit


I have to say its nice to know so many sexy Fat Domme women. We have had a great time. Pretty big gathering all weekend long.My house has become a party house of sorts. Never know who will enter next. This weekends visitors included Ms.Contagious,Ms Keeps,Mistress Savage and the Beast,Dallas,The Sexecutioner,Mr C,miss evie,bubbles,Dr feelgood, angel and Mistress Poison.Quite a crew and lots of Pictures.Here is a sample of what type photos I posted.A sexy Fat Domme disciplining her male sub.


Interesting photo shoot today. Our friends from & came over. We had a joint photo shoot and divided up the content. You will be able to see a ot of it on each of our sites. MsKeeps was expecially Wild today. She took poor unsuspecting bubbles and turned her into a wax sculpture in my backyard. Oh and thats just where the fun started! We all fell asleep in beds all over the house about 2 am so the fun will continue in the morning im sure. To see who ended up in what bed check the webcams lol


Well we have our model set to go to VEgas tomorrow. Thanks for writing and telling us you want to meet. Shes got her schedule full of good times but theres always room to meet one more fan so if your in vegas & wanna hook up let me know.


Did you check out the hot pussy Pics I posted today. Sizzling!


Well I must say this new year started off incredible. I spent the evening with a great man named Scott from SC. Hes an award winnig auctioneer from there. Hes even agreed to come be the auctioneer for our Pagant and sale at the feb big BASh in Feb. Note that I didnt eve have to twist his arm to get him to do it cause he knew hed get the chance to spend the time with this beautiful goddess. :) So all you hot sexy admirers. Grab your wallets and hustle down to florida. You wont want to miss the opportunity to purchase at auction the panties and bras of these very sexy models. There will also be some artwork auctioned off that night painted by the well known artist & BBW Goddess Penny Brown. We have sexy BBWs from all over the country coming to enter this pageant so you are not going to want to miss out on this event.


Happy New Year everyone. Remember if you want to catch our models in vegas let us know before thursday. The crew leaves on saturday morning. Watch the cam tonight .Its going to be one hell of an after party on there!


If you did not catch tonights show with me and my new friend then you should start crying cause you actually missed some incredible sites. I think we invented a few new ways to fuck a Super Size Goddess like me. When he put his knee under my belly I could hear him moan cause it caused a major fat ripple down my body. Should have been watching. Im sure we will be on there tomorrow night to.He cant get enough of this hot tamale :)


Well we have a winner in the guessing contest. Thanks Hank for the correct answer. You will receive a free copy of the video. The correct answer was a zuchini,and egg and a clothespin.


Well I started this weekend of well as I am sure some lucky members witnessed. Whoever can first email me the names of the objects Cocoa used to fuck herself with will get a free copy of the video.Look for the new updated Dungeon Pictures. By the way anyone in Las vegas that wants to meet a fatfantasy model Jan 5th - 13th isthe time to do it. Fatfantasy is headed to Internext Expo.So if youd like to buy a Fat chick lunch or dinner or just share some good times email us.


As of Saturday I am having special company. Someone I met on the internet over a year ago is coming to visit. Lets see what trouble we can counjour up for you to watch. Keep your eues on the cam this weekend it should see some good action. Might even be the next Lexi video...WoooHoooo.