Hi, welcome to Lexis' Fat Fantasy! My name is Lexi and I am a Feisty 46 year old Ultrasized Goddess from Central Florida.

I grew up in New York till I was12, and then Moved to Florida. Then as a teenager we moved to Arizona, When I got to be 18 I met my husband and got married. Now I am on my own and run this website. My partner Ciar and I have a group of sex-crazed friends who enjoy having their photos taken and the swing scene. Not wanting to miss out on the fun since I am  mostly bedridden I started throwing parties, joined in all the fun, and found that I was almost able to satisfy my insatiable appetite for sex!  I also found that FA's love my big butt and Wide Hips!. 

This Fat Sexy Lady With the Killer Hips Tells All

Question #1 From Fan

What does a Super Size Goddesses' like you enjoy eating Most?


I enjoy all types of food. My favorites include Pasta, Shrimp, Lobster, Sushi, Gummy Bears and Sour Candy.

Question #2 From Fan
What sexual Position is easiest for you?

I usually find that I am most comfortable laying on my side with my partner helping to hold my leg up. I get really wet and cum over and over!

Question #3 From Fan
Do you enjoy having your pussy eaten?

Yes!!! I really get wild and crazy and scream my lungs out! Especially when I have a partner that knows how to work his tongue!


Age: 46 ( 7-13 is my B-Day...send Presents!!!!)
Sign Cancer
Height: 5 ft Weight: 657
Measurements: 68DD 64 110
Shoe size: 9
Clothing size: 8-10X
Status: Single and Looking
Tell me about you: I am outgoing, funny, intelligent,headstrong I 
am the type that when I get knocked down I get back up again 
fighting even harder.I have a bit of a hard, unbreakable shell 
on the outside, but always soft ,caring andloving on the inside.
Deepest darkest secret: I am terrified of frogs
Current Residence: Orlando Florida
Favorite color: Red
Best on-line friends: I love them All
Place you'd most like to visit: Greece
Favorite Perfume/Cologne for women: Pleasures and Black Pearls
For men: Obsession

Favorite Flowers: Roses & Tulips
I don't drink ,smoke or partake in any illegal substances
What do you look for in the opposite sex: Honesty
A little bit about you:A Sensual, Outgoing, pain in the ass, 
boisterous chick with a touch of insecurity. For lack of better terms.

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