Dec 31st

Its Party time. See the show on the web cam. Dont forget to watch the after party too!!!!!

Dec 30th

Well its almost New Years Eve and I am really excited. The Party should be awesome!!!!!

Dec 29th

Hope you liked the new pictures of me that I put up in the members area. New ones of DJ are up to. Thanks to all of you that have tried our new phone sex lines too. Its been fun chatting with all of you.Here is a Hot Pic of DJ. I wonder what is under that um Jacket? The answer to that can be found out at my New Years Eve Party!!!! Come Party! If not watch the cam!


Dec 28tth

The phone lines been keeping busy.line at I will tuck you into bed if you like.

Dec 27th

I thought I would take the day off to relax. I have a few ideas for upcoming events. I am working on some neww hot stories for you to enjoy . oh I almost forgot… you can catch me on the phone line at I will tuck you into bed if you like.

Dec 26th

Well xmas was greatt. Lots of new toys for me :) Some that you will see in upcoming shoots. Dont forget if you are in our area of Florida to come to our New Years Eve Party!

Dec 25th

Here are 2 preview pics from my photo update on me. These are tame the hot XXX ones must go in the members area. Hope you will take a peek. :)

Dec 24th

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope All of you have a great holiday. Heres a special Message to all of you.

Dec 23rd

Tonights Web cam was pretty Hot too. We have had lots of shows this week. Dont forget to look at all the new pics & stories in the members area.

Dec 22nd

I hope you caught todays Show on the Web Cam. Kind of nice to get 3 Supersize chicks to watch. Did you like getting to watch us bathe each other afterwards to? Were you supersized that one bed could hold 1700 lbs? We Were LOL!!! Repeat Performance on the 26th!!!!! Your gooing to Love it for sure!

Dec 21st

New Pics of me going up on Monday. They are really hot. Dont Miss them!

Dec 20th

D.J has been manning the phone lines all night long. If your interested email me put phone sex as the subject.

Dec 19th

Well we had a great photo shoot today. Will be up shortly.Also have some new stories going up. They are very spicy. Anyone for phone sex? Dont forget we have that up and running.

Dec 18th

For once all my shopping is totally done. I did 100 percent of it online this year. Thats a first. I think.I even bought the candy online to.Got lots of my favorite Gummies.Even Gummy tarantulas for my kids. Posted lots of new Pictures up for your viewing pleasure to. These were some I took last saturday. I am also putting up a Brand New Photo Set of me for Xmas. Look for those soon.Probablly on friday or saturday. Your going to Luv these!!! Also have a few more of the Newest Supersize hottie LizaBelle. In January Im hoping to have a bi shoot of bother Lizabelle & Me :)

Dec 17th

Well my son came to visit me from wisconsin today and its really great to see him. My daughter picked him up from the airport nd I actually had two of my 3 kids here at once.Its been a while since its been that way. It is actually going to be a really nice holiday here for a change. Laast xmas really sucked with Tom having just left. Glad all that is in the past.

Dec 16th

New Erotic Stories being added on today in the members area. I am also posting some new Pictures.

Dec 15th

Check it out ! The new Supersize Model Lizabelle is up on the site. Shes 563 lbs of Plump Delights!

Dec 14th

So everyone ready for the holidays? We still have 4 models that we are trying to find gifts for 4 christmas/ They are extremely down on their luck right now. Anyone in central florida that wants to offer them a job Im sure they would be appreciative. Or if anyone anywhere wants to send a gift to help them it would get put to good use.We have helped 17 women so far this holiday season. We have stretched things to cover as many people as possible.These women have children that we would love to provide a gift for so if anyone has a big heart It can be small, or big anything.Can be sent to them in care of me Alexis PO Box 195864 Winter Springs Fl 32708. Thanks!

Dec 13th

Fatfantasy is partying again tonight. We are celebrating the arrival of our newest photographer and resident phat chick LOL. We are looking to party saturday night. Anyone in the orlando area ready for an imptomptu party email me!

Dec 12th

Really excited!!! We have a brand new Supersize Model !! I'm posting her up on the site friday. Shes 28 years old. Her name is lizabell and shes 565 lbs and 5 ft 6. This brunette is very sexy!

Dec 11th

Still moving slow from the party but we are back working. Updates coming tomorrow night. Will be making up for the few days of slack.


Its 8 Pm at night and I am just surfacing after the party. Have had a few lucid moments during the day but not many. That was one hell of a party! You will never guess who showed up! Daytona Babe, Olivia and Sabrina! Hey everyone send Sabrina mail and tell her how much you want to see her model again! It was really great to get to see them all again. They have been missed around here.

Dec 9th

Okay its Party Time !!!! Watch the Cam. Its 8 pm and people are already here. Guess I better go play hostess!

Dec 8th

Well tomorrow is party Time. You ready for the hot action? Hope you can attend! The hot tub is primed as well. Its bubbling and ready!

Dec 7th

We have anothe staff member moving in to the fatfantasy house. So more sexy models to catch on our cams. We now have 3 models living here. Dallas, D.J. and of course me. Then of course Raven visits almost daily too!

Dec 6th

Well 3 more days and we will be partying.I don't think any of the foods arent spiked with sumthin.I'll be amazed if there are to many people left standing saturday night.If you cannt be here watch the party cam!

Dec 5th

Hope you caught the great action on the web cam tonight. Those women really were hungry for each other. I was watching in person and WOO HOO it was hot!!! I sure got wet watching . Especially during the spanking session!!!!

Dec 4th

Well getting ready for the party this weekend. I know its going to be great! Getting close to xmas and we are getting very busy. Lots of new models!

Dec 3rd

Check out the new model I have added up on the site. Sunny is a really sexy BBW.

Dec 2nd

If you are anywhere near orlando Florida dont miss our party this weekend. If you cant be there in person watch the party Cam Dec 9th starting at 9 PM> This is our 3rd annual company party. I can hardly believe we are starting our 3rd year in business. So much has happened in these past years. I have gotten to know so many of you site members in person. Thanks to all of you that have chatted with me online, those that have called to talk,the many of you that were emotionally supportive to me during the hard times I have had with Tom this past year. Also a special thanks to those of you that have started to send in gifts for those models that have no funds right now and are basically homeless. Thanks for your generosity. For those still wishing to donate you can send the items to my office or you can paypal funds t me. Just contact me ahead of time.So far we have found 2 women homes due to your help.

Dec 1st

Some new photos of me up on the site. Sales of Thanksgiving Feeders Video are off the wall. Its a hit. Don't miss out get yourself a copy as a Holiday gifft! Also a Brand New Dr Feelgood is out . This time Rayannas the patient.

Nov 30th

Not sure what made me think of this quote today but for some reason it is in my mind."Some men see things as they are and ask, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and ask, "Why Not?"
-Robert Kennedy-

I really like this quote and it really makes me ask myself hmm Why Not!!! So look for a new year coming up and a lot of Why Nots becoming Possibilities & Realities!

Nov 29th

Some great new features in the members area. Check it out. We are also installing new file servers this weekend so the speed of the site is always increasing. Constantly improving to serve you better.

Nov 28th

Hope you caught the 3 shows on the Cam today. Its been REALLY busy around here. I'm sure you can tell we are having fun fun fun!!! Oh and yes that really was an Eggplant!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 27th

Well today has been pretty crazy. New picture of the week has been posted in the members area. We have started shipping the new video Thanksgiving Feeding. Everyone seems to love it! Get yourself one for a xmas present you will be glad you did.

Nov 26th

Today we started to put up the tree and the decorations for christmas. Our big party of the year is December 9th. Its going to be an incredible PARTY!!!!We have quite a few really kewl door prizes to. We still need some people to step forward and help us provide a christmas for 5 of our models with families that have fell on severely bad times and are not able to survive day to day let alone give their kids any food or gifts for xmas. We had 11 familes to help this year. So far 6 have been taken care of. Anyone that feels like they can help it dosent take much and you dont have to help them by yourself. If you can just chjip in or send a gift it would be very much appreciated. Last year we were able to help 4 families. We had many more model in hardship this year. Think about all the great pictures they do for your enjoyment. If you feel you can do anything to help contact me please.

Nov 25th

Hope your day has been as good as mine. Saw a quote I really liked today. "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. " This is so true!!!!
Nov 24th

Lots of Shopping, Leftovers and Sleep! Hey everyone has to have one day of rest.Tomorrow we are back to phpto shoots.

Nov 23rd

Oh My gosh Im so full we did thanksgiving last night & tonight! We haddd two 20 lb turkeys, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes wwith Marshmallows,corn souffle, Ammbrosia, Brocolli & corn casserole,2 types of stuffing, 2 types cranberry sauce & pumpkin & apple pie.

Nov 22nd

Todays shoot went really well. I can't wait to show you these photos. Lliana looked especially good in them. Plump n Juicy :>

Nov 21 st

Well its almost thanksgiving. We are going to be cooking up a storm here. Anyone that eats here is gaining ten lbs this week.Im plumping up a model for you.

Nov 20th

Preparing for tonights web cam show. Hope you all get to see it. It will be WEndu &Velvet. From the sneak preview I got its going to be quite a show!!!!!!

Nov 19th

Okay I am back in the land of the living. I just posted the last pictures of Tom & I together. We took these just before we seperated.Sorry it took so long to put them up. Just really dont like to look aaat pictures of him & I anymore as there are more pleasant picctures in the making in my mind :> Also put up up 11 photos of me . Again these were taken when Tom was here. A new photo set of me is being taken shortly.

Nov 16th

Yes its definite I have the flu. Im headed to bed. Not sure when I will post again. Im definetly down for at least today.

Nov 15th

Getting reaady for the shoots today. Been kind of out of it all day. I think Im getting the flu ugh.

Nov 14th

This is a msg out to All you Single FA's. I have approximately 10 Lovely Supersize BBW that want to meet single Stable FA's that are in Florida or willing to relocate to here. Anyone that has a sincere interest in meeting a Pretty & stable Supersize Woman email me and I can put you in touch.

Nov 13th

The new beach photos of Blondie are awesome. You HAVE to see them!

Nov 12th

Lazy Day here at the Ok Coral. Lots of new photos are now up.More coming tomorrow.

Nov 11th

Saw a quote on irc today someone was using. Really liked it .Here it is "You must be true to yourself. Strong enough to be true to yourself. Brave enough to be strong enough to be true to yourself. Wise enough to be brave enough, to be strong enough to shape yourself from what you actually are." Spent the Evening with good friends Michael & Karen. Had a nice time chatting it up. The hot tub was nice n toasty to.Its actually a bit cold inFlorida droped to like 68 degrees at night. Brrrrrrrrr. LOL

Nov 10th

More of Darla posted up. Lots of new sizzling photos. Heres one.If you want to know what REALLY happens to the carrot you will have to join :> Oh and be sure to check out Hanging Flesh in the feeders section :>

Nov 9th

New SuperSize MOdel Today being Posted. Her name is Razberry. Im sure you will find her tasty :>

Nov 8th

The pictures of stormie are soooo hot!!! That lady sure takes a GOOD piccccture. So photogeic. Here are some samples. I just posted some REALLY good ones in the members area.

Nov 7th

Well in honor of election day I have booked a very sexy lady to model again this week.More Pictures of Stormie will be coming soon. This week will also be the debut of my new pictures. My newest video will be released shortly to. Once again its a HOT XXX Video.

Nov 6th

We are going to be doing an interesting shoot either late this week or early next. A very generous site member is sending us Lots and lots of balloons. I wonder what happens when really Fat Hot Woman sit on big balloons. Really Big Balloons? BAthing in Ballons. We can think of lots of uses for these balloons. Lots of pictures of our attempts to blow up these balloons to! So fo all of you balloon enthusiasts out there stay tuned :>

Nov 5th continued.

Heres a sample from the Beach shot today. You will find MORE of these hot photos in the Members area.

Nov 5th

Well we had a field trip today. Hot photo shoot at the nudist Beach here.I'll be posting the pictures this week!

Nov 4th

Well hope your weekends all are going well. I am kind of bored tonight. Any nice FA's out there want to keep me busy this evening? Would love to chat with you online or on the phone. Email me if your home and lonely too.

Nov 3rd

I want to tell all you lovely FA's out there that some of my sweet sensual Supersize friends are really wanting to meet a nice FA that will be good to them. I have a personal section on Bigger and Better and I hope you look through it. Today I would like to tell you about one of my close friends. She is one of the nicest people I know. A genuine person that would do anything she could to help a friend. I am hoping that one of you REALLY nice SINGLE, HONEST , FA's out there that would love to meet a woman that is beautiful inside & out. Will email her and get to know her.Only if you are really single and have a true desire to be with a supersize woman. I can honestly say this lady has a heart of Gold and any man would be LUCKY to get a chance to be in a relationship with her. If you think you could be her mr right email her. Tell her Lexi sent you :>

Nov 2nd

Hi everyone. Shot a new video last night. Its looking really good >Its Called"You Make Me Scream"

Nov 1st

Well first day of November and 55 days till christmas. So what do you want Santa to bring you? Maybe a nice hot Fatfantasy video? Ok I know pardon the cheap commercial lol. Check out the new videos and the specials.

Oct 31st continued

Also in Addition to Sabrina & Brown Sugar I posted pictures of New MOdels Heddy & Josie WOO HOO

Oct 31st

Hope you are having a GHoul Day :> I just posted a Photo Set of Sabrina & Brown Sugar.

127 Photos for you to enjoy!

Oct 30th

Another great photo shoot! Putting these photos up right now.They are incredibly hot!!!! Ok here is the absolute tamest and this is too hot for preview but i'll sneak it to yu anyway! Click here and you wont have to wonder if you should join to see the rest!

Oct 29th

Check out who has been spotted iin Lexi's bed lately!

Oct 28th

Well its 5 pm sorry I couldn't write before now but my body refused to let me stay awake long enough. We went to bed after the last group of people left around 4.30 AM. That punch gaave a new meaning to the hawaiin punch slogan" how'd you like a nice hawaiin punch". This one knocked you out for sure! The next morning Dallas, Rayanna & I looked quite pathetic on the web cam laying on my bed none of us moving at all. People were here in the hot tub & on karaoke but we could not sseem to get up or be bothered by the noise. Dallas & I slept through the day till night fall. AWESOME Party. So many new faces too. A fun time was had by all!

Oct 27th

Well tonights the party. People started arriving at 3 Pm in the afternoon. A bit early but we were ready! The witches brew was POTENT! Baartender Michaels recipe was OH SOOO Good. Well the party is under way let you know more tomorrow. Watch the party cams!

Oct 26th

Tomorrow is the PARTY! If you are in Orlando don't miss out on this one! This will be the place to be! I just put up new Supersize Model Jayde in the members area!

Oct 25th

Check out the new section.I have put up a LOT of new pictures in the last few days. A new supersize model named Jayde is going up too! We have finally made all the final details for our phone sex network.It should run much smoother now. A lot more models to choose from. Late next week you will see the list of models that you can choose from up on the site.

Oct 24th

Hi everyone. Only a few more days to our Halloween party. Should be lots of fun!!!! If your going to be in the orlando area friday night this will be the place to be!!!! I have a personal Ad site up on my Free Site Bigger And Better.If you want to meet someone check it out.Place an ad too

Oct 23rd

Have you ever seen anyone turned into a human cake? Well Dallas with her FFF Tits was during a recent photo shoot. We also had some incredible bondage shots with her. Brand new Hot as Hell shots up today in the members area. DON'T MISS THESE!

Oct 22nd

I put some new stories up today for everyone in the members area. There is a new pic of the week to.

Oct 21st

A lot of you have been asking for more pics of me. Well this week you get to see my newest weigh in and Lots more photos of me in the members section.If your not a member you are REALLY missing out! One of our models also has been working on a nice site .I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Oct 20th

Back by popular demand the preview section. We now have all our models in the preview section. We now have 100 Models on the site and very close to 85,000 pictures in the members area. I am also putting in a preview feeding section.

Oct 19th

The video was awesome. The following BBW are in it. Lexi (SSBBW), Jaydye(SSBBW),Rayanna(SSBBW),Heather,Raven& Dallas our Plumper slave Feedee wannabee. We are taking advance orders for this video. Its called Thankgiving Feeding. An incredible amount of food was consumed! Everyone of these women have gained since our last dinner together. This video was so much fun to make. We ate, Played feeding games, fed our slave till she was bursting. This ones a definite winner!

Oct 18th continued

Well the foods been bought and tomorrow night will be a Feeders Paradise here. Our FA chef has arrived with 200 dollars worth of goodies. The menu for the video is going to have 6-8 sexy BBW & SSBBW chicks eating Two Butter Basted Turkey, Guldens Glazed Ham with Pineapple rings and cherries,Geen Bean Casserole, Corn, Sweet Potato Casserole with Pineapple, brown sugar raisins and Marshmalows, baked beans with brown sugar,brown n serve rolls ,chocolate cake,vanilla cake,pumpkin pie, deep dis apple pie,cherries and all the ice cream and whipped cream they can eat. We should have somoe very stuffed people tomorrow!!!. Of course the scale will be there to get the accurate before and after weights.This Video will be on sale by Thanksgiving :> We are taking Pre orders for it.

Oct 18th

Had a visit last night from a good friend I met online a while back. He came to town once before so this was our second time meeting. He came bearing a lovely bottle of wine and we chatted for hours about life. Last time he was here Tom was with me . He said the house had a much more comfortable air to it now. He said last time it had a coldness to it.I have to agree things have really "heated up" since Tom left. Anyway we ate dinner and enjoyed a nice evening till he had to get back to his hotel. Its always nice to meet site friends so remember if your coming to orlando and want to meet. Email me I always love getting to know new people. For the feeders out there I am putting up a set of pics this morning i think you will enjoy.There are also some hot ones for you non feeders too going up this morning. They are of that hot Vixen Brown Sugar!

Oct 17th

Last night I did a really hot photo shoot in my new Dungeon. Its not quite finished almost but I just had to use it :> I received a lot of my new Dungeon toys in and am really excited. I tried the dungeon out on a too willing subject last night. She looks hot! Heres a few samples of the ones I can show in preview. The good ones are inside the members area. HOT HOT HOT!

Oct 16th

If anyone is home around noon EST go to we will be live on the radio right on the net talking about our work in size acceptance. Our main website Bigger And better will be featured

Oct 15th

Exciting day yesterday. Brown Sugar joined us here to do a video. Boy that is some sexy Lady! She has gained a bit of weight since the last photo session. Don't worry I captured it all for you to see. Check out the new models I posted to the site. New pic of the week too. Hope you have been catching the daily webcam shows! They have been really HOT! Brown Sugar really put on quite a show yesterday MMMMMMM! I heard from a lot of you how much you enjoyed Dallas & my performance saturday! Keep those emails coming thats how I know you like it. Or just post to the web board. A lot of the models have now gotten computer access. I am updating their profiles with email address in the members section. Just added Raven & Rayannas this weekend. They are wanting to hear from all you FA's out there that like what they see.

Oct 14th

Well its been a nice quiet day. Not much happened. Night time came and its PARTY time. Had company come over. We all had a great time.

Oct 13th

We spent the evening dancing to some good music last night. Even tried our hands at ome salsa. We looked pretty fine doing it too. We all joined in and had a good time. We were doing it while in chat and on the web cam so we were able to have our computer friends sing and dance with us. Afterwars we all crashed till morning.

Oct 12th continued

Busy Busy day here. Bought some really exciting suprises for the haloween party. We now have a professional karaoke machine to use at the parties with Lots of song CD's. Feel free to bring any you have and want to sing to.We also have some new stuff but those will remain a surprise till that night. A journalist that works with a famous magazine will also be attending this event. We are really excited!

Here are some sample 1 2 pictures from yesterdays shoots. If you want to see the REALLY HOT ones you will have to go to the members area. Next Thursday we will be taping a very special Video.Its our newest feeder video call Fatties Thanksgiving . Starring four sexy Fat BBW's. One is yours truly ...ME :> We are shooting this live on the web cam starting at 3 PM. The food is being catered by a very kind FA Chef who I am turning my kitchen over to wednesday night to begin the fat fantasy thanksgiving preperations. See only on Fatfantasy do you get to have thankgiving before halloween. :>

Oct 12th

Take a look at the new photos up in the members ection of Bonita. This model sure has some GREAT TITS!!!!! Took some great photos of Raven last night in the hottub. Here is a sample of whats going up in the members section.

Oct 11th

Here is a sample pic from yesterdays shoot. I am putting her up in the members section. Hope you liked the new pic of the week. Her Tits are EXTRA Ordinary for sure!!!!!!!

Oct 10th

Great day today. We have been having a great time over here. Putting the final touches on the dungeon and bought some VERY interesting Toys & Props. You will get to see them in some shoots this week. Sorry the web cam was down for a few days. I had a model that was homeless and I took her in for a lil bit because I couldnt let her sleep in the car with kids. For obvious reasons we couldnt have them on the camera. We found them a temporary living solution. If anyone out there in the central florida area has a inexpensive rental property or room for rent, a trailer anything please let us know. Even if you are hiring and would offer her a job so she can afford a place.They can't afford much. They would even work in exchange for room & board. The Cam is back up now again I apologize for the down time. We are also upgrading the cameras this week so there will be night vision on it too.

Oct 9th

Just wanted to remind all of you my other site bigger and better now has personals on it. If you want to meet someone put a personal ad on over there. Its all free.

Oct 8th

We had a mini party last night. Rayanna came over and joined us as well. Bartender Mike was over experimenting on us to get his Halloween drink Mixture fine tuned. Its going to be quite the party. We had 95 last time.I expect it will be even bigger. Come on down. I want to meet lots of new people! Hey remember guys Im looking for Mr right too so if you think you can handle this supersize lady write me :>

Oct 7th

Always interesting and exciting around here. Sometimes it is hard to keep up.I am always trying to change things around and keep them new for you. I have lots of models that want to meet Mr right. So if you are looking for a new woman in your life take a look at some of these models read their bios. Most have their email address on their page. They love to hear from you.

Oct 6th

Had the pleasure to meet one of our site members today. Enjoyed the lunch thanks for stopping by. For all you ladies out there wanting to meet a Hot Man this guy is a hunk & a half. He will be at the halloween party as well yeah :> All you FA's that want to meet someone. Send me your photo for our FA page. Can be fully dressed or NOT :> //hope you caught the Tyne & Lexi show on the webcam last night. You could have seen Dallas creaming Lexi. :>

Oct 5th

The new pics of Brown Sugar are up. 100 great new photos for you to drool over :> She will be at our next party Oct 27th for anyone that would like to meet her.

Oct 4th

Some of the models that havent updated in a while came by to sshoot. Brown Sugar came over and we have a lot of good pictures for you.They will be up tomorrow! Stay tune tonight at 10 PM we will be having a hot time on the web cam!

Oct 3rd

Well I hope you enjoyed the show on the members Cam yesterday. It was definetly hot. One of our newest hottest models was showing what she could do with some um "large" objects. If you thought what Sabrina could do with the Bat was good well you should of seen this!!!!

Oct 2nd

Well your in for a real treat now. We are making some hot steamy videos ately. I am editing them now. Also am creating a sampler video with few minutes from each of the videos. Had another hot model today. A beautiful sexy Plump Blond. Her eyes will inspire all sorts of hot thoughts. This one sizzles!

Oct. 1st

We rested up most of today. Life has been hectic. Just put up a new picture of the week in the members area. What a HOTTIE! Im putting up her new pics this week! Here is a sample one of her . If your not a member your going to want to join to see this!

Sept 30th

Our Master Bartender Mike gave it a rest last night and Karen & Dallas took on the role and concocted the drinks. The first one they gave me sent me to another dimension.I think they forgot the "mixer" in the mixed drinks!

Sept 29th

Yeah friday is here! Dallas made 60 Jello shots for the party. My faaavorite of the ones we made are the sex on the beach.I love the cherry inside. So can you tie a knot with the cherry stem using your tongue?

Sept 28th

Looking forward to friday night. We are having some friends over and saturday we are going to be selling at the flea market software.

Sept 27th

Excited about it being hump day...very suggestive isn't it? We have had a long day here lost of photo shoots.I m hoping to have a few days of quiet time soon so I can veg out. Its been a non stop party here since our big party September 16th. We have become a party house! The parties here have been WILD!

Sept 26th

Man am I burnt out .It has been 5 days since I have gotten any solid sleep. Dallas & I have been sharing a new Boy Toy and life has been 1 big Party! My life is now going the way I have been trying to get it to go the past two years. It makes such a difference when the people you are with are "real" people and truly open and open minded. It was really hard because while Tom enjoyed the idea of an open marriage he had more of the "only him" open marriage going on.It was hard to find a male he was ok with. Now I find that there are options out there :> Keep on applying Im having a great time meeting FA's. I'm still looking for the one that is going to make me ready to settle down again. Until then PARTY!

Sept 25th

Spent the day updating the site and shooting some new videos. This new Cam has even better capabilities then the last. Should be seeing some Reaaly great video Shortly. I did put up some new G2 video clips to.

Sept 24th

Today was supposed to be a day of rest but we ended up in a mini party again.

Sept 23rd

Great party tonight. Mike, Karen, Valerie,Ken, Dallas,Lynette, Mimi, & China all were here. May not of been a lot of us but a great time was had by all. Once again compliments to bartender Mike :>

Sept 22nd

Great day today. Was glad to see the workday was over so the party could begin. Last person dropped at 5 am. When we woke up there were people laughing about who ended up in whose bed. So far it is Dallas, Bartender Mike, DJ,Leeann,Gloria,& Karen.. More keep coming. Going to be a fun fun night.

Sept 21st

Getting ready for tomorrow nights party. Should be really good. Not as big hugh one this is the planning party for the halloween one. Bartender Mike is going to practice some of his newest drink concoctions on us. OOOH Im scared LOL. We are going to try & double the amount of people at this next party! There were 95 here last week. We are partying friday, saturday & sunday this week so if you wanna join us please come on down!

Sept 20th

Hi everyone. I am extremely excited to say we I have found three really incredible replacments for Tom in the videos. We made a video with Rayanna last night it was not with one of these men but he also is a great candidate for special appearances. Get ready everyone in the next two days a Lot of new G2 video Clips will be in the members area. Also adding a few thousand ne pics this week into the members area. Few Brand new models coming your way. A few supersize ones too. We have gotten 5 new supersize in the last week. So look out new content coming in each day. Had to actually stop shooting for a few days. We actually had to photographers busy all day yesterday. Oh yeah thats the other news. We now have 3 photographers on staff.

Sept 19th

Here is a hot pic we took today.Sorry had to give you a tame version here in preview. The rest of this i just put up in the members area. Hot photoset of electra! Lots of outdoor exhibitionist photos!

Sept 18th

Well we finally are awake after the party. We had forgotten to put the spiked watermelon out after the party. We the clean up crew had a good time munching out on it. It was definetly potent! Of course we also could not let the last 2 dozen Jello shots go to waste either. So we had to start up our own party again.

Sept 17th

WoW what a night we had. We had to go out for liquor and mixers twice on top of what we had! I really enjoyed this party.It was everything I had hoped for and more. We had at least 95 people there some came after that but we stopped counting. This was the hottest party we have ever had. Guess the closure brought us good luck. Guess getting rid of the old garbage (Tom) (Brian)& (1 female who knows who she is) did my luck a world of good. Heres to much happier times! Next party is Oct 27th a Halloween Party. Come to our Haunted House Party don't be spooked out of cumming :> We had people from all over the US at this one. Oh and the Hot Tub Tells NO Tales WOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

Sept 16th

PARTY..PARTY..PARTY yeah. The whole house is in action preparing for tonight. Without a doubt I know we will hit close to a hundred people here tonight. My poor house is going to take some abuse tonight but I know we will have fun!

Sept 15th

Okay its the night before the party. Dallas is making the Jello Shooters and we both are testing all the kinds we make. We have also now spiked the watermelon. Its very very cold and very very spiked! I just know in my heart that this party is going to be the best ever. I need it to be. I want closure on a lot of things in my life and i Know i am going to get it. When I am done I will be back to being the strong power house I used to be.I am feeling empowered already. Tom you are looking more & more pathetic everyday YEAH! After his emails and phone calls the other day it made me realize just how strong I really was. I know if I have to I CAN do anything. Sounds like that old Helen Reddy song "I am woman". Well I am Lexi and I feel empowered yeah!!!!!!

Sept 14th

We are hard at work getting tready for this Blow out Party!. Problem is with this party mood everytime we start making party fod and shooters we end up in a mini party! Party!!!

Sept 13th

I think ive actually lost it from stress. I found myself getting radical with a furby today. I was yelling at it DAMN.The party is saturday thank God!I need a party!!!!!!!!

Sept 12th

PLEASE keep your eyes out for videos that include my models and are not being sold by me. Also that contain backgrounds similar to my house. I was robbed yesterday at my studios and they made off with 14 videos that I had shot in the last few weeks but had not edited. They also stole all my video equipment. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this person please contact me immediately. He may be either in the Texas, Florida ,Misouri or Ohio vicinity. He also totalled my car last week. Im having a BAD WEEK!

Sept 11th

Well the dungeon is coming along nicely. One more coat of paint should do it. We already have the cross bars up. Any volunteers to be a victim in the dungeon :> I'm seeking slaves any takers??????

Sept 10th

Well thanks to my friend Mike I may have a working van soon. I am mourning the loss of my car on this party week. Tom had started to put a carbureator in .Now the real pro is doing it for me. Thanks Mike. Luv ya Think your GREEAAT! 5 More Days till its party time!!!! If you cant come watch the party cams. With any luck there will be 4 cams up. At least 2 for sure. We are trying to get one for the hot tub area. If your not going to this party you ARE missing out on a lot!!!! We have people coming from Philly, Texas, New Orleans, North Carolina ! PAARRRTY!!!!!

In honor of the party . I also have this video sale going on .

Sept 9th

Had to laugh today. Dallas was over & so was Raven. Raven brought a fine specimen of a man over for the new video. I have to say this lady has fine taste in me. Dallas got so excited when she saw him that she talked her way into doing the video too. So I guess you realize who did the taping. Must say darn good job to. I wasnt aware some of these positions were possible. WOO HOO HOO!!!! I suppose you all want a preview of it after that build up. Okay you talked me into it. I'll process the pictures tonight and put them in the members area. They are way to XXX for the preview section.The men around her lately sure look FINE!!!! Damn I waited way to long to get rid of Tom. This fresh meat is awfully tasty!

Sept 8th

My son in law sent me something today that was just so true I had to let those of you that are interested see it. For those of you out there that are having a need for closure for a relationship or those that just want to see click here please. For those that want to see a hot picture of a model that gained some weight since her last shoot see this pic of heather!

Sept 7th

Well purchased all the liquor for the party. If anyone isnt drunk after this I don't know how they did it. We have 2 cases of Asti Spumante Champagne, 2 Gallons of Vodka, 2 Gallons of Tequila, 7 Gallons of Margarita, 1 quart of Blue Curacuo. We are making Jello Shooters, Margaritas,& aChampagne . So Saturday the 16th come Party with Lexi (me) & all my friends. At the I'm getting Closure & a New Begining.Watch me toss out 180 lbs of FATHEAD (Tom) and find Pleasure in a New Life! Oh and I'm getting rid of the FAThead in a unique way. Come party with us to find out how! Its gonna be the party that beats aall parties. Oh yeah & theres Loads of food too!!!

Sept 6th

Hired another part time employee today to help around BABE. Next time you call our office say hello to Dallas one of our sexy models. Last night Dallas , Brian & I were out at the hot tub. Dallas REALLY loves the Jets. She tends to just stay in one place & moan LOL

Sept 5th

I have done a lot of soul searching over the last month. I have come to a realization. The old saying is true we can move mountains. It is not by physical strength it is through faith & mental strength and focus. Some say that medical recoveries are miracles of God or a higher power. Simply though these are not miracles but they are the strength of Karma & faith. Faith can move mountains. Two things come to mind. A song about an ant and a rubertree plant. " who could think that lil old ant. Could ever move a rubber tree plant. Everyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant but he had high hope he had high hopes he had high apple pie in the sky hopes." Thats my point be that ant today! Also pardon me for quoting the bible here but I feel there is value in this quote from it. "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing
will be impossible for you." - Matthew 17:20 Thats how I feel right now. Nothing is impossible. I have faith that my deepest desires will come to be.

Sept 4th

Just had a mini dinner paarty with a close friend who is also a new model. Had a great time cooking dinner together and chatting. Brian is hard at work building the Dungeon should be totally done soon. All I can say is AWESOME! Whose going to be the first one in the dungeon? Any guesses?

Sept 3rd

Well it has been an interesting day today. Jusst got finisshed processing the pics from

todays shoot. Should have it posted online by tuesday. Your going to love these pictures of Dallas!

Sept. 2nd

Brian spent most of today painting a new set and building an A frame for the dungeon. Yes you did not read wrong I said dungeon. As I said the pics around here are about to take on a new level of HOT! In fact they already have wink!

Sept 1st

Today was really a great day. We had an impromptu party tonight. Seven of us got together by the hot tub. Had some burgers and some wine and hung out till the wee hours of the morning. We did get a few pics but they really cant get posted in the preview area.

August 31st

Well I have a sneak Preview of our new hot tub set up. Click to see who's iin the tub playing on the Jets WOO HOOOO!

August 30th

Working on a major site update.During the labor Day weekend I will be laboring to bring you an awesome update. Get ready cause here it comes. New Pics & New Video Clips YEAH!!!!!

August 29th

Worked really hard today getting things ready to paint our new sets. I think you will be extremely pleased when you see the new photos that we are taking on these new sets we have built and are still building. I have gotten quite a few supersize models & Plumper BBW. Lots of new faces coming up shortly. Tomorrow night we are shooting a very Hot Video with the very Sexy Taylor & a Handsome Hunk Black Male Model. Can't wait till you see it! Hey Ladies he's looking to meet a sexy BBW too. Email me if youd like to meet him.He's a young 21 but definetly a handsome stud!

August 28th

Well when you come to the next BABE party you are in for a treat. I finally did the one thing Ive been trying to do for years but procrastinated about.However thanks to the help of A very Nice FA and an electrician we now have a working Hot Tub here! YEAH!!! Oh Yes I forgot this very nice FA built a custom set of steps even the most imobile BBW like me can manage to get up. OOH THOSE JETS!!!

August 27th

WHAT AM I? I have a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver. Answer
August 26th cont:

After another quite productive day here we still had time to give you a great web cam show. Hope you enjoyed it. I did LOL

August 26th

Did a photo shoot this morning with Brown Sugar. Shes back asfter being gone for 9 moths having a baby. Shes back Plumper and prettier if thats even possible. Shes already a HOTTIE!

August 25th

We had the opportunity to photoshoot a mother /daughter this week. It was an interesting photoshoot. You will be getting to see it soon :> Also I have purchased some equipment that allows me to edit videos much differently. Wait till you see the next video I realease.I have started a few new video series. They are very hot. I like both styles but Im hoping you will enjoy what I have done with them.

August 24th

Plans are coming along nice for the party. We have some fun games planned. Music , food & lots of Hot Women & Handsome men. Please come join us. If you are coming from out of town I will be happy to help you find good inexpensive lodging. Don't forget the web boards back up in the members area.

August 23rd

Well today I finished plans for my new sets. Wait till you see whats coming up. WOO HOOOO! We have started building them. Those of you attending our september 16th party will get a sneak peek around. As you will see one of the new additions at the party. What Party? Well its the next Bigger And Better Party. For more details click . Its going to be the biggest blow out party we have ever had. Fully catered & Champagne toasts at midnight. Oh yeah and FREE Margaritas!

August 22nd continued

I realized today while deep in thought that People don't need to be trained to handle specific situations - they need to be taught to think and act like problem-solvers. I think if during the formative years kids, teenagers ,young adults were forced to solve problems themselves instead of constantly told by adults how to handle things the world would run much smoother.

August 22nd

Ok I need some feedback here. Im trying to plot the direction this sites going to take. Im posting a questionaire later. Please fill it out & email it back. I really need your thoughts.

August 21st

Well did some update photos of heather today. She just had a baby & has gained 40 lbs. So we have a much plumper heather :> Here is a pic from the shoot. Can you guess where we were LOL

August 20th

Did 2 videos today. The first one with D.J. VERY EROTIC! The second one would take your breathe away. I didn't film this one so I was able to watch. It was an incredible bondage scene between Master Blackfoot & Raven. Master Blackfoot outdoes him self in training the wife of a friend of his & turning her into his submissive. This plump exotic beauty learns quite quickly! Though not quite quick enough because Master does find many reasons to turn her very plump ass into a red work of art.This one is available for sale just not up on the web page yet. Master Blackfoot is now the resident photographer at Lexi's fatfantasy along with Lexi.

August 19th cont.

Had a great time today at mimi's. She cooked spaghetti for us & garlic bread it was terrific.I was really excited to get out again. I made it 8 hours today with my legs down sitting at her house & was still able to get back in the car. Its getting easier to get around. YEAH! I want so much to be mobile again.Its so hard seeing people going off to do things I can only dream about doing. Even simple things like going to a grocery store. I havent been in one in 8 years. The ways people pay, shop & do all sorts of thinkgs have changed. I feel like im in some sort of time warp at times.Every time I go out things look so different.

Was able to see Ms Molly Mounds & Bendie, & China Doll too which was great. Everyone had a greeat time. A few hours into the part a lady visited us and we had a secret Desires Party. We got to see all the latest & fun sex toys on the market.In fact I will be making these available for purchase through the site.

August 19th

Okay The fat chick is leaving the building. Yes yes i will be off cam for a few hours. Don't panic i will return.Im going out to lunch at my good friend MIMI's house. China Doll will be there to. It will be great to see them all again. Thought you might enjoy this story about breasts . Enjoy!

August 18th

Okay I am having a coffee emergency!!!!!!!. i'm praying to the big KONA god right now. HELP ME HELP ME I NEED COFFEE!! Now if a magic genie appears to grant my wish I might have to switch it to sumthin else. BEcausse I wouldnt waste a good wish on coffee.

August 17th

Well shooting another video tonight. I have been learning a lot of lessons lately about life and love.YOu can't choose your parents and you cant choose who you fall in love with.It just happens.Its hard to shut love on & off. If someone knows the key to doing this please let me know.My biggest problem is I trust people to easily. I expect them to be who they say & what they are. I expect them to do wwhat they say. Now i guess its better to just never trust. Can one go through life never trusting?

August 16th

Wow we certainlly had a hot video shoot last night!!! You shoulda seen the cum shot!! Its a new series we have. Woo Hooo Oh My God your going to love these videos. First they are going to make you drool . Your going to wish it was you & then your going to lose your eyesight cause your going to jerk off ill you go blind LOL!!!

August 15th

Well we were up late doing a photo shoot. Then the pics looked so good that I had to get creative then share one with you.She is a brand new Supersize model. Some of you will recognize her from our BABE parties. Shes been a friend to me for over a decade and I finally yanked her chain enough to get her to model. I'm so glad she did. I don't know if you FA's realize it but when one of our models finally makes the choice to be daring and get sexy and show off for the camera they are making a choice that aaffects the rest of their lives. For you all its just another picture to look at but for them it raises their self esteem and gives them a new level of confidence in themselves.

On another note :We have been getting a tremendous response to our Party on the 16th of September in Winter Springs(orlando area). Looks like its going to be a fun time by All as usual.Check the site for party details :>

August 14th

Hope you all like the new Members area & preview section. Still fine tuning everything but it should be much easier to navigate around in now. Lots of positive changes coming shortly. Shooting new videos this week with brand new male talent. Let me tell you these videos are going to sizzle. Theese new males are going to get the workout of their lives though with double trouble. Hot female dynamic duo of plump flesh. Then later this week 2 new supersize chics that I just took pics of are also going to give another New Male actor a try. I know you are all glad to see more then Tom getting laid and quite frankly so am I LOL. Oh and heres a pic that I did today for you of one of our models. What ya think?

August 13th

Well everyone take a look at my members area. Its Totally new. I think it will be much easier to navigate around in now and so much faster. See how fast I fixed it :> I'm pretty proud of myseld revamped the whole site in 12 hours. Last time took me 2 weeks. I have been extremely motivated lately.Look out new content coming your way soon.Im also fiing the preview area.

August 12th

Well I guess you caught the show last night. Did that get your attention? OK so there wasnt a show.What I do want to show you is this. So click here and see. The first person that can figure out who this butt/pussy belongs to wins a prize :> So email your answers here. If someone wins i'll post it here in my journal that theres a winner. Don't worry I won't post your name :>

August 11th

Fun night last night. Had a friend come and visit last night from Texas. We stayed up pretty late socializing. Hes a graphic artist, photographer and computer tech. Hes shown me how to do some really awesome stuff. Look for some new stuff in the members area. Im revamping the members section again.Im also adding some awesome pics to the Feeder Section Woo Hooo

August 10th 2000

I heard a quote recently "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." I really think thats true.Thats been shown to me over and over lately. I have had a chance to do a lot of thinking lately. I realize that often people that have serious problems with themselves try to make the person they are with feel like they are the cause of it. Its very unfair and it causes some incredible emotional changes in the person they are doing it to. Anyway I hope all this thinking is giving me soome closure on some issues. I know its going to take a long time to heal but im trying to start.
August 9th

Today was pretty

August 10th

Have you ever heard the saying "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character
to keep you tmuch a comedy of errors. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

August 8th

Well did a photo shoot today with a very hot new model. The picture of the week in the member section will give you a glimpse of her.

August 7th

I think I slept through yesterday. Couldnt seem to stay awake for more then an hour. I think depression is setting in. Anyone want to chat on the phone? Call me if you do. Email me first and ill give you my number.

August 6th

I'd like to heasr from all of you regarding a few issues. I'm always trying to improve the site. Tell me what you'd like to see on the site.Smaller BBW? Larger ones? More kinky pictures? Any ideas for shots? More D/s Pictures? I wanna hear from all of you.

August 5th

Well I guess by now a lot of you have noticed Tom is missing from the house. No longer in the bed or on the web cam. Thats beccause he is no longer here. We have officially parted ways. That will have no affect on fatfantasy other then to give you more updates then ever as I have a lot more time on my hands. I am also in the process of finding a new replacement for him workwise and relationship wise. So if anyone wants to apply for either of these please email me.

August 4th

So, hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was uneventful. Actually I have been quite lonely. Anyone want to chat on the phone? If so email me. Im not talking phone sex here. though that could be arranged.Im actually seeking some good conversation.

August 3rd

Well I am placing an "ad" of sorts here. I'm seeking an FA that really enjoys supersize women. That would enjoy being around a "lot" of large sexy women on a regular basis and be working regularly in this industry.You don't really need experience though it would help. What is most important is that you are honest, friendly, disease free and patient. You must be willing to relocate to Florida and live in a nice comfortable 3 bedroom home for room/board salary and *benefits* It can be both work & pleasure or just work. If you are interested email me . This opening is available right now.

August 2nd

Well, i have made some additions to the member area and also some changes. There are now CD's available of many of our videos. So for those of you that prefer to see it on your computer screen you can now see our videos on there.One of our new supersize models is seeking a Long Term Relationship.I promised to help her find her ideal man. So any of you FA's out there looking to get with a supersize Woman apply here. Tell me about yourself and if you have a pic please send it. I will show it to her and she will get back with you.

August 1st continued

Check out my new featured article on how to kiss. Lots of good technique advuce :>

August 1st

Today has staerted off with a bang. Woke up at 5 am and started working.The webboard is working again in the members area.We have a great video special going on as well. Press Here for info.

July 31st

Okay everyone I have a real treat for you today. A very nice artist has made some photo rendering of one of my models .This will be a feeders delight because he literally grew my model. Shes a lot Bigger And Better now :> I'm posting it in the feeder section now. This is thanks to Jay you can email him or just go to his website. In either case you will love what he can do.

July 30th

Another one of those lazy days. Time moved really slow today. Just cooked dinner. It was one of those throw in all the ingredients left in the house and see what happens. It wasnt to bad. Was a sort of chinese stir fry. Tom & I like oriental food a lot. Especially sushi. An all you can eat sushi place can be scared if we both go in. The first restaurant I went out to in 6 years was during the video taping of Lexi Lexi Lexi.It was a all you can eat japanese sushi.Right now I'm sitting here listening to some classical music. My music tastes are quite eclectic. I like anything from rock to show tunes to classic to new age to operetta. The only thing I do not care to much for is headbanger or rap music. Though light rap is ok. Right now I'm listening to Mozart symphony no 40 in G minor. I'm about to put on Peter and the wolf. I'm in a classical mood today. We are sitting here sipping on wine & just hanging out.

July 29th

Today I have spent most of my time playing on napster downloading and singing to the oldies. I think this whole lawsuit against napster is ridiculous. I really don't believe they are a threat to the music industry. I think people will still buy music. Anyway I decided to see what the hype was about and Napster is fun. Especially for listening to those songs that you would never buy but just like to hear again for old times sake.

July 28th

Well TGIF. Sindee and our newest Male Actor Buffalo Bill are coming by soon. We are shooting a movie with both of them called Sinfull sindee. Can't wait. Watch the Cam!

July 27th

Well we were relaxing after all yesterdays excitment.Didnt get a whole lot done because our chef spent the day hanging out with Tom & I . He prepared me a lovely lunch & I am going to hate to see him go.Not just because hes a great cook but he really was incrediblly handsome & very funny. A great person to hang with.

July 26th

I have to say today was really super. We had the first Bigger And Better Party we have had in months. ZAch our wonderful Profressional chef cooked up a storm for everyone. There was baked shrimp, baked salmon and this wonderful pasta with spinach and of course garlic bread. We cant forget the beautiful chocolate cake by D.J.. for desert. There was quite a good turnout for the dinner. Hope to have a few more of these intimate dinners soon.Site members that are in town and want to meet let mr know. Love to get to meet you .

July 25th

I had a thought tonight and bells rang & lights went on. I think i finally realized the link between two things in my life that relieve stress. 1 is breaking glass & the other is getting spanked. I think they both are a breaking of sorts.

July 24th

Well I just was surfin the web and I noticed Dimensions has put their chat board up.I'm glad to see it back. Conrad & ruby are originals in the area of size acceptance and I would hate to see any part of what they have developed go away. So Conrad glad to see the chat is back. On other notes I'm trying to put together a complete lists of resources that are out there for women that are not mobile due to their size & need to find ways to live on their own. If anyone runs in to something they feel should be added to the list please email me about it. Or if you are a person of size and have a story to tell about how you do make it on your own please email me.

July 23rd

I'm looking for articles for the next fatfantasy newsletter. I need articles,and any erotic stories anyone would like to submit. I also want to announce on my main corporae site we are starting a personals section shortly. If your interested email me and we will notify you when its up.

July 22nd

Well we have made plans for wednesday to meet a site member here at fatfantasy studios. We have planned for him to be treated to a grand tour and even participate in a shoot. As he said " feels like I won the lottery." Hes really excited that hes going to meet Indigo Rose, Dusty, Sindee,Michelle & of course me :> Our site member is a chef by trade and hes promised to cook us Dinner after the shoots. We are all really excited.

July 21st

Hope you caught that we have a new male model. About to have a second one on wednesday.

Check out the new video Rita & Robin to see him. Saw a new quote i likeOnce you make a decision,the universe conspires to make it happen.
July 20th

Hope you got to catch the action on the web cam. We have a 2nd Granny and we did her photo shoot today. She sure is hot! It was double trouble today cause right after that we did another video with Dusty! REmember I just put all new videos up. Your going to want to see these.

July 19th

Did you all have you r eyes on the camera last night at midnight? If you did you caught some hot action!!!!!!! It was a suprise to me to. Wooo hooooo!!! Check out the special of the day. Is GRRREAT!!!

July 18th

Well hope you caught the show!!! We wore ourselves out and then fell asleep lol. Will be updating the site today with some NEW content. Keep your eyes out. Also iim changing the special of the week. Our Videos are AWESOME .

July 17th cont :

Watch Lexi & Tommy tonight between 8 - 10 sometime. Should be hot hot hot.

July 17th

Monday Monday so good to me. Monday Morning it was all I hoped it would be.. Check out our new sale later today I will be posting it. Its going to be a walapaloozer...a what??? Hmm thats a word out of my carvel ice cream childhood. YUMMM

July 16th

Hope you all caught todays show of DJ & Tommy. He really gets around.I know a lot of you out there would love to be in his place so here is your chance :>. Im taking honest inquiries from those of you interested in doing just that. Tommy's tired & we need fresh Dick. :> Anyone interested in being in videos? You have to be in Central florida or able to get there on your own. Email me if your interested.

July 15th

Well I'm hoping you all take advantage of the last day of the Birthday sale. We ship out orders the same day we get them or if its after 2 the next day. Hope you all are enjoying the photos of the new model Raven that are up.

July 14th

Well the birthday is over. Actually I wouldnt of known it was different then any other day other then my daughter gave me a present. It was this big hugh fat lady and when you press it it sings. Thats cause i always used to tell her it not over till i start singing. My middle daughter can be a smart ass at times.LOL Tom decided not to get me anything though I wasnt really expecting him to.I did get a cake cause i asked for one. So as they say...let them eat cake. Today we did a photo shoot with a model.Im updating the site tonight with a new model Raven.

July 13th

Well we have had such success with our birthday sale I am extending it till saaturday night. Here is the Yuck Joke of the day...Q: What is worse than a dead dog on your piano?
A: An infected pussy on your organ EWWWWWWWW

July 12th

Well I am T minus 1 day to my Birthday. Im prepared for it to be a bad day since I KNOW Tom will either forget or not get me anything. He hates birthdays & holidays.I hate that since im really into special occassions & holidays. They mean a lot to me. Its hard to think somebody forgets about something thats important to you.

Tonight around 7 pm we will be shooting another video with Rayanna. Should BE hot hot hot!

You have to spread me to eat me.
I can grease your slice.
You need cream to make me. ...
What am I?
July 11th

Well Watch the web cam tonight we will be shooting a video.

July 10th

Yes since my Birthday is the 13th I decided to start a New Birthday Sale.

July 9th

Things are going well here. We are playing catch up. Everyone seems to like the sale. we may extend it.

July 8th cont:

Well great news. For the next 2 days I am running an incredible Special.Click Here for details

July 8th

Well things are well here. We had a BBQ yesterday. It was so much fun- I love BBQ! Even after eating so much , I still found room for some big, juicy "tube steak" !!
July 7th

I have added some new content today. Thanks for all the positive feedback on the newest videos t hat we are selling. They are a bit different then some of the others.

July 6th

MOrning everyone! I am trying to see if there would be an interest in purchasing a calendar of some of our HOT models. If so which ones youd like to see. So if youd purchase a calendar email me.

July 5th

If you missed the fireworks yesterday here are some. Hope you enjoy them. Check ther new Pics & stories I put up in the members section.Hey everyone try some new videos I have for sale. They are SOOOO Hot!!!

July 3-4th

Sorry took some time off due to a family crisis. I am back in gear now. New pics of Lacey now up.

July 2nd

Just to let you know theres going to b e hot action between 5 pm -9 pm this evening. We will be filming some videos sometime inbetween there. Keep an eye out for some supersize action from Rita. Tomorrow from 7 pm - midnight we will be having another filming session with Rayanna. We are expecting another hot hot video.

July 1st

PHEW!!! Never thought this day would end.Its actually already the second but im writing it here. Its 4 am and our web cam shows been going since 7 pm last night. We had a hugh fuck fest. Sindee was on cam, Lexi, Blondie & Tommy & a new male model was here for inspection. He looked yummy :> WE NEED male models for a major orgy video...any volunteers that live in central florida & have current hiv tests to prove they are safe?

June 30th

Anyone like ghost stories? I found a great one on the web today.Here is another short one.Hope you enjoyed last nights performance of Sindee & Tommy. I was in the chatroom last night & was able to talk to a lot of you & it was great. Hope to talk to you more today.We put up some new material the last few days.More coming today. Hope you are enjoying the new pics. There will be a female - female show tonight between sindee & Blondie frpm about 7 - 10. Enjoy!!!

June 29th

I have to tell you lately my lifes been full of ups & down. Do you all like that new chat room? I need some feedback please. My horoscope didn't look to good today. uh oh. I'm cancer yup my Birthday is coming up. July 13th. Im going to be 43. I'm getting old. The lasdt three years my Birthday has been the worst day of the year. I don't have much higher hope for this year. Oh well.

Please check out our new videos. There are over 50 of them now.

June 28th

Its hump day...did you all do your fair share of humping?

I saw this quote today & I really liked it "The most effective way to achieve right relations
with any living thing is to look for the best in it,
and then help that best into the fullest expression." by Allen Boone

June 27th

Well yesterday was a very rough day for me. A lot of things came to a head in my life. However I was still working on bringing you new fun & excitment. Hope you caught tonights shows. Look for the special of the week in the video section.

June 26th

PHEW!!! what a day. It amazed me that I made it through yesterday. We started taping yesterday at 2 pm and went straight through to 4 am. It was live on the web cam. Hope you all enjoyed the show. A few of you called to tell us how much you enjoyed it & to pre order the videos. We appreciate your support.

June 25th

Hope you all enjoyed the show of Blondie & Tommy last night.We went longer then planned. It started at 9 and went till 2 am. We ended up getting Dennys takeout at 3 am.

Okay here is the unusual sex word of the day. Do you know what Arrhenothigmophilous means?

If not it means nymphomania.

June 24th

Just wanted to let everyone know I have a new chat server up in the members area. Its much better. Its allows you to chat with people on other participating sites as well. Hope to chat with you on it soon.

June 23rd

I just posted a new video up its called Massage & Fuck Interacial. In addition to the New video of the week there is a Special Sale of the Week. Check it out!!!

June 22nd cont:

We shot a new video today with a brand new model. Her name is Mocha. Shes a very pretty Supersize BBW 427 lbs of fun!

June 22nd

Hope you enjoyed the 2 shows yesterday on the web cam As you saw everyone was quite hungry by days end and there was a food fest...yumm yumm Italian :> Today there should be some more shows. We expect our first model around 11 & then there will be more from 3-7 if the other two models show up.They are all brand new models so we never know if those will show up. But heres hoping.They are supposed to be supersize women. Should be fun fun fun! I just put a few new videos up for sale today to. Check these out!

June 21st

Be sure and keep your eyes on the cam today from 1 pm till 4. We are shooting a video. Then again tonight between 6 pm -10 there will be a show ssomewhere during those times depending on when tonights model arrives. There will be regualr shows on here now so keep your eyes on our cam.I have a feeling we will be shooting the first of a new type of XXX starting tomorrow. It will be HOT!

June 21st

Well, morning everyone. Was up early working today. Just took a few minutes off to watch Martin Short. I love when he does lalawood. Hes pretty funny. Not as good as Tom Green though. I still think hes hilarious.We are shooting another video with michelle today. These models really appreciate your purchases of the videos.Thats what keeps them wanting to come back & model.

June 20th

We have been busy. Another video tonight with Blondie. Haven't named it yet but it was DAMN GOOD! It was shot right on the web cam hope you caught tonights show. Looks like Blondies going to be a regular on the web cam. Looks like we are hooking her up shortly from home to do a regular show a few nights a week. I know you will find her as sexy as we do.

June 19th

Just finished shooting a new video with Dallas. Its called "Fuck My Titties". Oh boy her F cups are the breasts to do it with. They are some nice breasts!!!! It will be up on the web page tonight! But first Toms going to Dennys to get us Reuben sandwiches yeah!

June 18th

Well still haavent been to sleep from yesterday yet. I have a photo shoot at noon. I might need toothpicks to keep my eyes open.

June 17th

We did a new video last night its called Hitchiking Plumper starring out new model Blondie.

Its already up on the site for sale. We are getting really efficient here. We are shipping videos now within a few hours of your order. We now have 54 videos out. The reviews have started coming out in many different mags both BBW type like Plumpers & Big Butt but also Video Xcitement,Hustler ERotic video & a few others. All have given us 5 star reviews YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

June 16th cont

Lots of new videos added to the videos for sale page.

June 16th

Did another photo shoot yesterday with Michelle & also Salsa. We really took some hot photos! Imhoping to post them up soon for you.

June 15th

Did a few photo shoots yesterday and I just posted a new model in the members area. Shes very very SPICY. Her name is SALSA. I bet you can already taste her :> We are shooting her video this weekend and as someone I admire says "BAM"!

June 14th

Well we did a new video last night with a brand new model. Here is a sample pic.

June 13th

Well, I have lots of really exciting news today. The last week of June I am having a special visitor a member of this site who is also a professional photographer. Hes offerred to do some photo work for me with our models so that I can get yet another photographical perspective of my models fabulous bodies to show you. Hes also offerred to do a special photoset of me. Im really excited!!!

Now more exciting news. At the end of the summer most likely labor day weekend we will be holding a hugh hotel party along with 6 or 7 other web sites & their models. If you think youd like to attend our party please email your name and email address and say "i wanna party".

June 12th cont:

A man walking along a California beach was deep in prayer. All of a
sudden, he said out loud, "Lord grant me one wish." Suddenly the sky clouded above his head and in a booming voice the Lord
said, "Because you have TRIED to be faithful to me in all ways, I will grant
you one wish"The man said, "Build a bridge to Hawaii, so I can drive over anytime I want to."
The Lord said, "Your request is very materialistic. Think of the logistics
of that kind of undertaking. The supports required to reach the bottom of
the Pacific! The concrete and steel it would take! I can do it, but it
is hard for me to justify your desire for worldly things. Take a little
more time and think of another wish, a wish you think would honor and
glorify me."The man thought about it for a long time. Finally he said, "Lord, I wish that I could understand women. I want to know how they feel inside, what they are thinking when they give me the silent treatment, why
they cry, what they mean when they say 'nothing', and how I can make awoman truly happy"After a few minutes God said, "You want two lanes or four on that bridge?

June 12th

Oh boy its Monday. Maybe if I just call it tuesday it will get better. A good freiend of mine asked me to put this ad in my journal for her so everyone pay attention and read it...:>


June 11th

Well morning everyone. I have a quick questions for everyone out there. I am looking for a few FA's that are in the Florida area or get here occassionally, that enjoy being with large women that would like to be in videos. I also have a few Supersize women over 500 looking to meet a kind FA. They are not exactly very mobile so take that into consideration when responding. If youd like to meet one of them email me for more info.If you can send a pic & a lil bit about yourself it would help to.

June 10th

I have come to realize that life has the ultimate way to discipline .It forces us to accept life unquestioningly. Because if we shut our eyes to things or circumstances or if we run away from the bad things or if we attempt to deny it , denigrate or despise it, it always but always
serves to defeat us in the end. What at first might seem nasty, painful, evil, can in the end become a source of beauty, joy and strength and Love. It is so important to face things with with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for those that have the vision to recognize it as such.

I am getting my lists together to mail out our summer specials to. We have lots of items going on Sale for the summer from our models. If you want the summer deal catalog mailed to you email your address to me. If you prefer to receive it in email send us your email address.

June 9th

What happens when the past creeps up on you time & time again. Do you jump up and say oh my god this is begining to be a pattern in my life and im going to just change it and things will be fine. Or do you realize that your life has become so unmanigable that you decide to just stop and retreat back into your wall. Walls are pretty secure places to live. People walk by you & don't even notice you unless they are using you to lean against. Even then you dont have to interact. No one even needs a response just the structure of holding them up. Perhaps thats why it was so easy to retreat behind my doors for 6 years. It was so much easier

On a seperate note,I saw a quote on someones profile on aol today that i liked. It said "Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

June 8th

Hey everyone hope your doing well. Been working hard all day hope you like the new model I just put up today. Her name is Gretl.

June 7th

Well I read in the paper today about that new serial killer. You know I am a cereal killer too. I can kill a box of cookie crisp in one sitting. :>

June 6th

More hot pictures of Syndee now in the members area. She is one sexy lil vixen. That lady is very fun to work with to. We laugh so hard. I truly enjoy working with her.

June 5th

Life seems to be throwing a lot of garbasge in my way lately. Hopefully this will end shortly.Hasn't stopped me from staying hard at work. Lost of new updates in the members section. More will be coming daily. We always try to stay right up to date bringing you fresh new content to see. There are now 92 Models on this site & over 39,000 custom photos.

June 4th

Today was a relaxing day. Kinda hung out sleeping till 10 which is so unusual for me. Its been really lonely here by myself. I really hope to find somethings to amuse myself with when i take brief breaks from work.

June 3rd

Well found sumthin to do last night. :> Lacey came over after work and she decided it was bath time. Every once in a while she likes to come over & bathe me before we have play time. Its so relaxing and sensual. Hope you caught it on the webcam. YUes its working again!

June 2nd

My lifes been so boring lately. Anyone have some suggestions for something fun to do? I'm lonely anyone wanna chat ? Heard this cute joke today wanna hear it?

When I went to lunch today, I noticed the face of a lady about 75-80 years old
sitting on a park bench near J. C. Penney and she was sobbing her eyes out.I stopped and asked her what was wrong.She said: I have a 22-year-old husband at home. He makes love to me every
morning and then gets up and makes me pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit and
ground, brewed coffee. I said: Well, then why are you crying?
She said: he makes me homemade soup for lunch and my favorite brownies and
then makes love to me half the afternoon. I said: Well so why are you crying?
She said: For Dinner he makes me a meal with wine and my favorite dessert and
then makes love to me until 2 a.m. I said: Well, why in the world would you be crying she said: I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I LIVE!!!

June 1st

Well the taping was long & exhausting but fun.It took 8 hours. It should be really. good and I can't wait to see it. The show will air in september its called "52 sur la Une" from Studios 107 i France. Patrick Charles Messance is the Grand Reporter doing this project.In fact I got so many good tips from the videographer that came with him that I decided to reshoot lexi lexi lexi today. Its going to be better then ever.

May 31st

Well tomorrow is going to be exciting. A french tv show is going to be filming a segment at my home. Its similar to the show 60 minutes here in the US. It will be great having this opportunity to get my feeling on size acceptance out to a large number of people. Hmm i wonder if the camera really adds 10 lbs. Do you think they will notice on this 560 lb body LOL

May 30th

Thanks to everyone for your kind notes on the new model Michelle. She is so hot & sexy. We seem to be getting more & more big beautiful women that are wanting to show off for you. I was asked recently if my site is a porno site. I feel what I do is an art form. A message is within each of us that can be expressed by our bodies our expressions. We the photographers & models try to capture that in a true way to allow you to see the outer & more importantlly inner beauty of each of them.

May 29th

Well spent the day working a being a bit lazy. Hope you all enjoyed the new pics of Sabrina & Kymmie I posted the last two days. Will be putting up new pics every day this week. Thanks to all those ordering the new videos. This really helps motivate our models to do more photos & videos. Im hoping to be able to double the site size over the next year. Your support helps make this possible. Check out our videos. We have started phone sex to. Email if your interested. Its $25.00 per half hour.

May 28th

I hate sunday MOrnings. Not even anything good on tv. I watched a funny movie tonight called Big Daddy.My daughter & I spent the night together having girls night. She even bought dinner. She just turned 18 & usually has her hand out asking me to pay so this was a real switch.Maybe she is growing up. NAH prolly a fluke lol.

May 27th

Oh man Im so glad its morning. I watched this really scary movie & spooked myself so bad I couldn't go to sleep!. I had to turn all the lights in the house on and hide under my blanket. Toms been away on a family emergency & I cant wait till he gets back!

May 26th

Well TGIF again.Im not sure this week could get any worse so im thankful to see the end of it. Im hoping that next week will bring some relief from the stress.Here is a lil sample pic from one of our recent video titles. I hope some of you purchase it. This model is really hot!

May 25th

Well tomorrow is friday. Im not really looking forward to this weekend. We had planned to go away but our plans got cancelled by a higher power. Im hoping something better is going to come my way because of it. Im updating the video section this weekend. We now have 50 videos for sale. Please bear with me im a bit slow this week. I had a minor accident and my visions a bit blurry & Im kinda bruised. I need to learn to be more careful. Im a klutz.

May 24th

Well we had a great photo shoot today. Her names violet. She should be up on the site soon. She is a very sexy lady.

May 23rd

I learned a very big lesson last night about holding grudges. Its so very important to really let go of anger before it builds up. Its equally good not to allow anyone to take out theeir misplasced anger on you. Sadly a few people learn that to late. I hope this day ends up better then it started.

May 22nd

Well Im hoping you got to see the great show Tom & I put on today for you.Thanks for all the email we have been getting. The comments are great they really help us guide the sites direction. We love to hear from you.

May 20th

Well I had the honor of being interviewed by a lovely frenchman today for a documentary he is working on over in france. It was very exciting. Must be a day of great news. We opened the mail & looked at the new plumpers and found 6 of our models in it. Congrats go out to Sabrina, Daytona Babe, Ramla,Tiffany,India (they have it as Angel)& Dusty. We also had prior featured models mentioned in the magazine again. YEAH FATFANTASY Models RULE!

May 19th

Did a photo shoot today with Dannie Michelle. Shes currently going by /Michelle on the site but I will be switching it to her nick name tyhat she likes Dannie. Just wanted to mention it so no one is confused. We did two videos with her today as well. One is an r rated non sexual video & the other is XXX. It was awesome. Oh and shes a squirter too. Always nice to find another squirter :>

Here is a photo from todays pre shoot ...Enjoy

May 18th

We updated our services to new servers today. You should notice everything loading much faster now. It should be easier to log on to the site now to. We have the fastest servers currently available on board now. Sorry for the inconvenience over the last few days. We had to put our content up onto the new server which occassional cause access problems. There should be smooth sailing now.

May 17th

Well todays been very busy. We have done two videos & a photo shoot.First video is called Dusty in Bondage. Its the best video with Dusty yet. Includes male & female oral , 69 & hot bondage.

May 16th

Be watching the camera later. We will be doing a few photo shoots.A friend sent me this hot story she wrote. Here it is.Its the first in a series. Opinions welcome.

May 15th

Well we are back in the swing of things again. Did a photo shoot today around 3 pm.Hope you caught the show on the web cam. A lot of you have emailed me about our cam recently. Our cam is a life cam. Its on 24/7 you get to watch us do every thing we do day or night. From wake up , to mealtime & the best part our hot sex life. Heres a sample pic from todays shoot. You will be seeing her soon on the site.

May 14th

Worked on the site some more yesterday. There is a new feature in the members section. Hundreds of new photos in a section for those of you that enjoy these particular segment of the population. Enjoy.

May 13th

Well we are finally home & it feels great. It was wierd walking in the house. I forgot I had painted it & every thing seemed so different. Tom & I both fell asleep for a few hours after the drive.Ive had a lot of people email about purchasing videos & if we were home to ship yet. I just wanted to let everyone know. We are shipping even when we are Not home so yes. Feel free to order we are shipping.

May 12th

Almost home. Should be sleeping in my own bed by this time tomorrow.Tom is swimming in the pool & we have no real plans for tonight other theen to listen to music in the hotel lounge. Its so wierd being out in the real world again & interfacing with people. I Love it.I plan to force myself to leave the house a few times a week.

May 11th

Heading up the interstate towards home. Should be there by saturday. I had a fantastic time. It was wunderbar

May 10th

Last full day of our vacation. We start heading home tomorrow. Its been great. We got to enjoy each other in many fun ways

May 9th

Nothing earth shaking happened today. We had italian food for dinner at this place called Big Louies. It was really good . They had the best garlic rolls. All homemade pastas & rolls. We should be home by the weekend. This has been a great vacation.

May 8th continued again

I forgot to relay a funny thing that happened today. While Tom was outside the motel door smoking a car came speeding into the lot right by him parked. A man was in the passenger side leaped outta the car money flying everywhere he leaps over a fence. The girl driving just froze in her seat & cops came speeding in the lot. The cops jump out guns drawn. They had just robbed the bank next door.News copters came in & cameramen drove up. Tom actually got in the video & was all over the tv tonight. It was a once in a lifetime thing.

May 8th continued

Well tonight Tom & I went out to eat at the Tokyo Bowl Restaurant. All you can eat sushi. We love it!!!!! We filmed some more of Lexi Lexi Lexi its almost done now. Its 9 pm and we just got back to our motel room. Im really wiped out. I really ate like almost 2 bowls of the ginger. Ilove that stuff.I love ginger anything.

May 8th

Well Tom was really wiped out last night and slept for 14 hours. We had some marathon sex yesterday & I guess it really wiped him out. We are off for the day visiting some Internet friemds that we are meeting for lunch. More later.

May 7th

Tom got a bit too much sun yesterday so we tried to stay out of the sun today.Im definetly staying out of it its very strong here. We are learning a lil bit about gambling today. Being very cautious. I have always liked what I call the one arm bandit. Those are pretty much my speed. I also like to watch the poker players & the baccarat tables. Have you ever seen the casino review show in the bahamas. Its Awesome! Cruiseships are very very hard on the supersize person. Cabin sizes are very small & bathrooms are near impossible. The food is always incredible. Well we are having a blast. Toms worn out and fell asleep. Its almost dinner time so im about to wake him up.

May 6th

Well today we are going to have sushi buffet. Tom loves sushi & its all you can eat. We can both devour a whole lot of sushi.Ill write more later. We are going to see an air show today before we eat.

May 5th

Last night was so great. Its been two nights of really great Sex. The people in the next room actually called thre desk cause the heard Tom spanking me. We laughed for hours over that. Its hard remembering that we have to tone it down. We are used to our home & being noisy. I can get really vocal & so does Tom.

May 4th

Well we moved 5 hours more down the highway. Stopped at a Motel 6 this time. Waas hard to find a place where i could actually fit into a bathroom & shower. Motel 6 is usually greatabout upersized access. So far Days Inn has been the worst as far as accomodations for larrge size.

May 3rd

Well i made it 5 hours driving in the car with my feet down. Before today the longest i could go was 2 hours.Im pleased with myself for that. We are sitting in a Marriot hotel just ordered room service & a bottle of wine. Tom brought the candles. We are settiing the mood. Hes outside at the pool & hot tub relaxing. Thats one place im not going. Last summer i got burnt to a crisp & stuck in a pool. Tool 4 people to drag my ass outta there. Id rather web surf.

May 2nd

Im off with Tom to our vacation. First time out on a true vacation in 6 years. Its going to be very strange. I will be updating the site from each new location we go to.Its one big adventure.

May 1st

Well the weekend was great. It went so fast. Tom & I took most of the weekend off and just cuddled & relaxed.It was a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Next week we will probablly be taking a mini vacation/belated honeymoon since we never got to go anywhere before.Im pretty excited about that. We are thinking of finishing up the Lexi Lexi Lexi video on this trip while i do many things for the first time in 6 years.So if im missing of the cam for a few days. Ill be back soon. Hope you got to see the new videos g2s i put up today.

April 30th

Hope you check out the new G2 videos Im posting. These are video clips of some of the videos we sell. Hope you get a chance to purchase some of these REALLY HOT videos.

Looking to buy something special from your favorite Fatfantasy girl? We have a large
selection of videos, panties and even some sex toys that have been well loved!
We take special requests too -- both for custom videos and items. Contact
us if you're searching for something special

April 28th & 29th

Well more updates are on the site. I will soon be posting a new feature in the members area. It should be a erotic fun time for all. Im testing it now. Should be on board by May 3rd at the latest.

Also our Phone Sex has started. I will be listing the ones available for this feature shortly.

New photo of the week going up today to.

April 27th

Well the last few days have been hectic with the painting. We are also building new sets so that our photos will have a slightly different look to them. Started to work on our Dungeon set a bit too. When thats done we should have even more provacative photo art for you. Im just about finished revamping the members area. There are now more models with emaill addresses to. New Bios on some more photos . We now have 85 Models & 27,000 Plus pictures.More are added regularly. There are now 35 mm photo sets available for purchase on some of the models. 7 Brand New Videos are available. The videos are getting into some new areas as well. More oral & anal as well.

25 & 26th

Hi everyone. I found a great site I want to give you info about. Click here for more info

April 24th

I have spent most of today picking out colors for the walls in my house. Tomorrow the painter comes. We decided to totally remodel the house. We are painting everything,redoing the kitchen & bathrooms. Building new sets & hooking up our hot tub. Whats funny is the painter i pickked out of a newspaper ad turned out to be the same painter that painted a house i built 20 years ago.He worked for the builder then. Wierd how you people show up in your life at different times.

April 23rd

Well Happy Easter or Happy Pessach whichever fits you best.Been kind of relaxing today. Tom & I have spent the day watching woody allen reruns. We both really enjoy his style. We still differ on which movie of his we like best. He likes Manhattan Murder Mystery. I kind of like Annie Hall .

April 22nd

Today we are doing photo shoots with Rita & a new model friend of hers. We will be shooting far into the night as we are doing two videos as well. That makes 5 videos this week.WAHOOOO!! Last night some good friends of ours spent the evening with us.They are getting married in August and they are both in that "kissy face " mode LOL They are so cute together. All 4 of us laughed & laughed the night away though. We finally got to bed around 3 am and are preparing for this major photoshoot.

April 21st

Well i'm sitting very gingerly right now after just finishing off the second in the Lexi's lickin series. As a paraody to our life the theme was that Tom came back after having been tossed to the curb . He finds his credit cards maxxed out & his stuff was stolen.He decides that someones going to pay for this & his choice was me. Lots of nipple torture & breast bondage & lots of spanking. We even got to use this brand new leather studded paddle hed bought me at xmas time. Theres even lots of Anal sex in this one. Its ready for sale now. Lexis Lickin 2 $34.95.

April 20th

CONGRATS!!! to our 7 models that had layouts in magazines this month. Daytona Babe & Sindee were in Big Butt Magazine June Issue. Stormie, Soakie , Akisha,April Rain & Jasmine were in the July 2000 issue of Plumpers. Next Month we will have 2 more models in Big Butt Magazine. YES!!! we have some of the HOTTEST models around!

April 19th

Well day was very productive.Im 3/4 through the revamp of the members site. I upload 1000 new pictures over the last week. I plan on doing the same in the next 7 ays again. A lot of new features are going up as well. My new quote for the day is. once you feel intimidated to demand what is
rightfully yours, you have given someone else the power to control your

April 18th

Well made a new video today. Was quite hot. Hard to concentrate on just fiming it.Will be up on the video page really soon.

April 17th

Tom bought me a present of Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy. The full set of it.I just go it in the mail today. I cant wait to get sometime to listen to it.

April 16th

Well since we didnt go to bed till 7 am I didnt wake up until 2 this afternoon. Tom woke up at 3.I was awakened by a phone call reminding me of a model coming. While waiting we played a few games of Quake 3 on the net. Tom won as usual. I went and fixed dinner meat loaf & mashed potatoes. Toms family coming to spend the week with us this week. Should be fun.Dont forget to look at all the new pics I just put up. There are a thousand new pictures.New Models too.There are also new videos. Please try some. Your purchases help me expand the site.

April 15th

Spent a nice evening last night with some new friends. We played poker till about 6 am this morning. It was a lot of fun. We all collapsed at 7 am his morning just at about the time im usually getting up.

April 14th

Well we had a change in plans last night at the last minute. We ended up shooting more of Lexi Lexi Lexi video instead of Lexis Lickin. Well guys I need your help here. Who here loves to show off their bodies? I need some pics of men all shapes all sizes for my FA gallery (nudies). Email me & ill send you a photo release to sign. then you can email me your pics

April 13th

Well tomorrow Tom is doing a video with Tyne. Should be around 5 pm on the web cam. Tonight around 9.30 we will start filming. Look for some of our new non sex videos "a day in the life" type of some of our models. They will also be available through Mendi teats & bountiful Productions.

April 12th

Well yesterday was a great day. I love when Tom wakes up horny.Its very unusual. Normally he prefers to be up and awake before we play.We had fallen asleep wrestling around & playing . I had been teasing his dick with my tongue as he fell asleep. So he was really ready after he woke up. Im sure if you caught our performance you could see how hot we were.Tom was fucking me so hard he almost fucked me off the other side of the bed. I was clawing his back so hard while cumming the lady tatoo on his back looks like her knee is bruised. Look at the cam late tomoprrow night. We are videotaping Lexis Lickin Part 2.

April 11th

Keep your eyes on the cam tonight from 8 pm on. We are shooting the final cuts of Lexi Lexi Lexi. I will be available for shipping in the next few days. This is a VERY HOT movie but non sexual. It has total nudity. Besy of all its all about me :> See me in all aspects of my day to day life. Follow me through bathing sleeping, cooking, eating, exercising,trying on clothes,putting on makeup, getting a massage and much much more.You wont want to miss this videoThis will beour 41st video.

April 10th

Well its been a long day of shooting again. We have our newest video done. Its called Plump Nudist. It is starring our Newest Model Lena. Shes definetly a hottie. Look for her in upcoming issues of Plumpers & Big Butt Magazines. We had 5 models in the July issue of Plumpers & 2 featured layouts in this June Issue of Big Butt. Daytona Babe & Sindee were both featured & yours truly Lexi did the photography.Dont forget both Sindee & Daytona Babe have videos available.

April 9th

Well its a lazy day today. Tom & I were up really late. We had eaten pizza around 3 for lunch so we werent really going to eat dinner. About 2 am when we were heading to bed we both decided we were hungry . Tom went & cooked some blueberry oatmeal & we both ate some. Then Tom played some Quake 3 & I was watching a wierd movie on tv. Not sure what it was called but they were battling a planet or mutated Bugs. Really Wierd.

This was sent to me in email today .I thought it was funny.The Metro Times in the Detroit, MI area runs a competition for the best
Personal Ad and gives a $15 gift certificate to a local music store as the
prize. This one won in the latest issue:

I am black and a woman. With children being slaughtered in Rwanda, what difference does it make how big my breasts are, how long my legs are, or how much money you or I make? To hell with long walks, holding hands, candlelit
dinners, and all of that other crap that people never continue doing after the first date anyway; that didn't even take place in Cinderella!!! (I've
seen the movie.) If there is a man out there who: isn't a crackhead or crack dealer, isn't an alcoholic, doesn't have any kids, doesn't smoke, doesn't beat women, isn't wearing women's underwear as you're reading this ad, isn't
a liar, isn't looking for fun behind his wife's back, isn't into being hit, peed on, or tied up while having sex, doesn't want to hit, pee on or tie me up while having sex, likes having sex, CAN have sex, is not in jail, on probation, has a court date pending, isn't a misogynist, racist, classist,
elitist, lawyer, politician, member of the military, policeman (Malice Green, Rodney King), bible boy, or a pompous a##. Call me!! What you have to be is HONEST, HONEST, HONEST!!! If you're out there, if you exist, call me.
Please don't make me give up on men.Ed NOTE.. my kinda gal.. anyone know her address ?? hehe

April 8th continues

Well we were up early today. We have a full day ahead of us. We did a video with Montana today.

Will be putting it up for sale tonight. Great news starting real soon our videos will be available at many places throughout the web. Thanks to the really great reviews our videos have gotten in the various magazines like Plumpers, Video Excite, Cheri, Capcom ,Big Butt many places have decided to sell our videos.Some of the places you will soon be able to buy them is at Mendi Teats Web Site & through Bountiful Productions in the very near future. We have started communications there and within a short time it should be available.

Tom and I found out that you can order pizza over the web. We ordered from Papa Johns today & it really works. Never have to dial a phone.

April 8th

Someone sent methis poem this morning. I thought i'd share it.Please continue to send me your thoughts on being an FA & BBW with regards to yesterdays journal post.Im finding it very interesting.I'll be putting the responses on my site but NOT using names or email addresses unless you request that I use your name.

April 7th

Finally got to meet Pete from California. I have talked to him for a year online. Big Site fan. It was great hanging with him today! We had some really interesting conversation. Tom & Pete were discussing the hardships of being an FA at times. Many times BBW's dont like that they are sought after for just being big. If any fa's out there have an opinion on this or BBW's Id like to hear from you.

April 6th

Today should be an extremely great day. Lots of fun planned. For me tonight is going to be an Adventure of sorts.I am trying something I was never planning on doing but decided to give it a try. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well. I guess you will see first hand on the web cam.

April 5th

Well, while I slept last night gremlins were very active.Someone defrauded aol to get my password & logged onto my account for hours last night. I apologize in advance for emails your going to get and im's you may have gotten. It was NOT me. Those of you that know me personally know that I would never talk that way to anyone. So next time ask me sumthin personal iif you think somethings not right. Just to verify that it is me. Thanks

April 4th

Fun day. Hope you caught it on the web cam. Tom & I were wrestling around laughing and it turned into the sexual olympics :>

April 3rd

Tonight im updating the site again. New MOdel going up. Look out everyone but Tom & I are redoing the look of the site again.Major upgrades. Within the next month I plan to be totally caught up with every picture I have to put up and all the new clips of video we are producing for you. Then comes the suprise. You have to wait for that it will be in 1 month.

April 2nd

Pretty relaxing sunday. Spent the afternoon cooking for company. Tom & I had a friend over for dinner. It was an interesting night wierd conversation. We ended up watching mtv during most of the visit. I love the Tom Green show on there. Ithink hes really funny.

April 1st

Hi everyone. I lost 50 lbs over night. Yeah yeah April Fools :>

If you like to read hot stories try this one out. Its written by a hot vixen aquaintance of mine. If anyone else has a story to share please email me it.

March 31st

Tom moved the last of the stuff from his apartment over tonight. Took till 3 am but its all done.Would have been done a lot earlier but we kinda got side tracked in the afternoon. In the middle of bathing me we started to get aroused & ended up fucking for a few hours. I hope you emjoyed seeing it on the web cam. Tomorrow. W are having some friends over that just moved here from Kansas city. He is a electronics Engineer & she is a nurse. Should be a fun evening. They love sushi as much as we do so tom just went to buy 200 pices of sushi. The lady at the restaurant was shocked when we called in the order. Cant wait to eat it. I love sushi. Ben if your still out there reading my journal hi & I miss our chats :>

March 30th

Today was very relaxing. Tom & I had new friends over .It was great getting to meet them. We had a great time lots of fun. You probablly saw it on the web cam.Tomorrow is moving day here. Tom is officially moving out of his apartment that he had from when we were seperated. Hes been living fully here for a month now but he still had things there. We finally got him out of his lease & hes officially back home. yeah :> Things are greatfor us now. He even bought me adiamond ring to go with our wedding bands. Next weekend we are having my mom visiting & are renewing out vows and having a lil party for our families. Its about time they all met. My mom must of called 6 times yesterday shes so excited making plans.

On the work front tom & I are going to be adding lots of new content to the site all weekend. We are also upgrading the video section.

March 29th 2000

Wow what a day. We had photo shoot every 2 hours. Started at 8 am when we shot a model for mendi teats to go in Big Butt Magazine. That makes 9 of our modls who will be appearing in Big Butt Magazine in the near future. Our site has some of the sexiest BBW's. Last night we shot our second Feeder video. With models D.J. & Lexi. Yes I had to get in on the fun.Its called FEEDER FRENZY. It will be on the video Page later today.

March 28th

Great News Click here to find out about our new service.

March 27th

Today was incredible. Things are getting better & better here. Tom & I had another couple over for dinner. We all had a lot of fun. We cooked dinner & sat around and chatted. We didnt start cooking til ten pm so we ended up eating at midnight but it was very good. We had baked chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes,corn,salad & pecan pie.yummmmm

March 26th 6.30 A.M.

I think I might finally be awake. Tom & I were so tired lst night. We went to sleep early last night. Tom suprised me by bringing home chinese food when he went out for cigarettes.I had Shrimp in red pepper sauce.It was something new Id never eaten before & it was great. He had moo shu pork. We also had won ton soup & crab rangu. After dinner we watched some MTV & then got into a playful wrestling match.I ended up tickling him so bad he was begging me to stop.Then he grabbe my arms threw me on my back & started nibbling my neck. My major weak spot . Before I knew it there was a hickey on my neck & my clothes were off.If you were watching the web cam you got quite a show. He even tried this new paddle out on me. Its very hot, leather with metal studs. PHEW we sure had fun after that to.Man does he have staying power. Then we fell asleep,Hes still asleep.

March 25th 7 AM

Well we had a rough day yesterday. Every one of our photoshots showed up. A rarity. This was bad since I was overbooked because usually only one of them shows up. So we really had to do double time yesterday. Here is a pic of one of the Hot models we did yesterday.Her name is Raven. See more of her in the members section. I just posted a few of her as pic of the week in the members area.

March 24th

PHEW! its only 2.30 & Tom & I are both worn out. Was a particularly hot night last night. Tom went out to have his night out for the week & I decided to get into some fun of my own. I met this very HOT man that I met online. He came over to keep me company. I must admit he was VERY good company. I think i'm definetly going to like this weekly night out deal. Im going to have to see a LOT more of that man!Well back to work. Its only 2 and we have already had a video shoot & theres 2 more photo shoots today. Always FUN fUN FUN!

March 23rd

Today was a very busy day. We have had so many things going on its hard to figure out what to do first. Some of the new changes I have been telling you about on the site have started to be uploaded. You will find them in the adult male female section in the members section. I hope you enjoy them. I am about to load in a whole series of new g2 video files as well. I think you will find them very hot!!!

March 22nd Continued below

I want o share a story that was shared with me today. It says a lot about how i feel.

A known speaker started his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In a room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands went up. "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this." He crumpled the dollar bill up. Then asked, "Who still wants it?" still the hands were up. " he replied, "what if I do this?" He dropped it on the ground and ground it into the floor with his shoe. Picked it up, all crumpled & dirty. "Who wants it?" hands went into the air. "My friends, you have all learned valuable lesson. No matter what Idid to the money, you still wanted it It didn't decrease in value.It was still worth 20. Many times inlife, we are dropped, crumpled,and ground into the dirt by decisions we make and circumstances that come our way. We feel worthless. No matter what has happened or what happens, you will never lose your value. You are special - Don't ever forget it!

March 22nd 2000

Well, Last night Tom & I had an old friend/Model over. Someone we hadnt seen in about a year.

She did a photo shoot with us it was really awesome. We took some pic that are different then we have done before. I'm going to try & get them processed for the weekened for you all to see. I am so glad she has moved back from chicago. Shes an awesome lady. There are 2 new videos today ready to sell . The First is called "1 900 fuck me" starring Muffin the second is called "Dial a Date" starring new model Darla.

March 21st 2000

It is a bright day today so it warranted a color change in the background. Received a phone call today that will probablly change Toms & my life forever. Look for some incredible changes over the next few months. We are both celebrating today so if you see some partying on the cam you will know why. Its really wierd I guess thats how life is when you lose something you had felt was important something new and better comes along to replace the loss. While Toms & my relationship will never be the same that it was we both realize it actually will end up better because we understand what was hurting it & we are learning day to day how to communicate our needs & how to accept each others weaknesses & how to deal with them in a way that does not take away our own self worth. At first it seemed that it did but we are finding ways to change that. We realize how much we really do enjoy working together & how comfortable we really are with each other. Life is good again. Its the old saying "Accept the things you cannot change..change the things you can & have the wisom to know the difference".

March 20th 11 pm

It never ceases to amaze me how when people REALLY screw up they get defensive & make it out to be everyones fault, everyone elses problem. They take no responsibility for their actions. They do not even have the decency to attempt to apologize. Its freaking amazing but it goes to show me one thing that Tom was right all along. Not to say he wasn't just as at fault if not more. He did have the "smarts" to know when to "fold his hand" and admit and apologize. This is the first time I have seen some humility in him and it went a long way. I must say for the last 5 days our relationship has really gotten back on track as I am sure you have all noticed on the web cam. Oh and no the show wasnt cancelled tonight it just got postponed by two hours. I forgot we had a new model to photograph. Her name is Summer.Well Tom just passed out. I guess I wore him out :> Hope you caught it on the cam.

March 19th 2 pm

Congratulations Olivia!!!You made it to the Top of my list again for the Most mistrusted woman I know. AGAIN!!! Its quite familiar to you now huh. They say thieves always come back and I guess they do. This time you found out that what you were after didnt want to be stolen.I guess you deserve a trip to the losers list too.

March 18th 6 PM

Well, tonight my kids & I are spending the evening together. Tom is out doing his own thing.We are looking forward to meeting other couples out there so if anyone is interested in getting together with Tom & I when they are in Orlando let us know.

mARCH 18th 7 am

Yes, I know its still Green. I just decided to give it an extra day. Did all of you habe fun drinking Green Beer?I hope you all caught Toms & my performance last night.I received a few emails from people last night saying how HOT it looked. I'm glad too hear it looked hot. It was totally sizzling in my bedroom!

March 17th

Happy St Patty's Day to Everyone. Yes I turned My Page Green for St Patty's Day :>

Well hopefully no one goes out and drinks to much Green Beer tonight cause you are going to want to be awake for tonights Hot Show on the Webcam. Tom & I are giving our own performance to night. So get ready for some explosive hot times :> I should have a big smile on my face after that.

March 16th

Today, was a quiet day. Was able to get a lot of things done that were needing to be accomplished forever. I am so glad tomorrows friday.

March 15th

Interesting, tonight I discovered a friend can betray you over & over. Hmmmm

Heres a quote I found that I like."Anyone can befriend you but can they bewitch you?"

March 15th

Hi everyone :> Great day here. We are back to being able to accept Mastercard & Visa for Videos.

So make sure you check out the new videos that have just been put up.

March 14th 1 AM

WoW what a Day yesterday! Tom & I were very busy making some Sheets Wet Last night. Hope you caught our show on the Member Cam. Can you say hot!/Take a look at this Hot Preview of thhe Newest Model to come pic .

March 12th 1 AM

Well its been great having my kids here. Sorry the cams been down a bit but I cant put them on the cam. Hell my daughters a toothpick anyway lol/Take a look at this new pic of the new model.

March 10th 1 AM

Well if this day started out worse Id sleep through it. Only good thing is My daughter & husband come tonight. Bad thing is Toms to embarassed by everything that happened he wants to stay elsewhere while they are here.Im going to really miss him. I wish hed reconsider but I guess I understand. Take a look at this new Banner of our new model.

March 9 th 12.30 pm

I'll tell you one thing Its definitly a beautiful day here. I often dream of the day I can actually get out of this place. My home has become my prison because of my imobility. As much as I love Tom and enjoy being with him its very hard not seeing anybody else. Of course we see our models but I mean friends. For a while I thought I had found some really good friends but they turned out to be here for other reasons. Unfortunately once again I ended up getting deeply hurt in that situation. Sometimes I think I wear a sign that says kick me. Anyway sorry for venting but i've lost all the ears i used to have to vent to so at least no one hear can tell me t shut up. If they dont want to hear it they just dont read it.

March 8th

Well my oldest daughter turned 21 yesterday. Gosh do I feel old. I'm really proud of her she already has a job teaching. The funny part is she is also a missionary. Pretty funny huh my daughter being a missionary & me in the adult industry. Funny part is she knows and does not judge me for it. I love her for that. She is visiting me from texas for 9 days starting friday. Should be fun

March 7th 9 am

Found an interesting quote today. This is dedicated to someone very special to me. I hope they take note of it.

A noble man compares and estimates himself
by an idea which is higher than himself;
and a mean man, by one lower than himself.
The one produces aspiration; the other ambition,
which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires.

- Joseph Conrad

March 6th 7 am

Well things are going quite well. The new videos are now listed up on the video Page. We are shooting a brand new one today with an EXTREMELY sexy BBW. Should prove to be a very hot video. Tom & I worked all weekend making improvments to the site. There are some new features in the members area & lots of updates being done. As usual we are ALWAYS improving on the site to make it better for you.

March 4th

Spent a really nice Saturday. We have shipped an incredible amount of videos lately. Everyone loves Fatfantasy videos.We have a number of NEW titles out & there are special sales going on the older hot selling favorites Maid 2 Squirt & Sabrina Fuckin & Sucking. If you don't already own a copy you may want to by one now. Check out the videos.

March 3rd

This day has been really busy. Kinda messed up to.Olivia came over after dinner and brought Dunkin Donuts. We sent tom out to do his errands and we had a long talk while munching out on Jelly donuts & Boston Cream Filled ones. There were lots of emotional moments so thank God For Jelly Donuts. When Tom got home Olivia & I gangd up on him a bit which got Tom a lil miffed but I made it up tp him later that night.

March 2nd 9 am

So far the day is going well. This is a suprise. This dates always been rough for me. Its my fathers birthday and he died when I was 18 under some very strange circumstances. Anyway, ever since then its been a rough day.

March 1st 10 AM

Well Tom & I had a really nice night last night. We ended up going to bed early. After making a new video yesterday we were all tired. Its called Dicking Dusty. We are making another video thursday with a supersize Plumper named D.J.. Look for her pictures they will be up soon. I guess you all have noticed that the members web cam is back up.Hope you have been catching the shows.

Feb28th 4 pm

Well Tom & I are now officially a team again. Just a few legal issues to square away. We both feel really stupid. We could have built an inground pool with what we spent on attorneys.Well at least we are back together.Check the site this week some interesting things coming up.

Feb 26th 6.10 pm

Well everyone should wish DAYTONA BABE she made the JUNE ISSUE of Big Butt Magazine along with SINDEE. Look for MUFFIN also

Feb 25th 3.30 AM

Well all I can say is you can certainlly tell who your friends are when the chips are down. There are those that stick by you and do everything they can to help you.Then there are those that forget your name. Lets not forget thosethat talk to you, spend time with you, work with you & then have no problem rationalizing certain actions they do to you.I didn't really want to think that someone I had given such freedom in my own home would "beyray" me in this way but an underlying suspicion I have had for a while was confirmed last night. I am hurt & disappointed that I couldn't trust this person.I feel violated.

On a good note I think things with Tom are coming along well. Theres been a lot of emotions but its also cleared the air about a lot of things. The Web board is back up now in the members area.

Feb 24th 1.25 AM

Well I had one Hell of a night last night. One of my all time fantasies was fulfilled. I couldn't be any happier about the way it happened either. I know this is going to come as a shock to you all but Tom & I are sorta back together. He came over tonight. It was the first time we have been together since december 18th.We started talking two days ago online & last night he made me very happy fulfilling an all time fantasy I had.Because it was a really private moment i'm not giving the details but It was the best sex!!! As usual :>Thats the one thing I can say about Tom no matter what he definitely knows how to fuck LOL

I know theres a lot of you out there saying how can she take him back after all has happened.Well I forgive Tom & Olivia both. Everyone makes mistakes & they both are very sorry for what has transpired. I love him enough to try my damndest to make our marriage work. No one is perfect.For right now we are living apart & taking it slow. I hope really soon hough to be fully back with him. The hardest part was seeing him walk back out the door tonight. I wanted him to stay sooo bad!

Feb 23rd 6 AM

Morning everyone! Hope you all are ready to have a great day. We are shooting a video here tooday with a new model & it should be really hot. Part bondage,wax, D/s & the rest a total fuckfest. I also want to post a pic for a Special Person to me that I can't get to through email right now. I hope they enjoy the picture and for the rest of you that get to see it this is new & upcoming model on our site as well.Not the one in todays video though.

Feb 22nd 2.30 pm

Well suddenly I feel alive again. I'm so happy today. The world or I should say my world seems to hold possibilities in it again.Its been hard to feel good lately. Its been great having so much work to occupy my time. I am like so antsy today. I'm in major limbo on a few issues not worked out. Today is the closest I have felt to sane again.

Feb 22nd 9 AM

Well I must say that last night was extremely eventful. Daytona,Sabrina & I spent a "girls night" together. We talked & ate chinese food. We even told the delivery guy to hurry because we were 3 hot fat hungry women & to bring lots of food an hurry. We was having a food emergency". He kept telling us he didnt thin we were really fat. Boy was he suprised when he finally came & saw :>

Anyway, after that I had the opportunity to speak to a person I never thought Id talk nicely to again. We spoke for 4 hours. Somehow somewhere i found it in my heart to forgive her and tell her that. Its amazing how after four hours of talking I feel so much better today. It was kind of funny . We started talking on Sabrinas cell phone then she left so we went to my remote phone till it died then we went to my bedroom phone till hers died so he called me from her other phone.I guess we have both missed the friendship cause we hung up laughing.

I guess what goes around comes around is really more true then some think. I guess she learned that the hard way. I know im not saying much but out of respect for a lot of people Im not mentioning names.Some of whom don't realy deserve the respect but two wrongs don't make a right. GEEZ i think i turned into a cliche factory. Anyway I must go work because Im behind schedule putting up my pics...sorry.

Feb 21st 10 AM

Well another Monday morning. I still can't stop sleeping its like the more I sleep the more I need to.I'm prying my eyes open to work.The new Photo Set of ME is going up today.Hope you like it :> March 18th is our next party. Its looking like its going to exceed our mini bash! Just spoke with Megan from the BBW Cafe (great People) they decided to postpone their March Party to come PARTY With US!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!! I hear they have a special Suprise for MIMI too. Wonder what it is :>If you can find a way to join us BE THERE. We are having our Best Butt in Flot\rida contest. Lots of prizes. If you cant be there watch us on the party Cams.

Feb 20th 5 PM

I have been reflecting on my life lately. There are so many thing in the past year that I would have done differently. However 1 thing I have prided myself on throughout this whole ordeal and its kind of become my motto "Well-timed silence is the most commanding expression." It has definetely seen me through.

Feb 20th 3.30 pm

I can't believe i slept 14 hours straight.I never do this ever. I have brand NEW pics of me from last night.They are HoT. Compliments to the photographer:> You did extra good <wink>Here's 1 preview shot. The rest will be in members sometime tomorrow.

Feb 19th 11 AM

WoW I can't believe how much I have been sleeping.I never sleep more then 3 hours in the last few days I have slept 12 hours per night. Was talking to Sabrina last night her website is comming along well to. For those of you that have not seen it you should take a look at it. The url is I am glad to see she is getting it off the ground.

I am doing site updates again today. If you see a link that doesen't work please email me. There are an unbelievable amount of pages and pictures linked and pieced together making up this site so from time to time things cease to work and need to be fixed. As soon as I hear about it not working I fix it. We are about to go over the next milestone in the # of models. We now have 80 MODELS on this site. I expect by summer we will hit the hundred mark.

Since Tom has left I have worked extremely hard and I feel not only has the site maintained its quality but has far surpassed the quality. As you will note the site is now updated a few times a week and sometimes every day. I have also opened a few new sections. Im planning in the near future to open up my shoe gallery and this week there will start our brand new feeder section.

For many years I must admit I was totally uncomfortable with the idea of feeding. I still maintain that it is NOT want I feel is right for me either. However, I do feel that everyone has a right to their own feelings ,sensuality & of course the RIGHT to help someone gain weight as long as its CONSENUAL. I refuse to publish any pictures or stories about someone secretly causing someone to gain or manipulating someone to gain against their will. With that said, I have a number of feedee and feeers that will start off my feeder section. I am seeking stories, letters, personals,journal entries, amateur pics/w releases & photo ids. If you have any of these lets talk. Email me please.

Feb 18th 6 pm

Did a photo shoot with GiGi today. She's a feedee. You will be seeing MORE of her in the future. Here is the new banner I made for her. Any comments?

FEB 17th 8.44 PM

Hi, how is everyone doing. I realized I learned two important things over the last year I .know that I am a lot frigging stronger then i ever realized. Also most importantly when you have a ant in your bed your gonna get bit !!!!!

Here's a hot pic of the day for all of you out there.

FEB 17th Midnight

Well since we are not speaking any longer here is a happy B-day to my estranged spouse. I think last year on your Birthday you should have just gone with "that idea". Things would be so much different now.So i'm celebrating your birthday a lot different then i did last year. For those of you that would not know last year he came home to find the kitchen table set and ready to sit down to a smorgassboard of his favorite sushi. Along with a Birhday cake. I also threw himm a suprise party which totally backfired on me cause I didnt know he hated BIRTHDAYS.

Anyway i gave him lots of presents. I had fun he didnt. Story of my life.

Look for a new model going up tomorrow. Her name is PONI. Also new pics of the week are going up :> THey are soo hot. Some are of the new model MS MOLLY MOUNDS. Oh and it wont take you long to figure out whjy she has that name :>

Feb. 16th 9 pm

Well this turned into an interesting day.My cable was being fixed and the guy turned out to be an FA. Saw my Dimensions on the bed and said I love big women. Ended up with a dinner date. He brought dinner & we watched HBO it was kewl.

Feb. 16th 6 AM

If you want to see the pics from our BASH I have them halfway up. I'm still sorta wiped out from the weekend. I think I got an hours sleep in those 3 days. Im hoping today to get lots of site content up.

Feb. 15th 10.30 AM

Morning everyone, its such a nice day here. I just opened my sliding door to let the outside air in.I'm waiting for my first shoot of the day. Three in total. The pictures from the party will be up tonight.Im just about done processing them. Also processed a new model for you to see. She's a pretty young 21 year old BBW.She's into feeding and weighs just a bit over 300 right now.I will be posting her into the members section an a few hours. Her name is Payne. Here's a new pic of me that I kind of like. What do you think? Shea & No_Peeka did my hair this way. They said it looked SEXXXY. :>

Feb. 14th 4 PMHappy Valentines Day Everyone. Hope you have someone special in your life to spend it with. I have something fun to do tonight. A very kind site member decided to make my Valentines Day very special & I woke up to a delivery of Bagels & cream cheese a favorite food of mine. That came along with hot coffee,orange juice & some erotic stories written just for me. It was delivered with a note asking me to have dinner with him. Since I never leave the house he offerred to bring dinner here. He says its a suprise so I can't wait to see :> Life's good lately. I'm still wiped out from the party but im getting my second wind. Check out the new section in Preview area called Boudoir. Two od my newesr models are in it. SHEA & NoPEEKA. Ms MOLY Mounds will be the next one to go up.

OH and some exciting NEWS we have a NEW male Model that you will soon be seeing more of. His name is James Blond. This cute hunk of a man will be gracing the pages of fatfantasy soon appearing with Ms Molly Mounds.

Feb 13th

Thanks Jerry for the beautiful flowers last night. Just thought everyone might like a picture of me holding one.

Feb 13th 4.55 AM

Well the last person just left for the airport. Record number of people showed up.( Last count was 76 the second night which makes it over 103 people in total )to the BASH.Everyone else left is staying through tomorrow.<ostly th normal crowd stayed overnight plus three extra newbies. We deiniyely expanded our circle of regulars and made a LOT of new friends who I am SURE will be back.What was really exciting to me was after the Pageant having 2 women come up to me and tell me just how uplifting it was to them. How it raised their level of esteem.That was the very reason I held the pageant.The judges had a tough decision to make. The end result was Laurel winningFirst Place. The prize was from Love My Peaches a $50.00 gift certificate, Plus a very pretty crown.The runners up receuved a Ten dollar checks from Lexi President of BABE INC.


Feb 12th

Mini Photo shoot today with our new Model Mimi/ Heres a sample photo.

Feb 12th

WOOO HOOO!!!! What a night! Things just winded down for the night! We had such a great Time. There were too many highlights to lost but lets just say one of the Peeka Sisters actually said something we'd never heard from her before. Guess you'll have to come to the party tomorrow to get the details. Theres going to be a wet tshirt contest tomorrow, modeling by bodywebs, & a Pageant. Even I managed to have an unbelievably good time despite what has been going on in my life. In fact this party weekend is the best of all the parties to date! Its just a shame we couldnt have the pageant at the hotel because this is just a minute fraction of the attendance & fun we would have had. Next year the BASH will BE at a HOTEL!

Feb 11th Well ITS here TGIF!!! The day of the BASH. With our special guest vendor BODYWEBS! They have some amazing outfits for the BBW. OOOH SO SEXY!!!!

Here is a cute quote I came across.

Needing someone is like needing a parachute...
... If he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are
you won't be needing him again.

I wanted to sshow you a preview of our newest model. Will be up in a few hours in the members section. I hope you are enjoying these daily updates in our efforts to maintain our BEST ON THE NET status! We may not have all the cool flashy graphic but if you want content we HAVE IT!

Feb 10th 2 AM

The word of the day is Victory!!!! Sorry the reasons are not something I can discose but just know i'm VERY happy :> I fell asleep early and I just woke up. Im heading to do some more site updates. Look for them later today.

Feb 9th 6 pm

Well , today was an interesting day. My soon to be ex came by to get the rest of his stuff. Thats another bad chapter closed in my life. On to better things and better people. The rest of the day made up for the bad start morning although at least it ended on a good note. It amazes me when people that you once thought intelligent do such incredibly stupid things. I love it when someone does something that can be so easilly proven that they are lying. Its even better when they make a joke out of themselves when they do it. Anyway, the rest of the day was spent getting ready for our big party this week. Its sad that this cant be the event we wanted it to be but its going to be a lot of fun at the very least.So if your in or near or can get to Orlando between friday or sunday come party with us. The details are here. There will be Wet tshirt contests, Lingerie Modeliing and soo much more.

Feb 8th 3 pm

Hey everyone good afternoon!!!! Lifes good lately.Things at the headquarters of BABE are moving right along. New models coming in and older ones coming back for more. Cant wait for you to see some of the recent shoots. Im putting them right up. I just shot Dallas yesterday and already a set from that shoot is up. I've developed a new system of doing things that seems much more efficient, so you should experience faster turnaround and it will get you the photos YOU want to see faster.

Feb 7th 6 pm

Well I love days like today when everything is great. I did a great photo shoot today. Here is a preview of the new model. Her name is Dallas.

Feb 7th 9 am

Well morning everyone. Its another great day.aaheres a preview of the new model going up today. Her name is Shyla. She had a layout in Big Butt Mag earlier this year.

Feb 6th 6 PM

Well this has been a very pleasant Sunday.. I had a futher suprise today and had the opportunity to meet a man I had talked to for 5 years and had never met. He had come to town on business and decided to take the plunge & call me. I was so excited. Ive talked to him for years. We always said we'd meet but I never though we would cause hes from "down under"! I love his accent. It was a really special afternoon.One more person to meet today. Tell you all about it later.Oh click here to see 2 new banners I made. You will start seeing themaround the net. Ones for me and ones for Mendi Teats. Please visit her site to.

Feb 6th 9 AM

Just put up a new Photo set of Madison. Sorry it didnt get up last night. I had a small accident here and was in a bit of pain for a while.When I take a pain killer im out for the count.Anyway Im up early today and ready to go. I made a new friend this morninf. Shes a really HoT & Sexy BBW. I hope you check out her site too. its Torislair . Shes very sexy :>

Tonight I am getting to meet another site fan. He's bringing dinner. I am hopeful that it will be a lot of fun:>Its great finally getting to meet some people that I know have enjoyed viewing the content. Its a nice change to be admired again. I have really appreciated all the gifts &cards.

My phone just rang and its another site friend. Its going to be a busy day. He's coming by with lunch. Well at least I wont be starving today :> WoW Im going to meet two nice people today. Guess I better get ready :>

Feb 5th 2 P.M.

Thought I'd show you a quick preview of our new model and newest BABE employee.

Feb. 5th 5 AM

Well I have worked on pictures all night. Tomorrow you will see lots of updates on the site. ANew Model to. Have a busy weekend planned.You will be happy to see the preview area is coming back as well. Look for it soon. We are also seeking amateur photos for the site for our sexy amateur contest. So send in your jpegs. For the full rules for submission email me

Feb 4th 12.30 PM

Well today has been a great day. Started working around 5 AM as usual. Processed a lot of pics and will be putting them up today.My girl friend came over for lunch today with her son he'd never seen me before. He took one look at me and said Mommy what comes after spring chicken? She said what?He said well your 29 and not a spring chicken anymore I just wonder what she is cause shes no where near a spring chicken! I don't think I like this little kid :(

Feb 3rd 11 PM

Today was an awesome day. Got up early as usual. Was presently suprised to find a box delivered shortly thereafter containing a dozen beautiful tulips. Those are my favorite flower next to roses. Only problem is there was no card. Anyone want to help me solve the mystery and tell me who sent the tulips?

After putting the flowers in a vase and downing 2 cups of coffee I was ready for the day. Which was a good thing since it was packed full of work to do.Did a shoot with Peaches & forrest today. Some of the pics are already up in the members area. If I must say so myself they were awesome. Forrest & Peaches went & developed the film I took of them for Big Butt Magazine & they were so excited. They loved them & wanted to keep them all. I had to pry them out of their hands to send off to the magazine. Look for them in Big Butt Soon. Also keep your eyes on Big Butt for Sindee & Daytona Babe in June.Muffin ,lilliana ,Madison in July & August & hopeful Peaches & forest after that. I took these pics myself with my NEW 35 MM Cam and if I must say so myself they are fabulous. Then again the magazine agreed :>

We are getting ready for the BASH its going to be great try and come. We have our 2nd employee now here at Bigger And Better. Things are looking up.

Feb 2nd 7 PM

Had an exceptionally good day today. Was able to meet a fan from the site. He came to town and was kind enough to offer to bring lunch and we spent a few hours chatting and eating. I must say it was nice to be treated so special.Its been a LONG time since someone made me feel this desirable. Anyway, he brought 2 Whole steamed Lobsters, Shrimp, Hush Puppies ,salad and Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert. Also a lovely bottle of Champagne & beautiful roses. I just wanted to take this space to thank my new friend for the lunch and a wonderful afternoon of conversation. Hope if you ever get to town again you will look me up.

If anyone is going to be in town Feb 11th-13th be sure and attend our mini Bash at my home. Its going to be so much fun. After our write up in Big Butt Magazine our phone has not stopped ringing. This is definetly going to be the place to be if you are a BBW or an admirer of one. There will be clothing vendors there and a Lot of entertainment. One continuous non stop Party!

Please also visit my friend Mendi Teats site. She is the Publisher of Big Butt Magazine. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in cyberspace and she is one of the sweetest women I know and definetly one of the sexiest. You will be seeing some of our hot Models in her preview section. I hope you join her site as well as mine. Please view our pic of the day.

Feb 1st 10 AM

Photo shoot on the cam at 11 AM. New Model :> Anyone catch last night shoot I know was a happy camper 6 hours of ecstasy :> Next big shoot thursday morning & thursday night. Anyone going to be in orlando wehave our mini Bash going on Feb 11th -13th.Going to be held at BABE headquarters. Going to be FUN FUN FUN! Email if you need more details but most everythings listed on the BiggerAndbetter site. Wettshirt contests, Pageant, Lingerie modeling, Adult Games WOOOHOOO!!!! If youd like to see our newest model heres her banner. SHES HOT!!!!

Jan 31st 9.30 am

Well hopefully this will be a better day. I am putting up a new section on the site this week in the preview area & a special edition of it in the members. Be sure and check out the new out takes area in the members section as well. Keep your eye on the Cam starting at 11 today. We will be doing a photo shoot on it for some Magazines.

Jan 30th 11 PM

Well today was really rough. I remembered back to a year ago tonight when Tom & I got married. It was a beautiful wedding and i meant every word of what i vowed to him. I had hoped he did to. To me marriage is a very serious thing. Due to a lot of issues we don't talk anymore but despite everything I do still love him. Which in itself makes me upset with myself. Anyway, I guess Im moving on.

Jan 30th

Well I am up really early today. This is my 1 year anniversary to Tom. Sure didn't make it very long. Guess i'll have to have a celebration myself :> As one of my good friends least you didn't waste a lot of your life in love with him. Thats very true. I am trying very hard just to move on and seek out a new relationship. Its very hard to just stop loving someone despite everything thats happened. However I must so I am moving on. As the saying goes "accept the things you cannot change. Change the things you can & have the wisdom to know the difference." Since its been over a month and theres not even been an apology its definetly telling me its over. Anyway, if someone out there is looking to meet a Supersize BBW from me and lets talk.

Jan 28th

Hope everyone is doing well. I have been swamped with site work lately. Big suprises coming up.Here's a preview of one of the pics from tonights shoot. Those into feeding will especially enjoy it. These are two feedees named sindee & muffin/

Jan 25th

Well its definitlly cold here this morning. I sure wish this bed had a built in heater.

Its 9 am I sure didn plan to sleep this late. I never do. Anyway more updates this evening. Here is a special pic for all of you its of the PEEKA Sisters a new Adult BBW Comedy group. I'm hoping you will be seeing them shortly everywhere. I just photographed them for some layouts in a few magazines. Here's a pic

Jan 22nd

Had a fantastic night last night. China,Phyllis,Mimi & I played Balderdash & 20 questions till 3 am. That was of course afer the dinner we got from Outback. It was really good :> We all had Prime Rib, baked potatoes & salad oh & of course a bloomin onion. Of course to keep he party atmosphere going we drank a bottle of Asti left over from the party. Oh please check out whats new in the members section . Lots of new updates.

Jan 21st

Well my home network is back up I had to buy a new router. Its great to be back on again.Check out the new Dimension magazine. I have a column in there. I understand there are some pics of mine in there to but I have not seen the issue yet.

Jan 20th

I have just posted some photos of some recent web cam captures. They are mostly shots of my every day living situation so you get to see the behind the scenes looks. Ok I have no make up on so dont get scared LOL

Jan 19th

Well busy day today. My friend Sindee was over and we were keeping each other entertained. I am doing a new photo set this week. Look for new pics of me soon.

Jan 17th

Hope everyones day is going well. I have been real busy on the site lately upsdating. Hope you caught the 2 shows on the web cam today. They were really HOT!!!!

Jan 15th

If your home tonight watch our party on the party cams

Jan 13th

Morning everyone. The pics on our Crushing Video Should be up in aout an hour. Im working on them right now.Also some new Video Clips.

Jan 12th

HI, I know its been a while since I wrote. Its been very hard trying to work out everything I have been feeling.For right now im back to functioning again. Lots of Pics from the parties are now up on the Bigger And Better Site. You might enjoy seeing them. Check the updates under whats new on here lots of new photos are up.More coming tonight.

Jan 4th

Today was a really great day. Got so much accomplished. Met with new model. Shes really cute. I know you will like her! Theres also many new updates coming this week .All the models youve been hearing about will be on the site.So if your not a member yet you just might want to join now!

Jan 2nd

Okay i think i recovered from New Years :> I decided to drown my troubles in Asti Spumante Champagne. I havent drank more then a glass or to of anything in 7 years but NEW YEARS i downed a bottle all by myself. Wefinished 2 CASES of it amongst all of us. Last person went home at 5.45 AM . The rest stayed over nd left around 5 pm on saturday. I had a blast even though Tom decide to crash the party by phone a few times. Guess they had Lobster, when we called the # back after *69'ing it the man answering said the phone was at the Lobster House.We all realized how lonely he and Olivia must have been. Especially since the next morning he called at 8 am and my friend MIMI answered and he had a nice nasty message for me. Since he was up so early guess his NEW YEARS was not to Hot. So with that i have to say the BABE party was HOT HOT HOT & the PEEKA Sistas Did 2 Outstanding performances. So WOO HOO Party pics will be up soon. CHECK OUT THE # NEW MODELS I PUT UP RECENTLY. Im Back to functioning a bit. Sorry for the dead time. I was catatonic for a bit . Im back even Stronger now.

Dec 31st

Happy Nw Year to everyone! If your home tonight watch our party on the party cams

dec 23rd

Good news the updates have started NEW MODEL KYMMIE in the Members Section

Dec 23rd

Hi, Sorry I have not written in a few days. I have been trying to get things in order personally. Its at times like this that you find out who your true friends are.I thank all of you for your kindness. The notes i have been getting are really sweet and the phone calls were welcome surprises. Its been really great hearing from all of you and I am trying to answer the email as fast as they come in. Mentally I have been torn down a few notches and my self esteem is really at its lowest.If any of you one here are web graphic designers and are willing to do a Hot BBW in need a favor please email me.. Thanks :> GREAT NEWS Major Video SALE STARTS TODAY FOR A BRIEF TIME ALL VIDEOS $24.95 THATS A ten dollar savings pER vIDEO.

Dec 18th

I just want to tell you all im sorry about not getting the update done yet. I will try really hard this week. I just kicked my husband out of the house 5 am this morning for many many reasons. On of which is cheating on me with one of my best friends behind my back. One has to wonder with all the freedom he had to do it in front of me why hed have to choose that option.Well the available sign is now up again in this house. So anyone that wants to get to know a big chick with a big heart that is in need of emotional support apply within. :)

Dec 18th

Im really sorry the updates not on yet. First my server & router crashed & then I ended up in the ER this week with cellulitus. Im hoping to get it up by monday barring any complications. Will be over 900 pics & 100 video clips.

dec 15th

If you want to see the pics from the BABE Party Here they are.

DEc 14th

Hi everyone. Busy busy day. Trying to get everything ready for Christmas & doing al these site updates. Should be posting it all on the site really soon.

Dec 13th

Slight Change in Plans. It will still be Sindee & Tom but the third Model will be Guest Model lil rebel from

Oh My Gawd Tom fucked me so hard and incrediblly last night it actually made me scream at the top of my lungs and I cried no I SOBBED for a half hour and shook uncontrollably! I must say I had NEVER been fucked like that. It was soooooo AWESOME. It was so hard he almost through me off the bed. Not easy with my weight :> Keep your eyes on the CAM 10 AM- 1PM today . Guest MOdel Muffin & Sindee today on Video in a 3 Sum.

Keep your eyes on the webcam this morning 10 am -1 pm we are making a video.Its a 3 way with a Guest model from another site Tom & Sindee.

Dec 12th cont

Watch the web cam 11 pm -1 AM Tom & I will be having hot wild sex Wahooooo!!!!

Hope you all are watching. Im fantasizing that you are/

dEC 12

Wow it was a hugh party. After we counted 75 people come to it we stopped counting. So much food , so much liquor. The Peeka Sisters gave an outstanding permormances as usual though I have to admit it was their BEST YET!!!!! They keep getting better :>


Oh My GAWD I'm gining weight by the minute looking at all the stuff we baked.
12 dozn chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, 6 dozen sugar cookies,homemade candy,3 dozen macaroons, baked ziti,Noodl Kugel. Im trying so hard not to sample it.
Watch the
Party Cam Tonight to see the incredible fun.Rheres two cam at that site. Check them both starting around 7 pm est time. The party starts at 8 will go til the next morning im sure.Will start getting really good around 10 or 11 pm


dec 9th

CANT wait... till saturday. We are having an awesome party saturday night!!!!Watch the Web party Cam if you can't make it. We will be on tonight on the members web cam & party cam. Lots of women will be here baking. Will probablly be a few good flour fights. When you get to the site there are 2 party cams look at both of them. Keep your eye on the Cam today in the members section between noon and 2. Will be a lil show for you onthere by yours truly Me & Tom.

dec 8th

Check out Big Butt Magazine. Our Parties were featured in the Feb 2000 issue.. If you have any way of coming to Florida Feb 11-13th your not going to want to miss this BASH. The fatfantasy models will be there to say hi to you and make you feel right at home. We all definitly know how to party!!!! To get the details nd register click here


KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE CAM FROM 10AM TO 12 TODAY> W oW its going to be a treat. GRANNY is going to get her PUSSY slammed again. In a sequel to grand slam granny! Sooooooo have fun viewing THE MEMBERS CAM

dec 6th

Well I hope you caught the performance today. Im sure you saw the hot bi session. They got a lil carried away with the cool whip & Donuts!!! Turned into a cream wrestling Match. It was awesome. I'll be posting the real video files of it either today or tomorrow. Then there was an equally awesome time of them doing each other with cucumbers & carrots. Poor Muffin ended up with Part of a donut in her Ass. Shes showering with Sindee right now getting all of the cream & donuts off of them.

Dec 6th

Keep your eyes on the Web Cam between 10 & 3 today. We are doing photo shoots of two Hot Models Sindee & Muffin

Dec 5th


Dec 4th

Exciting Weekend. Tom got a Tattoo on his back that was drawn by Paul Delacroix. He did a beautiful drawing for us of a Supersize Woman winning a Pageant. It Says MS BABE Its Really Hot!! Then China Doll & two friends came over for dinner while we waited for Olivia & Tom to get back from th tattoo place. We were all goingto go to karaoke later. As it turned out we decided to go pick up Sabrinas MOM & have breakfast. So we bought a whole bunch of breakfasty type stuff and cooked. They went home at 4 am.

Dec 3rd

Another photo shoot & video will be on the Cam tonight. Keep Watching

Dec 2nd

Will be doing a photo shoot on the cam around 7.30 pm till 10 pm in the members section.

Dec 1st

PHEW what a day. Tom sure fucked the new model muffin well. I know she had a good workout! We finally got a name for the video we taped last week starring Sindee, Me (Lexi) and Tom. Its called "TWO FAT HO'S" the price is $34.95. As a lil hint will even see me Hoochie Dancing in the begining of this video :) Its hot!!!!!


Nov 30th

Guess you all saw us today on the web cam. Hope you enjoyed the show. It was only two hours but you must admit it was exciting. Please watch all day tomorrow. We start taping a vido at 10 am and then we will be doing photo sessions back to back til 6 pm. After that you can keep an eye on Olivia & I on the web cam. This of course is all on the members web cam.

Nov 29th cont.

Hope you enjoyed the show this afternoon. As you saw Sabrina took a BAT!!! The Video is Done and is now available for $34.95 . Its on the video page. Heres a preview pic of it.

I saw this funny cartoon. What do you think of it LOL

I am putting up some new real video clips today in the members area today. I update it pretty much every week. I really think that it helps keep the site new and fun. I gave Tom a nice blowjob last night while letting him finger my pussy. He loves to feel my pussy while my mouth is slurping over his cock. It never take to much for Tom to cumm all down my throat. Damn I love the way it tastes!! And just this morning I woke Tom from his sleep to give me a good working over:) Sometimes I just get so horny that I have to have him right that second or I have to masturbate. I did both yesterday. He is usually happy to provide me with the tools that I need to be satisfied.

Wednesday November 28th continued

Tonight was a very fun night. I talked to one of our models Stormy and she told me she wanted to go look at some clubs cause she is thinking about dancing again. I told her to meet Hollywood at Cleos because she was suppose to go tonight anyway. While she waiting for
Hollywood she sat by the stage. She watched another dancer for a while. Stormy said " she was so hot and soo damn sexy when she dances. I wanted to start eating her right there.". Hollywood finally arrived and went up on stage for Amateur Dance Night.Shes one hot bbw. Looks great when she dances. Stormy was hired last night at cleos Too. We have 7 BBW Models there now.

On a side note I had a very good time in my chatroom today. I popped in just to see what was going on and it turned very interesting. One of the things was I found out that there are a lot of hot girls out there who love to watch me as much as the guys do. To me, that is such a turn on. Just the fact that I can give so many people sexual satisfaction all at once really makes me hot. Everyone in there, for the most part is very nice . Those who know me well, know that I love to tease .

Nov 28th

I hope you enjoyed the show last night and today on the web cam. Eight hours of hot steamy sex with our guest models. Tomorrow watch the cam from 1-5 in the afternoon for a preview of Sabrinas New Video. We will start taping tomorrow. This will be an incredible video.

Nov 27th

OKAY FRIENDS. I have to ask for your compassion now. One of our Newer Models is in serious trouble . Shes lost her full time job,Shes Pregnant and was served a foreclosure notice on her home. She has 5 children from 3 to 17 to keep fed & clothed. She has no way to make ends meet right now & is desperate to keep a roof over their head. If anyone wants to reach out to someone this christmas and make a donation to help her or send a xmas gift for her children please contact me or you can simply send it to me for her. My addres is Lexi % Bigger And Better PO box 195864 Winter Springs Fl 32719. PLEASE I ASK YOU TO BE GENEROUS I CANT TELL YOU WHICH MODEL SHE IS OUT OF RESPECT FOR HER PRIVACY. BUT I CAN TELL YOU THAT SHES A WONDERFUL PERSON AND REALLY REALLY NEEDS YOUR HELP.IF YOU WANT TO KNOW AGES OR SEX OF KIDS TO SEND GIFTS EMAIL ME.

November 26th

Well its been a quiet day here. Tom & our model olivia went to get Tom a tattoo if the stores weren't to busy & then off to christmas shop for me. I love presents. Last year was pretty lame gift wise until...well ill explain. Tom and i only had known each other about a week. Well we'd known each other for a month but he had lived in Louisianna. H had just moved in a month ago though. Must have been enough cause on Christmas Day he asked me to marry him. So that perked up xmas a bit. Anyway they were gone 8 hours so im hoping for LOTS of good stuff.

Nov 25th

I hope you are all having a really good Thanksgiving. This is a sad kind of day to me kind of depressing. My kids are all in other states with different family. Tom hates Thanksgiving and Christmas. So its very depressing to me. We decided to just make it like any other day so that those of you watching the web cam will see that I'm working as usual.I hope you leave some messages on the web board to.

Nov 22nd

I have new message board up in the membres section.

Nov 21st

We are starting a large site update today. Look for the new model today in the members section

Nov 20th

Great News 2 of our Models were in Plumpers in the Feb 2000 issue. Congratulations to Diana & Olivia!!!!!

Nov 18th

Watch the Cam tonight between 7 & 10 for a REALLY great show. We are shooting a video.Its going to be a 3 sum. Yum Yum :>

Nov 17th

Had a photo shoot today for a few hours with lliana. Im sure you caught some of it on the Cam. More coming soon on the site of her. Want one to see now? Ok Click here. Its going to take a bit to load its big. Its worth it though. Just think if your a member you will get to see all the rest of that shoot. It was GOOD!!!

Nov 16th

I have been working so hard lately. Finally got about 2 hours to relax but laying and cuddling with Tom got me horny & worked up. Sooooo I had to RAPE Tom. Poor guy hed fallen asleep and woke up with a mouth around his dick. He woke startled but then quickly joined in. If you were watching on the Cam you got to see a really good show.

Nov 15th

I wanted to let everyone know that on thursday from 7 pm -10 pm keep your eyes on the member web cam we are taping another video. This ones going to be a few NEW experiences. Should be an awesome video.

Nov 13th

Wow What a Party we had last night. It looked like it was slowing down arpund 1 AM but upi know us we don't like to stoppartying so we made our own fun & went on till 5 am. We all crashed in varius spots of the house & started again at 9 am this morning. We even played a bit of China Dolls new game. It was so great to see two of our fat fantasy members come to a party. I hope you both had fun. I have a message for you both from one of the women. If you email to me I'll give it to you. Here is a pic of one of our models in her toga. She looked do sexy. Click here for a litle reminder of an event to come.

Nov 12th

Hope you caught our most incredible show last night. Syndee , Tommy & I gave it our best in incredible threesome sex. Theres something for everyone in this video.It starts off with me feeding my sexy hot girlfriend cake from my finger and her sucking it clean. Then Tommy licking the frosting from her nipples while I continue to feed her the cake & frosting. He then proceeds to finger her very WET pussy. He grabs a dildo and we take turns shoving the dildo in and out of her pussy. Her big Clit is throbbing and Tommy plays with it.Then he proceeds to fuck her pussy in every imaginable way. After a bit of Fucking Syndee he takes on me. We have volcanic sex with me erupting into an orgasmic squirter scene as hes fucking me and Syndee is sucking my nipples...and thats only half of it. Your going to want this video.


Nov 11th

Take a look at the member web cam tonight from 7 pm - 10 pm we are making a new video and you get to watch :)

November 8th

Take a look at the changes on the video Page. Loads faster and I think its easier to navigate. At least I hope so.I will be adding real video files soon.

NOvember 7th

Just put up 96 new pictures on the site of a new model Named Rita. There will be a second new model up later tonight or in the morning. If you are a member you can click here to get to the new pics. If your not why not join today and see all the pics in the member area. If you want to see the banner for the new video its here

Nov 6th

Well good news our videos are starting to be available on CD. The first one out is Plump Pussy Poppin. We hope to have them all out within a short time. We are shooting two new videos this week to. Updates to the site tomorrow night. More about that tomorrow.

November 5th

I'm heading to the weigh station again to do my weekly weight check in about 2 hours. Here's a joke foThis woman goes to a pet store to purchase some dog food. She puts the bag
of food up on the counter and notices a box full of frogs. She reads the
sign on the says...."Snatch Eating Frogs..$20 each instructions

She looks around to see if anybody's watching her and whispers to the man
behind the counter... "I'll take one." He packages up a frog.

The woman grabs her dog food and is on her way home. When she gets home, she
takes out the instructions and reads them carefully, doing exactly what it s
ays to do.

1. Take a shower. 2. Put on some nice smelling perfume. 3. Put on a very
sexy teddy. 4. Crawl into bed, spread your legs and put the frog down

To her surprise, nothing happens. She thought, perhaps the scent she chose
is not appealing to the frog. So, she showers again and tries another
perfume. She gets back into bed, puts the frog between her legs and....

She's totally frustrated and pissed off at this point. She reads the
instructions again thinking that there might be something she overlooked. At
the bottom of the paper is says, "If you have any problems or questions,
please call the pet store."

So, she does. The man from behind the counter says, "I've had a few
complaints earlier today, I'll be right over." After the man got to her
house the woman says, "See, I've done everything according to the
instructions and the damn thing just sits there."

The man, looking very concerned, picks up the frog, looks directly into its
r you.



We made an incredible video yesterday. Haley , Tommy and I were in it. I am walking around teasing Tommy sexually. My girlfriend Haley comes to the door and joins me. I start dancing and she joins me. Tommy finally gets up and fucks us. Extremely wild sex. I couldnt even move afterwards. Its $34.95.

A few hours later we did a photo shoot with a very sexy woman. Boy are we going to have a really good update for you shortly. If you would like to see the Pictures from the halloween party click here



Busy Busy day. Lots of models. We took 600 new photos today. Look fo a major site update shortly. Hope you caught both of our shows today on the web cam. It was quite a performance.Did you remember to book your rooms for the Bash. Hope do its filling up fast. Please get your registrations in to. We must have your registration form to match each hotel reservation. Oh & here is a joke for you that I heard today.

Force One crashed in the middle of rural America. Panic stricken,
the Secret Service mobilized and descended on the farm in force.
When they arrived, the wreckage was clear. The aircraft was totally
destroyed with only a burned hulk left smoldering in a tree line that
bordered a farm.
Secret Service searched the smoking hulk but could find no
remains of the crew or the President's staff. To their amazement, a lone
farmer was plowing a field not too far away as if nothing at all happened.
They hurried over to surround the man's tractor.
"Sir," the senior Secret Service agent asked, panting and out of
"Did you see this terrible accident happen?"
"Yep. Sure did." the man muttered unconcernedly.
"Do you realize that is the President of the United States'
"Were there any survivors?" the agent gasped.
"Nope. They's all kilt straight out." the farmer sighed cutting off his
tractor motor.
"I done buried them all myself. Took most of the morning."
"The President of the United States is DEAD?" The agent gulped..
"Well," the farmer sighed, obviously wanting to get back to his
"He kept a-saying he wasn't... but you know what a liar he is."


If you are planning on attending our Bash Feb 11-13th its time to book your hotel room & send in your registration form.Your going to want to get into the first hotel. There are some awesome events planned. Most of our models will be there. Don't Forget Mendi Teats the Publisher of Big Butt Magazine is also going to MC the whole event. The Peeka Sistas are also making an appearances. They are some amazing Sistas!!! To reserve your hotel room Call 1 800 944 0062 Tell them you are with The Bigger And Better. The rooms are $50.00 a night Plus Tax. If you register by December 1st the Bash Fee is only 75 dollars including 3 All You Can Eat Meals plus a Dance, Pageant & lots of other entertainment. Please send in your registrations ASAP.

November 1st

Well we did 2 photo shoots today. I hope you caught them on the web cam. I am sure you will agree that these are some Hot looking Women. Did you notice this weeks Video Special Plump Outcalls? Its on sale this week for $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping. Remember we accept Mastercard and visa. You can call 407 977 5143 to order or use the buy now button on the videos page. It is A VERY HOT Video. The BBW in it is 375 lbs and brand new to the site.

October 31st

Well I DiD it!!! I left the house and went to the Dance. I know it dosent sound like much but it was somethin really hard for me. The walk was 3-4 times what i normally can walk so it really pushed my limits. Im so glad I went though. The dance lasted till 2 AM and then everyone went swimming. It was almost 5 am before we ll went to bed. Many of us stayed overnite at the hotel . It was a lot of fun! Next Party is a Toga party on Nov. 13th.

October 30th

Gone to the Halloween Dance In Orlando for Bigger And Better.

October 29th

Well I now know what I weigh. Tom tool me to the county dump and drove the car over the weigh scale with me in it. Then he went back over it with me out of it. I am a little bit more then I thought.

October 28th

We shot two more models today. They are quite cute :)

October 27th

I saw this funny adult cartoon today. I hope you think its as funny as I do :)

Our Dance is Saturday night. This will be the second time in 6 years that I have left my house. First time to a public place. Im really in a panic. Im not sure how people will react to me. Im not sure how I will handle the walk.Oh well we will soon see.

October 26th

Been working hard all day. I am searching for models over 500 lbs in Florida for a part in a movie. I have been contacted by a director and they are seeking women over 500 lbs for some parts. If anyone knows someone in Florida that might fit that category please have them contact me asap.

October 25th

Hi everyone. Hope you caught the show last night on the web cam. I should be on that chat later tonight. Hope to talk to all of you.I've been home alone for the first time in 6 months for more then an hour. Feels strange to have ALL this time to myself. I thought Id find it great being just me for a bit but I miss Tom...pout. Oh well guess I will just have to find my substitute man friend and have some see you on the cam for a show :)

Oct 24th 1.30 PM

Well I am back again. Getting ready to update the site again today so look for some new content. Had the opportunity to chat with Sindee last night. She partied over here with us for a few hours and we talked about some exciting topics. I know she can't wait to get to know all of you more and if anyone wants to send email to sindee .

Oct 24th 1 PM

Well I must say I really have to thank one of the members here for changing my mood today.I woke up in this BITCH of the century modes. Then I received this email from a really nice person overseas telling me how much he enjoyed the site. He compimented the amount of models, the quality of te photos. The Abundants amount of Pics on each model. Then he said he could tell it was photographed by an FA that really enjoyed the people he photographed.All of a sudden my fram of mind changed because Tom is such a really considerate person. He has stayed by my side 24 hours a day except to run errands. I am homebound and he has chosen to not abandon me in order to experience outside life until I can. That was not something I asked of him.Its something he has insisted on. We are working hard to get my mobility back. My next real outing will be Oct 30th to go to our Halloween dance in Orlando Kissimmee. We hired a live DJ and its going to be a dance and buffet. For any of you in the area that want to join us the info is here

October 23rd Noon

Well sorry it is so late before I posted. We had a long night last night taping our new video "Cushee the Crushee" . We had so much fun making it. Poor Cushee had some real lessons to learn nd the 2 Sexy Mistresses enjoyed using poor cushee as their furniture. Sitting on him ,bouncing on him and even using him as their table to eat off of. It will be available for ordering tonight.

oCT 22ND 9 am

Well I was up till almost 5 AM so im trying to pry my eyes open. Hope you all caught our marathon performance on the web cam last night. We have a major photo shoot tonight a new video thats coming out. This video will enter into a new area we haven't gone into yet. Its a Fem Domme what i will label as "crushing" video. Two of our lovely ladies Syndee & lliliana will be crushing and Domme'ing our Newest Male model not yet been seen. This one might include aguest appearance from a sexy big 500 lb women. Look for this video that will be on sale as of tomorrow if all goes as planned!

Oct 21st 4 pm

Someone sent me this cute joke. Thought I'd pass it on.

A woman was having a passionate affair with an inspector from pest-
control company. One afternoon they were carrying on in the bedroom
together when her husband arrived home unexpectedly. "Quick," said the
woman to her lover, "into the closet!" She bundled him in the closet
stark naked.
The husband, however, became suspicious and after a search of the
bedroom discovered the man in the closet. "Who are you?" he asked him.
"I'm an inspector from Bugs-B-Gone," said the exterminator.
"What are you doing in there?" the husband asked.
"I'm investigating a complaint about an infestation of moths," the man
"And where are your clothes?" asked the husband.
The man looked down at himself and said, "Those little bastards."

October 21st Noon

I just got a call from Indigo Rose today. She just had opened the January issue of Plumpers. Three of our videos were reviewed and my pictures/screenshots look great she says. From what she read to me it sounds like it was a Major Thumbs Up for our videos. YIPPEEEE!!!.


Dont forget to check out our videos.

October 20th Midnight

Well I started to put up a new model in members section.If you are a member I can show you a lil bit of wht coming.It should be fully up by late morning.

October 19th 11 AM

Well, I'm sitting here watching the view and updating the site. Look for a big big update tonight sometime. Mendi Teats and I were talking last night about some of the activities we are planning for the BASH. All I will say is if you aren't there you are going to really be hating yourself. Even WOOO HOOOO dosen'tdo what we have planned justice. I advise anyone planning to come get your hotel reservation now & send in your registration form. You will want to be in the first hotel. We hope to totally fill all 3 BASH hotels. This will be the BASH that you never forget.

If you are in Florida and want to party with us on Halloween. We are having a live DJ and lots of fun & Food!!!

To book your hotel room for Feb 11th-13th call 800-944-0062 YOU MUST MENTION THAT YOU ARE WITH THE BIGGER AND BETTER BASH & PAGEANT. Then print out & send in your registration form. If you register now its $75 dollars for the BASH & Pageant. Includes All you can eat Taco Buffet first night, Breakfast the 2nd Day & All you can eat Dinner Buffet. Plus it Includes the Dance & Ticket to watch the Pageant.

Oct 18th 11 pm

Well its been quite a day. It is really sad to hear about Donna/Bodzilla. She was a very young woman and left behind a young son. We will all sadly miss her. It is rumored that Phen Phen might have been the culprit behind it. Very Sad.

Oct. 17 12 pm

Well we finally have some sun in Florida. YEAH!!! Maybe some models will actually show up for their appointments now. In the members section we have a brand new Erotic Adventure that was written by one of our site members. Its Quite good and I am sure you will enjoy it. They would welcome any comments. Just email them. I am working some more onupdates today and tomorrow. So more content is coming.

October 16th 5.20PM

Just found something on the web I thought you all might like. When you get a chance check it out.Its called the guide to oral sex.

October 16th 1.21 pm

Well we made it through another hurricane without having to go off the webcam. It hit a lot of counties near us but slid right through. I'm looking for some nice FA's to interview for some articles I am writing. Any volunteers? Please email me if interested.I am working on the bi members section. Will be updating and fixing it up a bit. How do you all like the new format? Any easier to use? Do you like reading the bios?

October 15th

Still working on the site updating and the next magazine. New Video This week called Granny Needs Tommy. We are shooting our first Squashing Video friday Night. We also are looking for some feedback. Any ideas for future videos? What do you want to see? I added some new pics tonight of me. I think Tom did a great job with these. We also have 4 of our models heading to be taped for the Jenny Jones show tuesday. Elvira, lilliana, Daytona Babe is a possible & a New one you haven't seen yet.I will keep you posted as to when it will air. More great news Mendi Teats Publisher of Big Butt Magazine will be MC'ing the Bash & Pageant for me. We are really excited. Mendi & I have talked at length about how much fun we are going to have there. Book early to guarantee your hotel room there. Hotel Space is going to fill fast. We have so many models coming to this event its going to blow you away.

October 14th

Good Morning :) Hope everyone is doing well. We had a major power outage yesterday. Sorry for the down time but Florida Power was the culprit there. We are up for the day and have a few shows on the web cam planned throught the day & evening. Keep looking :)

A friend of mine sent me this beautiful poem she wrote & said I could share it with you.

Romancing The Rose

There is no greater love than you and I.
It is proven with each day passing by.
I consider love, and I think of you.
The rose is dripping its delicious dew.

You cause the torrent of my blissful tears,
whispering endearments into my ears.
As fascinating fingers come and go,
I am thrilled by touches that please me so.

You are the reach of amorous ocean.
You fill me with waves of sweet devotion.
I close my eyes and imagine you here.
I feel your desire, its hardness is near.

My dearest love, your burning flame inspires
the sunrise moistness and the sunset fires.
I cannot believe they open and close,
the petals that silken this fragrant rose.

Your voice is a magic I cannot say,
brighter than sunlight the lingering day.
Embracing my heart, it makes me complete.
The petals of the rose are moist and sweet.

Your lips, your tongue, how heavenly to me,
better than I thought it could ever be.
"O! O! Yes!" A white light is exploding.
I can feel the strength of stars imploding.

My darling lover, thank God you are mine.
You are brilliant at that in sixty-nine.
WOW! What a dream! My body is shaking,
beyond control this orgasmic waking.

Loving and lovely, you are everything,
the magic that makes my heart dance and sing.
I consider love, and I think of you.
The rose is dripping its delicious dew.

I cannot believe they open and close,
the petals that silken this fragrant rose.
Embracing my heart, it makes me complete.
The petals of the rose are moist and sweet.

October 4th-October 13th

****Apologies for not writing.I have had some major life problems. My uncle was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx & they say he will not speak again after his surgery next week. Hes not even a candidate for a voice box. He was someone that I have deeply cared about & we are very close. I also totally revamped the members area. Still a bit to go. 900 new images have been added so far in the last week. I have about 300 more going up in the bi & male/female area. Yes, New pics of me too :)

Oct 3rd, 1999 2 AM

Well the party was great there are 7 of us left. We are spending the night. Talk to you again in the morning.

Oct 2nd 1999

Well they got here at 3 am we slept till 9 am. Now we have started preparing for the feast. We are having twelve people over. Tom & Paul are grilling while we women party hearty.

Oct 1st 1999 10 pm

Well my friends are on the way over. They are going to party with us this weekend. The gangs getting together. China, Sabrina, Tom & I and about 5 friends are having a Babeque & Margarita party. We will be on the Babe party cam thru mid sunday.

Sept 30th 11.24 AM

Well so far the new site design is coming right along. Within the next week the site should be fully redressed. I know there have not been many updates lately but in a few days thers going to be a major one. Hang on because the new model you are going to see are going to blow you away. There will also be more video & Stories.

Spt 29th 9 am

Good Morning everyone :) I've been working really hard on the new site design.You are going to start noticing some major changes soon in the members section. When we fullly come up onlline with this new version of the site we asre bringing some new models and updates of older ones too. I met this really nice new model yesterday. Her most name is Tei. Shes a Manicurist. She is really an exotic gal. Shes from Colorado and claims that she has fucked her way up and down the Rocky Mountains. She says "having sex there is how it was meant to be. Just being naked in nature brings out the animalistic urge you have. What kind of sex can be better then that?"

Sept 28th 9 pm

Here is what happened on Tuesday - September 28th...
It is the 271 day of the year, and there are 94 days left...

Famous People Born On This Day In History.
1909 Al Capp, put Dogpatch, USA on the map. 
 Events On This Day In History...
1542, Juan Cabrillo discovers California, at San Diego Bay. 
 1781,Siege of Yorktown begins, last battle of the the Revolution. 
 1962,The Beverly Hillbillies premiers. (Well I'll Be!). .am

Sept 27th 9 PM

Many of you were gaining access to our site via passwords gained from illegal password sites. While I love to have you here, your illegal presense here is causing my bandwidth to go up 10 times it's normal costs. As a result, I might be sleeping on the street next month because I won't have the money to pay rent after paying the huge bandwidth fee. If you are illegally accessing this site, I hope you will help keep the site alive, and my rent paid by purchasing something.
We have great amateur videos, You may think it's fun to access sites illegally, you should seriously think about the negative impact you have on the lives of all the models who depend upon the site's income to survive.

Sept 26th 11 pm

Well the last person left around 8 pm. What a weekend. We definitly partied to the maxxx. Party pics will be on the main BABE site in the next few days.

Sept 25th 8 am

Last night China, Boobs, MIMI ,Chelle & I partied before the party. We had a lil slumpber party of our own. Can I say "FUN"

Tonights the Party. It will be on both Party Cams on the main BABE site

Sept 23rd 9 pm

Tomorrow is the Big Day. China Doll, and about 5 pf our friends are all staying the night at our house. We will be on the BABE party cam all night , Straight thru till Sunday.

Sept 22md 6 pm

Hump Day two more days to go. It should be a wild party.

Sept 21st 3 PM

Well I can't wait till Friday. Major party this weekend. Its going to start friday night and continue thru sunday. We did a photo shoot today. It went really well.

Sept 20th

Been working really hard on upgrading the site. Any comments?

I saw this interesting Quote today.

"Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't know because we don't want
to know."
"A person who knows all the answers, has an opinion on everything, has a
certainty backed up by
rational argument, has very little possibility of further progress. Such a
person is unlikely to walk away from a discussion with anything more than a
reaffirmation of how right he or she has been all along" - Edward deBono

Sept 19th 10.57 pm

As I am sure you all are noticing we have gone "pink" .I decided to change a lot of things on the site so you get more for your money when you join. Things are really starting to get XXXXX on these photo shoots. We are getting wild & crazy over here. I am always looking for suggestions as to things to add to the site & new type photo shoots youd like to see so if you have any suggestions please email me with them. If you are ablle to be in the Florida area Feb 11-13th of next year you are going to want to be at our BASH!!!! It's going to be talked about for years. We have so much planned!!!!

Sept 18th 3 AM

Well we finished the video. Its 3 AM and they are on the way home and we are chowing down on some food. We are both really hungry!!! Toms cooking Eggs &nd i'm making potaoes Obrien.Then its off to sleep. We are redesigning the site so look for changes soon.Lots more features and more pics too. We now have 60 models in the members area. Thats a whole lot of pics. Our pics are not like some sites are where you gt a lot of tease and no sleaze. With our pics you will always get the model at her barest at many points of the shoot. We don't lke to just tease.

Sept 17th 6 pm

We are getting ready to shoot a video tonight with 2 new models. Well actually with one of them. The other one is watching and lending moral support. We think that these two have great potential We hope they start attending our parties at BABE because they are a lot of fun to be around.

Sept 16th 4 pm

Its been an interesting day.Worked on some new photos. We did a new photo shoot on me. Some great new pics of me coming soon. I'm hoping you all caught the 3 hour sex olympics on the members web cam today.Boy am I worn out!!!

sEPT 15TH 1 PM

Tom & I made it through just fine. I actually slept through the storm. Its back to work. We stayed up on the web cam through the whole storm. Hope you ar enjoying the shows.

sEPT 14TH 1 PM

Tom & I will be off web cam from some time this afternoon until the hurricane passes and our power is restored. im sure we will end up losing power. Keep your fingers crossed for us please :)

September 11th 9 pm

Well we were able to get a lot of work done today. The newsletter is now out. I made some new graphics see below. Olivia and a friend stop by we had lots of fun. But im sure you saw it on the web cam.



September 10th 6 pm

Well its friday night. We were supposed to have a girlfriend over to play tonight but she cancelled out at the last minute. Therefore its just going to be us. Check out our show starting at 11 pmtonight and going tillat least 3 AM.

Sept 9th

Well its been very quiet around here all week. We are working on the sites. Should see some new models sunday night late or early monday morning. Dont forget if you want to get info on site updates fast join our mailing list at list name fatfantasy

Sept 8th

Keep your eye on the Cam today. its gonna b good.

Heres a great quote for today.

"Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be
restrained." -- William Blake

Sept 7th

today wasn't bad. actually, it was pretty good. I had a really strange, kinda scary, dream right as i was waking up this morning. i was half asleep when it happened. actually, i had kinda woken up at the time. anyway, i decided to just roll over and go back to sleep for a few minutes. about a second later, i felt someone touching me. teasing. tickling. trying to keep me from going
back to sleep. i knew i was home alone. i rolled over and saw someone with brown hair sitting by me. that woke me up instantly. of course, once i was fully awake, no one was there. freaky. freaky as all get out. i swear.

Sept 6th 9 pm

We spen the day updating the site. Please visit our newest site as well. Its in the process of being built now.

Sept 5th 2 AM

Well that was pretty much a dud cause they didnt show up. Tom & I had some gret sex though. We were both in a mad type of mood so the sex was nice and rough.Just the way we both like it.

Sept 4th 3 pm

Well we are entertaining another couple tonight.Not sure yet what this night will hold. Should be fun. Watch the Cameras :)

Sept 3rd

Been adding some great Real Video Files to the members area. I'll be making a few for preview too. You have to look they are Incrdible :)

Sept 2nd 2 AM

Still working.Just added another model named Wendy. Shes relly Awesome and Pregnant to.

Sept 1 9PM

We got a chance to update the site a bit today. 200 new photos in members 2 new models. Dusty & Emily. Have fun with their pics. More updates tomorrow.

August 31, 1999

Well if youd like to see our pics from our Bigger And Better Party Saturday night they are up on our other site. Here's a link to it.

So anyway, Im working on site updates today. New model going up.

We put out a new Video Yesterday. Its on sale as an introductory this week.


August 30th 1999

Well hopefully all the models for today will show up. We are filming a new video today. It will be broadcast live onto the members cam starting around 1.15 - 1.30. Should be going till around 3 or 3.30. Then we have a new modl coming at 4. It will be broadcast starting at 4 if she shows.

August 29th 1999

Phew!!! What a party! Its funny you know how after a big meal there always room for dessert? Well after two days of non stop party everyone finally went home. Then Tom & I hit the bed for some more fun on the Web Cam

August 28th 1999


August 27 th 1999

We had visitors today. A good friend and her husband came over to spend the weekend with us. They are attending tomorrows party should be a blast. See us on the Web Can tonight :)

August 26th

So did you tune into the Member Web Cam at 7.30 PM last night. Hmmmmm you should have (EG) . You missed some Great Sexual Performances. Tom was at his best and if I must say so myself so was I. We were in the middle of working when he just said lay back im taking that Pussy. I love it when he gets hot for it all of a sudden and just "takes me" OOOH Yes!!!!

August 25th 11 AM

Well been busy doing a New video and 2 MOdels. One of them were supersize and very pretty.We are having a party with ou main size acceptance group saturday night. With Bikini modeling. There will be a web cam on the entire event. Sorrry folks for Saturday night we will be briefly of fatfantasy cam since when outside groups come in we can't expect them to appear on an adult web site.However you can check out the party Cam.

August 24 10:43 A.M.

Hope you had the opportunity to see our show last night from 10 pm -2 am live on the web cam. It was really awesome. This is the third night in a row we have had a live performance. Tom really has made it hard for me to sit these last few night. Wow we have had not only great sex but some great D/s action. My ass was really bright red....sizzle.

August 23rd 4.08 PM

Just came across something funny.Thought I'd share it with you

August 23rd 3.12 pm

Im working on the site right now. Im also hanging out on my aol account while i update the site. If you want to chat with me im nosass123 over there.My chat servers shuould be back up in a few days im revamping the way it works.

August 22nd

Well it was the 7th Day and um I rested.

August 21st 11.46 PM

We did a really kewl shoot tonight with our first Pregnant model. Her name is MS K and she looks really hot. We got some great masturbation photos for you .Cant wait to show you.

August 20th

Sorry had to skip today

August 19th 7 AM

Had to get up extra early today. Not sure why but just a feeling. Had a really wild dream durig the night.Made me wake up extra horny. I gave a realy wild show on the web cam masturbating. It was so good to feel that big dildo going in and out of my wet pussy. WOOH thats much better.

August 18th 9 pm

Well we did get to shoot a model today. She was about 240 lbs. We will be doing a video with her shortly.

August 17th 11 pm

Pretty uneventful day. We worked hard and are putting up new video files for you on the members site

August 16th 10.33 PM

We did a photo shoot with this new chick Chaney. Man did she have some big Melon Tits!!!! Lots and Lots of pics of her were taken. Should be seeing her humongous titties soon. I wasn't thrilled with her look but Tom thought she was the BOMB cause of her TiTs. Heres a pic of her if you click here. Email us with your opinion. CHANEY

August 15th 8 pm

Im trying to get a chance to talk to a lot of you on the chat server. Its been great getting the opportunity to know some of you .It makes it feel more homey to know a lil bit about some of you that are watching our lives on the web cam. Sorry theres not constant nudity on the web cam but there are so many times in a day you just can't possibly be naked for. We probablly would scare off a lot of potential models if we met them at the door stark naked. I have been tempted to at times. I woke Tom up the other day when someone rang the bell. He leaped up and ran for the door refusing to listen to me tell him he wasn't dressed. These two ladies had some words to share with him at the door and they weren't too happy with his appearance when the door flew open. Anyway we are trying to get more models to come hang with us and get naked for you all regularly.

August 14th 6.30 pm

Well today this couple called that saw o Toms & my swinger ad. They are coming over tonight at 8 pm I doubt it will come to much but who knows. Tom just brought in the lothes and i put on my dress and when i did about 300 red ants ran all over me. I ripped off my clothes and literally ran naked through the house. He was in the shower and thought we werehaving an earthquake LOL

Me running now thats a site few have seen. (giggle)

August 13th 7 p.m.

Well this has been a busy day. No models but we did update the site a bit. Check out members models page 8. Tomorrow im working on new video rm clips

August 12th 12.56 PM

We are up and working. Will be doing major site updates over the next few days. Lots of new models are going up and new real video clips


Sorry i haven't been on earlier but we had a full day of shooting today. If you watchd the members web cam today I guess you noticed. PHEW!!! It was hot. As you probablly noticed we were shooting a new video called "GRAND SLAM GRANNY". Its for sale at $34.95. This Granny explodes with more energy then most 60 years or younger women. This sizzling sexpot flirts mercilessly with her buxom bubble assed body. As She is peeled seductivly out of her clothes you wont want to let your eyes glance from the action for a single moment. You have to buy this one!!!

August 10th 11.12 A.M

Last night turned out to be awesome. It was 7.30 pm we thought the model for 7 had not shown up when unexpectedly there was this knock knock knock on the door. Hmmm who was it? Nope not Big foot ...guess again....oh yeah the model. She was really cute and oh yeah PLUMP! She was leaving in the morning to work for this Fat Chick Titty Bar. She needed money to leave town and move to South Carolina. So guess what she was willing to do anything and oh boy did she. We have some awesome pics for you. Oh yeah Plus Video!!!!! It took till 1 AM. But we got it all. We will try to get to site updates really soon this week. Its just that these photo and video opportunities keep coming in. But thats good beause you know the future on this site is LOTS of HOT pics & Video for you to see.

August 9th 7.11 P.M.

He Did it. Here is the pic. If you want to see it Click here.

August 9th 11.06 A.M,

Hmm anybody want to place their bets to whether or not Tom actually lets them pierce his nipple today? He just left to have it done. He must be pretty serious he took all the cameras with him. I'll keep you all posted. Here is a new banner i made this morning. Feel free to save the jpg and use it on your web pages with a link back to us at

August 9th 7.10 A.M.

Well, Just wanted to say the SEX was Good ...hope you caught it on the Web Cam :)

I'm Posting a pic in the Preview area of The Black Widow and a Special XXXX One in the Member area in about 20 minutes. Look For it :)

August 9th 6 A.M.

Well I'm off and ready to start working. Tom took the Black Widow to the airport. He told me he was going to "Fuck My Pussy till It Screamed Stop" when he got back. That will be on the web cam to in the members section in a bit i hope :)

August 8th 11 PM

Well its final done. This last pictures been shot. I don't think we missed anything. Incredible bondage and D/s video scenes for real video Clips that will be up soon and als some stuff for feeders both video and still. Final count was 2500 pictures fro the weekend. It was incredible! So much fun. The new models name is "THE BLACK WIDOW". i'M GOING TO POST A PIC OF HER TODAY SO YOU CAN ALL GET A TEASEER VIEW OF WHAT YOU WILL SOON SEE. :)

August 7th 11.45 PM

WoW what a day. We shot all day long. We arent even through yet just taking a break.At this point we already have taken over 1200 photos for you. WOW!!! this stuff sizzles. Hope you have been watching the web cam the entire shoots been on there except for the WET Stuff. :)

August 6th 9.45 AM

Well this is the start of a majorly busy weekend. Tom & I have a client from Texas come in. They wanted a erotic portfolio done. All adult material of course. They have been kind enough to let us have a copy of all of it for our site as well. Shes' a really HOT Plump Model! Anyway Tom goes to the airport at midnight and picks her up.Until then Harley will be here with us all day. I'm waiting for her right now. We should be getting some good shots of her and me today. Maybe even some video :) We will be on the web cam for most of it so keep your eyes on it :)

August 5th 10 pm

Well sorry for not posting yesterday. We have had some long days here with work. We are trying to catch up . Everyday we seem to get so caught up with shooting new models. What people dont realize is how much time actually goes into what we do. I invited one of th memberson here to spend some time with us recently. They had commented as to how much fun this al must be and how easy with us. I think they have a new sense as to what goes into a day here now.We'd like to say that every model that books an appointment to shoot shows up but thats not the case. We can go through 5 days straight of setting up for 8 models and maybe 1 wil show up. However, sometimes they all show up . Then we are really moving fast. Theres a lot of waiting around to be done. since we have to be semi ready for them and waiting in the studio.Every time one dosent show it takes us away from what we do for 45 minutes. So if potentially 5 dont show in a day you can see how much wasted time there potentially is.

Anyway, today we did finally get one to show up . She was a really nice Supersize model. Her name is Snow. We did a two hour photo shoot then a video afterwards. There should be video clips rm files of it up soonin th members area.

August 3rd 10.57 A.M.

Our chat server appears to be a hit. It was great getting to talk to so many of you yesterday. I plan on being on during the day between model shoots. Then again tonight. Well i have to run for now because we have a model soon. Talk to you all later.

August 2nd 2.44 PM

Well I have great news for everyone :) We now have a chat server in the members area. I will be putting a link button in to it tonight. I will be on line and available to chat and do web cam requests :) For now this is the link to it

July 31st 1999 11.04 pm

Well today has been fun. Tom & I had some friends from out of town here since last night. She is a supersize BBW & he her boyfriend an FA. As it turns out he and I were friends with the same people back in 1976 & 1979 and we just found it out today. Wierd how these things happen. They cooked dinner for us they made steak and cajun shrimp/ Man it was so good. She also cooked potatos and brocolli. They did a great job. Tom spent the day fixing their computers. Tonight we watched exit to eden. Ive seen it b4 but i love that movie.

July 30th 1999 10.32

After the last few days of harrassment from a few people who know who they are all I have to say is the following.

"Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't know because we don't want
to know."

"A person who knows all the answers, has an opinion on everything, has a
certainty backed up by rational argument, has very little possibility of
further progress. Such a person is unlikely to walk away from a discussion
with anything more than a reaffirmation of how right he or she has been all
along" - Edward deBono

July 29th 1999 9.28 P.M.

Well another great day at Fat Fantasy Headquarters. Lacey was over here spending the afternoon. After sitting around and having a gab fest we decided to outdo ourselves from the last video. We created a Brand NEw One Today. Its called Plumper WAKE UP. The name might change on that. It was really awesome. I did the videography on it i got so hot I found my self pinching my nipples and fingering myself a few times during it. We are going to make some RM files for it.

July 28th 8.25 A.M.

This was a great day. We did unfortunatlly have o interupt the web cam today for 3 hours as we were creating some incredible real video files for you to see. Web cam is back on now. Tom & I also had the pleasure of having a special visitor with us today. Haley spent the day with us. Shes becoming quite a regular around here. We did also shoot a incredible video called "Haley's Amateur 3 Way. It stars Haley ,Lexi & Tom.It should be up in the next few days with a real video file.

July 27th 5.05 A.M.

Well I fell asleep around to but i wole back up 2.5 hours later. I figured I'd write in my jpurnal a bit. I'm going to be putting up an awesome set of pics today. The underwater pool shooy of Sabrina and also between sabrina and myself. The actual cause of that sunburn. Look for it tonight :)

July 26th 9.12 A.M.

Well I just woke up and realized it was after 8.30 man I never sleep that late. I don't even remember going to bed. Last time I saw was 3.45 a.m. . Tom was still working . He's fast asleep still so it must have been a real late on for him. We have started fatfantasy magazine. I am searching for a few things for it. First I am looking for FA's & BBW's to interview for it that do not mind sending in a pic of them and signing a release form for us to post it. Second I am looking for hand drawn pics & cartoons of a size Acceptance nature. Third I am seekin information on size discrimination situations that have happened to individuals to write about. Fourth I am seeking amateur sexy photos of BBW & FA's that are willing to sign a release for us to post them for a monthly contest we are starting. Anyone wanting to write an article is also welcome. Email these to Lexi

July 25th 8 p.m

Just was submitted a poem author unknown. I thought it to be very fitting based on my experiences the last few days.

The Friend in the Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for gain
and the world makes you king or queen for a day.
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself
and see what that one has to say.
It isn't your father or mother or husband or wife
whose judgment upon you must pass.
The one whose verdict counts most in your life,
is the one staring back in the glass.
He or She's the one you must satisfy beyond
all the rest for he or she's with you right up to the end.
And you have passed your most difficult test,
if the one in the glass is your friend.
You might fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
and get pats on the back as you pass.
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
if you've cheated the one in the glass.

~ unknown author

July 25 7.45 A.M.

Well Tom didnt get to sleep till 4 am so it looks like im going to have some nice time to myself. That dosent happen to often. I decided to get a pay per view movie and watch it. Tom never lets us watch movies cause it takes away from work time. I love wen hes so tired he just sleeps for a day. Then I get to play hooky. Sorry folks but i have to take a break some times :)

July 25th 12.17 A.M.

Well our new edition to the site is now up. Fatfantasy magazine. There is a button for it on the bottom of the page.

July 24th 7.55 A.M.

Yesterday was quite eventful. People in this world can be so cruel.

If you get the opportunity visit this url and post your opinion to the things they have said in this thread. FAT BASHERS

Apparently my pic that someone posted sparked this long thread of really awful remarks. Some did defend me but for the most part I was really put down for my size. The problem I have with this is that its a feeder board on a size acceptance magazines site. The last place youd figue fat not to be acceptable. Ignorance creates most of the bad things in the world today.

July 23rd 10.57 A.M.

Well it will be a miracle if i can wake Tom up for this photo shoot in an hour. We went to bed at 7 am this morning after a few hours of Marathon sex. It had been a while because of us both being sunburned but at 4 am this morning i grabbed him when he walked by and said. "I want you Dick" Of course Tom didnt need much convincing and within a minute he was sinking his hard Dick in me. Wow that man can certainlly Fuck!!! Anyway hes fast asleep and I hate having to get him up.He really works so hard. I'm going to have to get really tricky to get him up.

July 22nd 5.47 P.M.

Well Tom just went out to do some errands. When he came back he suprised me with a new faster motherboard. Yippeeee. He went to work right away and installed it. WOW its so fast !!!!!! My sunburn is finally gone away and now I am just peeling. We are going to meet this chick saturday. She says she wants me to be her Mistress. This should be interesting. She sounds extremely Kinky. Not too kinky for Tom & I though. Shes into Golden showers. Thats one thing I'm not actually into . However I'll take the pics and Tom can Pee on her :)

July 21st 10.06 A.M.

As I am sure a lot of you noticed we really worked hard todayay.We put up 6 NEW Models in the Members Section. Because of the requests of many of you all on here. I have started to put up more lingerie shots in the members area. I'll be hard at work tomorrow. Only 1 photo shoot so we can get content up. We are really proud of the fact that we have now reached 50 Models up!!!!!!!!!! Thats WAY WAY over 12,000 PICS on this Site :)

July 21st 6.45 A.M.

Well we did a photo shoot late last night. She was really Pretty her name on here is Sassy. She is a Short Mediteranean looking Plumper.I must say she is quite high spirited and very flirtatious. I know you will really like her looks. Did manage to put up a few new models yesterday to.

July 20th 4.41 P.M.

Well back to the salt mines today. Working hard as usual. We did 1 photo shoot yesterday. Three did not show. What a suprise LOL. Well today we have 2 photo shoots. They both sound like they may actually show up. Both are large to. Well have to get moving we are updating pics today on the site.

July 19th 4.41 P.M.

I am kind of in a sad mood right now because of some letters I received in the last few days. We run another site as well. Its called Bigger And Better Enterprises. It is a size acceptance organization. We have been holding regular parties at our home. Tom and I have dedicated ourselves to the mission of size acceptance. Its actually because of that mission that Tom & I actually got together as a couple. We were even married at an event because it was so important to us. Now people have started to come to us saying because we run this site that we are not of the moral character that they feel should be associated with a size acceptance organization. It is actually for me something that since day 1 of this Adult Site I have told models. That this site is one of my projects to promote size acceptance. It builds self esttem it makes people feel good and changes many lives. I will NOT stop doing this just to conform to what other people feel is the "accepted morality level". I LOVE showing off. Even though I am 500 lbs I still feel sexy and I sure as hell feel wanted and lovable. My husband Tom and all of our members show us on a daily basis just how wanted we are and how much they enjoy our site.

If people have a problem with what we do then they should not attend the parties. I invite them no I challenge them to start their own group with just the pure mission of size acceptance. With totally pure mores and values in each person in attendance. See how many people will keep coming. See how fast they are able to keep people interested in the subject matter. Maybe the could spend less time gossiping with others about who Tom might fuck and why I might sit there and watch and film it maybe they could just mind their own business and stop trying to taint other peoples minds against us. Talk like theirs are no better then people saying they hate "Jews for their Beliefs" or Hate "Christians for theirs" etc. Anyway thats what has me all fired up today.

July 18th 11.30 P.M.

WHEW!!! Long Day again. Last nights party went till 4 a.m..After most Everyone left at 1 the ones remaining got into a exciting game of truth or Dare. Guess who ended up without clothes first. YUP you got it ME! Then Tom was next to get out of his clothes. I think there was only one person left with all their clothes on by 4 a.m. Well today we all got up early. Tom had to fix his friend Brandy's computer. He did that after Brandy and I woke him up. Shes a big lady too about 475 and 5 ft 3. She got on one side of the bed. I was already on his other side and we squished him like a sandwich. He sure woke up fast. Well after they left at 4 pm today to go back to tampa. We got a model in for a photo shoot. Its a brand New Model. She was 375 lbs and really awesome looking. Her name is Leah.We did a 3 hour photo shoot with her and PLUS an awesome Video that we call Plumper Outcall. I must admit I did outdo myself in filming ths time. I caught the cum shot so good!!!!!! I'm getting really good with the video camera :) I like shooting the videos almost as much as performing in them. I hope you all get to purchase some of our videos. The reviews we have been getting on them are great.

July 17th 5.56 A.M.

I fell asleep early last night with the keyboard in my lap. When I woke a few minutes ago I figured that was a sign to wake up and work so here I am. Tonight is the Bigger And Better Party here in Central Florida. If your in town and want to come tonight go to our other site to get details. I started a new section on here for jokes. I hope you enjoy it and participate in submitting some to be added. To send me some to post email them to me at Lexi.

July 16th 1999 10.25 A.M.

Well the pain is finally lessening. YEAH!!! Just got off the phone with Indigo Rose. I think its funny now that people actually check the web cam before they call to make sure I am not busy and cn chat. Tomorrow night is the next Bigger And Better Party at our house. For those of you in central florida you can find party info at our other site. . Well anyway, Indigo Rose is making the beans for the event. Its a 50's Sock Hop. Sabrina, Olivia, Daytona Babe, & China Doll should be There to. Tom & I will of course have a great time despite our pain :) Well have to run for now have video orders to ship out.

July 15th 1999

Well I am still bright red all over my body. Nude bathing is fun but it makes a sunburn a living hell. Even my nipples have a sunburn.We did do a photo shoot last night. It was torture though.Luckily she was really cute and a real plumper or it would not have been worth it. Tom was really good to me since this happened. Hes been even cooking :) GREAT NEWS as of today we have REAL G@ VIDEO FILES available in the members section. There are some great clips from the videos we sell on there. To see them click on the real video button in the members section.

July 13th 1999

Well The Sunburn is still covering my entire body. This really sucks big time. What a birthday. I cant even stand to be touched. Sabrina is still pretty burnt too. Sabrina called me earlier and she fell today. Luckilly shes not hurt to bad. It could have been worse. Tom bought me a reallly fancy video capture card for my birthday so look out for some really hot movie clips. :) Tom is buying us dinner tonight from Out Back steak house. We are having shrimp for appetizers blooming onion,prime rib and birthdday cake. Sounds yummy. You can watch us on the web cam as usual. We are trying our best to get our web chat up soon. Loook Out for it.

July 11th 7.23 A.M.

Sorry I missed writing yesterday. Tom & I wole up and left to go to Sabrinas house for a POOL Shoot. Its only the second time in 6 years I have left my house due to my health & Size related problems.Well when we got there Sabrina jumped right in the pool and Tom started photographing her. I was sitting on the cool deck watching her. Playful she started soaking me with a hose and I had to pull of my dress not to get soaked. Sabrina tried to get me in the pool but I was scared I could not get back out as I dont climb steps well. Tom & I both didnt think I could make it . After a few hours she finally coaxed me in. I took one step in to where Tom waited. I fell into the pool. He was scared i was hurt but I wasnt. Sabrina and I swam for a bit and did a bi underwater photo shoot. Just wait till you see these photos. They are the bomb :)

The bad part is we were oputside for 8 hours. We are all burnt to a crisp. Not having been outside in 6 years I was not prepared for this. I am still in severe pain, dizzy and not feling well. The bad thing is I have 3 photo shoots tody. I hope this heals by my birthday tuesday. Sabrina and I both had severe chills last night. When we were talking on the phone ou teeth were chatering in time to each other. It sure hurts to walk.

July 10th

Missed see explanation above

July 9th 7.47 P.M.

Well we did have a great photo shoot today. She is a friend of the model we shot the other day. She is 6 ft 1 and has E cup TitS. Her two friends are doing their model shoots Sunday. One has F cup Breasts!!! They are all really kewl and very pretty women! Right now I am trying to talk Tom into letting us order chinese. He wants me to cook but I'd rather keep working. I hope I get my way :) Im not in the mood to cook or eat spaghetti. I want Crab Rangu, Egg Roll & Won Ton Soup. Yummmmm. If you see me eating chinese on the web cam later you will know I won! Email Tom and tell him to let me have chinese :) Tomthefa

July 9th 8.51 A.M.

Well we didn't get Soakie up last night but she's there now! This chick has incedible tits and she has an exquisite erotic look to her. I am trying to take a lil impromptu survey about the models we have on here. I'd really like to know peoples preferences. If you find you enjoy certain models more then others let me know. I want to bring you the type of pictures you want to see. Please take the time to email me and let me know. What type of models & what type of shots you like best. My email address again is Lexi

July 8th 11.42

Well we finally have gotten some new models up on the site. Take a look at INDIA . WOW!!! We are so busy I haven't even gotten to cook dinner yet and its almost midnight. Well I guess I better go do that. I should have the new model Soakie up tnight to!

July 8th 8.32 A.M.

Well I have been busy all morning. I've been searching through EBAY and other sites for some software from Extensis. If anyone has their products and has a copy for sale please email me. We did another new model last night. She is really pretty. Her name is Gretl. She is a supersize woman as well. We are happy to add her to our growing lineup. Today is photo processing day. Stay tuned for some updates in the members section. We are also adding a lingerie section in the members area soon. I hope you enjoy it.

July 7th 1.12 P.M.

Thought this day was going well till I made a phone call. Now its WONDERFUL!!! We found out that we have lots of Models about to come out in Plumpers. Some of our videos are being reviewed to :)

July 7th 6.27 A.M.

Things have been so hectic here. We did a new Video last night. PHEW!!! It was really hot. Its is just a few minutes shy of 2 hors. Its with one of our newer models Shell. She is 500 lbs of loveliness. She really enjoys sex nd is quite adventurous. Tommy and her really outdid themselves in yesterdays action. I had Tommy take about 7 different types of produce with her and he spent quite some time fucking her with different types of produce. Everything from corn cobs to different types of squash, celery etc. Then they spent an hour fucking in different positions. I have to admit I really captured this video image well. I think this video is EXCELLENT!!!!!! I'm putting it up for sale today or tomorrow.

Today is going to be anothe good day. I hope you caught the two performances on the web cam members section yesterday. First Tom & I gave you some good action in the morning. About 2 hours of hot fucking & Sucking .. Then last night Tom gave yet another performance with Shell. Today we have two new models. One is 375 lbs. Should be fun!

July 6th 6.40 A.M.

Oooh it is an early morning. Tom & I passed ot early last night. We were so drained from yesterday. We both were so horny & wanted to fuck but there was just no energy. We were both yawning and half asleep. Today we are making a Video with Shell. Should be really a hot one! We are going to do some really ho things in it. Will be a male /female video. We are also doing a photo shoot today too before the video. We are really keeping busy!

July 5th 10.54 P.M.

WOW!! This has been quite a day. We were graced with 2 Supersize Models that are Brand New To the industry. They are now exclusive to our site. One of them is called Patience and the other is REDD. I know you will love these women!

July 5th 8.48 A.M.

I am sitting here on the members web cam eating yogurt, typing this note and watching Good Morning America. Tom keps asking me what I want for my Birthday and I just don't know what to tell him I want. Everything I do want he won't get me so I'm not sure what on earth to say. It is also Daytona Babes & Dew's Birthday this Month . If anyone wants to send any cards or gifts for Birthdays it can be sent in care of our office & we will see that they get it. The address to use would be Bigger And Better Enterprises P.O. Box 195864 Winter Springs Fl 32719. Just put the models name % that address.

July 4th 8.04 p.m

Well we only ended up doing one photo shoot with China's friend. One of the Chicks I'll call her LN ended up flying home early. Tho one we did do we willl put up shortly. Her name is JAZZ. Shes a very vivacious Supersize Lady. I know you will Love her look. Tonight, in exactly a half hour we will be shooting another very nice Supersize female. Her name is Tomika. Tom was in rare form today. Sometimes I think there are 7 or 8 people living inside him. He does impressions really well and he has developed a few of his own characters. He's so funny when he does it. He reminds me of Tom Green.

July 3rd 9.56 P.M.

We have been busy busy busy again!. Just started counting up the models not yet posted on the site yet and realized its over 20. With all the new shoots and videos we are doing its been slowing down our processing time. Never fear we have blocked out a few solod days to do nothing but updates. Therefore this week there will be lots of new content updated onto the site. Tomorrow we have a photo shoot with two of China & Olivias friends. Two Supersize Hot Women who can't wait to show off on camera. We will get lots of great pics for all of you to see. They are only in town a short time so it will be a long shoot to get enough material to last a while. Remember to thank China for bringing these two new models for you to see. She'd love to hear from you. You can email her at china

July 3rd 9.39 A.M.

Well we did shoot 3 total models yesterday. We finally finished at 11 P.M. Ones named Diamond, Ones Peaches & the other is DEW. They are really hot chicks. Next week we are going to do some video with them Probably a 3 sum with Tom. Looks like i'll be videotaping again. Tom & I are starting to feel like the male/fem (married) version of the Bogus Brothers. Today we have another photo shoot at noon. We hope that will be on the Fat Cam! Then later today we may be doing another video. We are having a great 4th of JULY. We will be adding content to the site today as well. We are approaching 57 models. We have 17 models still to post up on the site. We are slowly trying to get out of our backlog. We just keep getting hit with new opportunitie and we never like to pass up on anyone. So just know that over the next month there will be lots of updates.

July 2nd 4.56 P.M.

Today has been a strange day. Tom & I got into an argument over absolutly nothing. We had gotten a phone call while he was asleep and I was trying to wake him up to ask him if he felt like being in a video this weekend with two of our new models. He started screaming at me and saying "You can't make me sleep with anyone" then said I just want a divorce. Needless to say I was shocked and started to cry.Still trying to keep compsure and get the person off the phone. He woke up later all mad telling me that he meant what he said. So I was really bummed out for most of the day. I had to last through a modeling session with this new model to. About two hours later when Tom realized he didnt know why he was mad or why he had asked for a divorce he asked me. He was really apologetic and said he didnt mean it he must of been dreaming and then woke up not knowing why he was upset just thinking he should have been. Luckily i love him to death and so of course I forgive him. I just hope this dosent happen often. I hate when hes upset with me.

We are getting ready to shoot another model tonight. She sounds really nice and from what she says she sounds pretty to. I know you will all love the one from this morning. Her name is Peaches. She will be up on the site shortly. If anyone wants to ever make comments i love feedback. Email to

July 2nd 1.42 A.M.

Well Tom just finished giing me a bath. I am sitting here munching a peach and writing. Toms laughing xause im teasing him my licking the peach. and sucking the juice. We are getting ready for bed now. Should be getting up around 8 a.m. Toms going to buy lawn mower. The grass in the back yard is literally a foot high. It looks like a jungle out there.Mowing its going to be a big task. Well talk to you in the morning.

July 1st 7.50 P.M.

Well I hope some of you caught our video taping today. It was live on the web cam. It was VERY HOT!!! Right in the middle the model started begging to be spanked and so we altered our plot a bit and well her Ass was turned a delightful shade of red. Made me so wet and I was hoping that Tom would turn mine an equally warm shade of red later tonight. That looks like its going to have to wait though because our 7 oclock models that are late are now coming at nine pm. We should be shooting till about 1 am or 2 am today. I hope you all decide to buy this video we did today. This model looks like the girl next door but she sure does know how to get down and dirty. Tom said she definitly knew how to suck some Dick. We decided to name this one Dialing for Dick!. It will be available for sale sometime tonight or tomorrow.

China Doll called and might have a few new models for the site. We look forward to meeting some of her new friends and working with them. Looks like they will be over sunday so we should have some more new models for you soon.

July 1st 6.46 A.M.

Well up early today. We are shooting a new video . Theres lots to do preperation wise. Tom was up till 4 a.m. playing shogo again. He should be fun to try to get up. I'm the photographer today so this is extra stressful to me. I've got to get some good angles on this one. This is a new model you all haven't seen yet. She's quite a plumper I know you will all enjoy her just as much as Tom & I. We have another model shoot right after the video. Tom should be in rare form after fucking his brains out for two hours :) Speaking of which. I hope you caught our performance on the members Fat cam last night. If I must say so myself we outdid ourselves. Especially the last time I came when I almost threw him across the room with my climax. :)Boy was the bed wet afterwards. We had to blow dry it :) Well hope to talk to you all later. Don't forget to buy some of our videos. It helps keep the models happy. They need the money :) It helps us expand the site even more :)

June 30th 2.42 P.M.

Was hanging out on the preview fatcam hope you all caught my appearance. We will be having dinner tonight around 7 or 8 so you can catch us on preview then. I hope you all go over to my main page and visit the lists that I have just below my enter button. The more you click the better my position on the lists.The more traffic I get back to my lists the bigger site I can afford to make for you to enjoy.

June 30th, 11.49 A.M.

Well I'm making updates to the page and taking a break from Toms mood. He is driving me insan today :) For those of you that don't know Tom he is a very high strung person who is very charismatic. He is not only easy going, & high strung but he's artistic and loves to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Hes been driving me nuts with these two spiders that have taken up residence on our patio. He's been feeding insects to it and watching them grow. Now, I HATE spiders and I want them to be GONE. Now one of his spiders has 15 babies. He's been sneaking out late at night and taking photos of them. I went to upload the next models photos and realized my next model was a spider. hmm at least it was FAT :)

To see this nasty Spider click here

June 29th 10.28 A.M.

Well didn't go to sleep till about 4 A.M. last night. I don't even remember falling asleep. Must be all that good hot sex Tom & I had yesterday. For those of you that watched us on the Member Fat Cam I'm sure you noticed we were both inflicted with a case of the horney toads yesterday. Tom fuccked my brains out twice yesterday. Both were what I call his Marathon Fuck. Where after 3 hours of his Dick pounding my box I am ready to scream uncle. That man sure has stamina. Try and catch one of our shows I love to think lots of people are watching.Its a turn on for me. Well we are expecting a model at 1 today and another T 7 pm. Should be another busy day around here. Have to edit a new video we made to. Lots of good action in it. Well talk at you later. If anyone wants to ever email me with suggestions for the site Id love to hear from you. Our models love to hear comments about themselves to so you can email me those to :)


June 28th 1.30 p.m.

Hey everyone :)

Today is Monday...ugh. I have always hated mondays. Way to long until friday.I have been fighting off bronchitis for the last 4 days. I think I am finally on the uphill side. Tom was sick too so we both are glad to be feeling better. This journal is a new addition to the site. I will be adding details about our lives regularly so that you can all get to know me , my family and my friends.